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Re: Advice from those in the know on 1949 Super 8 Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

1947 Super 8 did use a Carter 531.

1947 8 356 Su8 Carter WD-0 531 377736

Posted on: Today 17:57

Re: Junkyard Packards
Home away from home
Home away from home

Mal (Ozstatman), your turn.

Posted on: Today 17:55

Re: Advice from those in the know on 1949 Super 8 Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

The PAC website has a reference chart showing which carbs were used by Packard by year and model. Correct carb for the 327 CI 22nd series is a Carter WD-0 643. This is from the chart for the model. Last number is the Packard part number from the service catalog.

1948 8 327 Su8 Carter WD-0 643 395662

Posted on: Today 17:54

Re: Torque spec????
Home away from home
Home away from home

Packard Newbie
Thanks Dave and Greenfield for the info. Dave, you cleared up my confusion on brake fluid; I didn't realize Dot 5 was silicone. What I have on hand in good quantity (and have been using) is DOT 3 so will just continue with that and see if I can get them bled to a nice, hard pedal.
And Greenfield, I'll definitely try your chocked wheel method for torqueing the axle nuts, sounds good to me. Thanks; Chris.

Posted on: Today 17:41
'If you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right!' Henry Ford.
1939 Packard Six, Model 1700

Junkyard Packards
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

I was going through some old photos and found these that were taken in the 1990's at the former Leo Winakor and Sons wrecking yard in Salem, Connecticut. This yard opened shortly after World War II and at one time had over 4,000 vehicles, with the majority from the late 1930's through the 1950's. Virtually every make and model was represented, including Studebakers, Hudsons, Nashes, Kaisers (there was even a Frazer), Willys and, of course, Packards. Once a car entered the yard, it usually never left. Old man Winakor was very difficult to deal with. He hated selling small parts off cars and usually would not talk to you unless you wanted something major, like an engine or a transmission, or you were willing to take the whole car. His prices tended not to be very reasonable, so the cars just sat, often for decades and slowly rusted into the earth. But he would let you roam the yard unsupervised, though you would be watched from a distance by either him or his large yard dogs. At least they appeared to be well trained. But after years of harassment from the neighbors and from the town, Winakor's closed for good in 2000. Everything was crushed and the site of the old yard is now a suburban subdivision. Here are pictures of some of the Packards that were in the yard. Hope you enjoy.

Attach file:

jpg  38_120_Conv_39_Six_sedan.jpg (1,228.84 KB)
225503_62bf760a01865.jpg 3300X2550 px

jpg  40_110_37_115C_53_300_36_120.jpg (1,381.02 KB)
225503_62bf761f6f840.jpg 3300X2550 px

jpg  53_Clipper_53_300.jpg (1,488.47 KB)
225503_62bf762e51a09.jpg 3300X2550 px

jpg  54_55_Clippers.jpg (1,164.84 KB)
225503_62bf763cdd745.jpg 3300X2550 px

jpg  1937_115C.jpg (820.94 KB)
225503_62bf764d3b7e1.jpg 3300X2550 px

jpg  1939_Six_Sedan.jpg (715.76 KB)
225503_62bf765899cf5.jpg 3300X2550 px

jpg  1955_Clipper_Constellation.jpg (874.66 KB)
225503_62bf7661a5953.jpg 3300X2550 px

Posted on: Today 17:34

Re: Advice from those in the know on 1949 Super 8 Coupe
Home away from home
Home away from home

I'll wager that the large oil bath air cleaner assembly is the same was was used on the big 21 series cars, provided that the intake throat on the carburetor is the same size. Wat does have a spare that came with a parts engine.

So, question is, which carb is on the 327? I'd like to know for curiosity's sake if nothing else. The 282 used the 512S and the 356 used the 531S (going on memory here).

Posted on: Today 17:22
If you're not having fun, maybe it's your own damned fault.

Re: Advice from those in the know on 1949 Super 8 Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Clarification on the air cleaner assembly. There were two air cleaners available: a standard one with a copper element at the end and an optional oil bath air cleaner. In the photos, the blue car has the standard element, and the yellow car has the optional oil bath air cleaner. Either would be correct for your car.

I found a scan of the 1948 accessories brochure online at the PAC website. Here is a link:


Posted on: Today 17:01

Re: Advice from those in the know on 1949 Super 8 Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Hi Max. I have some more info and pictures for you.

The long, horizontal air cleaner was standard on the 327 CI Super 8 and 356 CI Custom 8 engines for the 22nd and 23rd series Packards. This air cleaner assembly was also used on 1951-1953 Packards with the 327 CI engine, typically found in the 250, 300 and 400 (Patrician) series cars. I once had a 1951 Model 250 equipped with the 327 CI engine and it had the same air cleaner as my 1948 Super 8.

Below is some material from a period sales brochure for the 22nd series Packards, as well as engine compartment detail photos showing the correct air cleaner assembly. I also found a close up of the steering wheel from my old '48 Super 8 Convertible Victoria. This is what a proper restored wheel should look like, with the plastic recast and the chrome spoke ornaments in place. If you want a wheel like this, I'd try to find a replacement that has the chrome spoke ornaments and repaint it white. The spokes may be easily pried off as they are held down by pins. Any '51-'54 wheel will work as all of these had the chrome on the spokes. In fact, the wheel in the photo of my old '48 was actually taken off my '51 for recasting. The wheels were identical. I believe that your wheel with the molded pattern on the spokes was only used in 1948 and it cannot be adapted to apply the chrome spoke ornaments.

There are several Packard parts vendors who have cars to part out and one of them must have a spare steering wheel or the air cleaner assembly. I'm thinking David Moe in Washington State or Bob's Packard Parts in PA. I've done business with them both over the years and they are great.

Attach file:

jpg  1948 Packard brochure_cover.jpg (147.08 KB)
225503_62bf67e101dd9.jpg 1309X953 px

jpg  1948_SuperEight_brochure_ClubSedan.jpg (264.50 KB)
225503_62bf67ee5b9c1.jpg 2608X943 px

jpg  1948_SuperEight_brochure_engine details.jpg (435.49 KB)
225503_62bf67f94bbb3.jpg 2608X943 px

jpg  1948 Super 8 Engine compartment_1.jpg (790.99 KB)
225503_62bf681d81bd0.jpg 2048X1536 px

jpg  10507472-1948-packard-convertible-std-4.jpg (105.34 KB)
225503_62bf684aad639.jpg 1280X960 px

jpg  10507467-1948-packard-convertible-std_1.jpg (145.33 KB)
225503_62bf68597b448.jpg 1280X960 px

Posted on: Today 16:46

Re: Cluster lights 51 Packard
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

Lghts are fed from headlight switch and via a splice, the wire diagram shows it feeding 4 lights in the cluster

Attach file:

jpg  cluster lights.jpg (334.43 KB)
209_62bf66813492b.jpg 752X1162 px

Posted on: Today 16:26

Cluster lights 51 Packard
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hey Packard lovers. My 51 Pack 250 instrument cluster ( 3 clusters). I'm trying to figure out how many lights - light up my clusters. I assume two lights per cluster, meaning six total. My far right cluster (clock) I can see two lights (one on the left side and one on the right side working). The middle cluster -speedometer only lights up on the right side of the cluster and the far left cluster - fuel gage only lights up on the left side of the cluster. I have the 51-54 Packard service manual and the basic operating guide, but can't seem to find the answer. Thanks

Posted on: Today 16:04

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