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Home away from home
Home away from home

Well Ca is at it again. Now I don't know the
names right off, but the state is trying to
force the Chrome industry to use
a different type of chrome, that is more
smokey then bluish that we have now..
Ca. is down to just 32 chrome shops left out
of hundreds... This is just and FYI
What I was really posting about is Chrome
platting on my 56
My diver side upper grill was broken at the end
when I bought the car way back in the last
century.. 1988 or so
Shortly after I found another sitting on a corner
lot in real bad condition. I bought it for a parts
car, I soon sold the front clip and made a nice
profit. So decades later I'm getting back into
my 56, and was looking for that upper grill
but not a the price I've been quoted. I'm also
doing a roofing job on my garage, and I was cleaning
up around the garage, and there was the piece
I wanted. such luck
I used vinegar to clean it, then washed it
then I used rubbing compound, then polishing
compound, the wax. (Turttle)
Now I don't know if that piece had been rechromed
before I do know the front bumper had been
But the grill piece looks like it came out of
the factory yesterday I could take a photo
and show you, but it would probably not show
very well..
I am just amazed how the chrome held up
so well..
I do see 2 small pin holes that seem to have
been filled with chrome.
I've done a lot of reading on chrome lately
I wonder how many of our chrome shops
use the 2 nicklel process? I don't think my shop
does, but when I go to pick up my pieces there
I am going to ask... For they money we pay
here in Ca I want what is suppose to be the
proper process..

Posted on: 2021/8/1 8:39

Re: Starter Switch Bezel
Home away from home
Home away from home

Now that is funny that we both came up
with the same Idea.
BTW Im in Torrance Ca
looks like he did a good job.
Of course anything can be made. Every part
on a car or anything starts with a Pattern maker
just time, money
The cost of the SS would be hight
but a CNC could make those

Posted on: 2021/7/25 12:09

Re: Starter Switch Bezel
Home away from home
Home away from home

Pot metal, what can we say.
Although there are low temp brazing rod
for pot metal, to fill holes and such.
I don't think you could repair the catch
as there is no strength in such a small area
How about a piece of copper tube if you could
get a size that would slide inside the barrel
or even if you could slide a piece outside the barrel
then file a notch in it.
just a thought

Posted on: 2021/7/25 7:27

Home away from home
Home away from home

I've got a spare 374, that I am thinking
about building, but using some newer parts.
Has anyone looked at installing
changing over to a roller cam, lifter?
roller rockers?
I'm pretty sure that the hydraulic roller lifters for
the 318 LA engine would work..
I'm in the beginning stages of doing the
roller upgrade on my 72 Cleveland engine
and it made me think of the 374..
PS: I just did a search on here for that subject
and nothing showed up..

Posted on: 2021/7/24 22:27

Re: Electronic ignition
Home away from home
Home away from home

I don't think it would be a problem if the
EI was made for positive groundhttps://blog.simonbbc.com/electronic-ignition-pages/articles/

I'm sure there a more options then that one.
You can't tell if the car has EI since it is under
the cap.
After I bought my 56 Packard back in 1988
I drove out to diamond bar to the pertronix
company and with their help found a unit
for the Packard, it actually was for a Caddy
but since the Delco is part of GM.
Never had one minute of problem with it.

Posted on: 2021/7/24 22:21

valve lifters
Home away from home
Home away from home

After I bought my Packard, way back in
1988, I had that ticking noise from the number
5 cylinder. There was at that time a
shop that worked on Packards over in
Long Beach, so I went over and talked to them
BTW they are still there on Santa Fe Ave
in Long Beach
So they told me to get a set of Chrysler
318 LA engine lifters. I did and they
have never failed me.
I put the here, since I don't want to miss lead
anyone I say the cross reference with no mention
of the 318 lifters.
Has anyone installed the 318 Lifters?

Posted on: 2021/7/18 11:07

Re: Just for interest
Home away from home
Home away from home

thanks Jack

sorry I've not kept up with the forum over
the years, too many other projects and
the my Packard was not on the top of the
The article and your posting, (I did find it
and read it) talked about the Ford
adjustable rockers, do you remember if they
were bolt on or needed modification?

Posted on: 2021/7/10 7:19

Just for interest
Home away from home
Home away from home


Posted on: 2021/7/9 14:35

Re: Block ID
Home away from home
Home away from home

Thank everyone.
it is a 374
2687- 2598

Now in my spare time (hahaha)
I'll get the pistons out and see what its

Posted on: 2021/7/9 10:59

Re: Brake pulling issue
Home away from home
Home away from home

Sorry your having this problem.
I don't have a cure at least not right now
How long after you dive it, does this brake
pull occur? Is it right or left?
are you still using the original brake master

Now here is what I would do, since your mechanics
have tried, many things, switch the drums
then drive it and see what happens..
Also make sure the drums have the same thickness
and are with in tolerance.
To me it seems like the drum is over heating
causing the shoes to grab.
About arching shoes, in todays world most
are pre arched. A good brake shop still should
be able to to the job.. if not, their not that good.
you can to it at home with a file and sand paper.
All the Best

Posted on: 2021/7/8 17:03

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