For Sale Rules/Guidelines

Posted by BigKev on 2011/4/9 13:03:28
To help avoid confusion, spammers, and people just trolling please respect the following guide lines when posting any part, item, or vehicle for sale:

1) If you are listing an item or part for sale, please clearly state the price of the item in the listing. There is no sense for an interested party having to play phone tag trying to inquire about a part that may be out of their price range. If you don't list a price, I will remove the item unless there is an explanation as to why someone needs to contact you for pricing.

2) Please clearly state the condition of a part or item and/or supply pictures.

3) If listing a car, multiple pictures are a must, as well as location, and detailed description, mechanical status, and title status.

4) Please supply contact information so people can get ahold of you.

5) Please check your listing regularly for messages and questions. If a seller doesn't respond to questions, I will remove the item assuming that it's been orphaned.

6) When your item sells, please come back leave a note that the item is no longer available.


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