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Automotive Driving Museum
Home away from home
Home away from home

Hello All
My friend and I went to the Automotive Driving Museum
in El Segundo, CA to attend a " Woodies" picnic.
We then toured the Museum, and I was so surprised to
see so many Packard's in under one roof
It's a $10 entry fee, I didn't count how many car's
were displayed, or have often they might rotate them.
But it was worth the time and money.

610 Lairport St, El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 909-0950

Posted on: 2015/7/25 11:53

Re: BTV Replacement that should work for everyone
Home away from home
Home away from home

I know this is a little late
You don't need to use a GM brake setup,
Ford, Chrysler all work the same.
Ford has been using Bosh dual action vacuum canister
for a few year, like 15 or so.. they are used on the
big Crown Vic, Merc's and last of the big Lincolns.
They mount directly to the fire wall.
Also the dual master cylinder is much smaller then
what was used in Graig's setup. Nothing wrong with
what he has done, just different options out there.
You don't need to mount a modern M\C to the frame
rail or the fire wall. Do some research and you'll
see Hot Rods mount them in many different places
given the small engine compartment size.
Back in the late 80's after I got my Packard
I was looking for way's to change the TV to more
modern, then other things got in the way...
you know how that goes.

Posted on: 2015/7/25 11:32

Re: front disc brakes and a dual master cylinder
Home away from home
Home away from home

hey Steve
where in LA, I'm in Torrance
I remember back in the lat 80's right after i got my
"400" I started looking for an upgrade to the TV setup
But other things became more important and I never had
any problem with the TV after I rebuilt the unit...
the car has been in the garage since 2002, and now
I'm kinda getting back into it, so a brake upgrade is
a mandatory item in today's driving world.


Posted on: 2015/7/25 10:04

Re: Were they making packard parts in 1962?
Home away from home
Home away from home

the one gentlemen is correct up until about 1973 or
around that time, Automotive companies in America
had to stock parts for ten years.
This was changed to 5 years in the early 70's
and the onset of bigger numbers of imports.
This was a great boon to the unions, can you
imagine building, and stocking all those parts,
you can understand why some parts of cars lasted
why longer then they should have, just the cost
of changing over is staggering.
But when Packard went out of business the company
was long obligated. There was no Packard company.
No wonder Henry made the Model T for 19 years...
One thing we as owners of these old cars must remember
is that, they did not build cars for "collectors"
There was no car clubs back then, and of course
when you owned a Packard they did not plan on you doing
your own work, after all Packard was the predominant
luxury Car company.
After Chevron shipping scrapped their US flagged
ships and I was out of a job, I opened a "small"
auto shop and kinda worked only on pre 1940 cars
from Stude's to Packard's and even some later models.
any year Fords, up to 74... and orphan cars.
I've worked on 1912 Studebaker runabout, 28 Packard
25 Flint, 54 Packard, 1919 Cleveland, 36 Pierce Arrow's
(2) etc: I'm out of the business now, I'm not old
just that the recession killed me figured I can live
better not working... hahaha
sorry to bore you with all that.

Posted on: 2015/7/24 8:47

Re: 56 Info??
Home away from home
Home away from home

The leak is Oil, not trans fluid
Not leaking while sitting only when running.
The cars not hitting the road anytime soon, I have
another project car in the drive way, no rear axle
plus there is rust over the driver door and rear
that's one reason it's not been driven.
I've had my "400" since 87.
Had the twin ultramatic by and Bob in Vista Ca.
I'm sure he as passed long time ago...
I have two wonder Bar radio's had them both rebuilt
when there were guys who still rebuilt car radios.

The BTV was known on occasion to "suck" the
brake fluid out of the master cylinder into the
intake manifold.
Back in those days the new hot item was Silicone
brake fluid, so I changed out the fluid and it worked
fine for a few months, then one day about 10 min
from my home the car started running like crap, I stopped
by a fried who had a Studebaker shop and we pulled
a couple of plugs, and found white crystals on the
electrodes, that was the silicone brake fluid...
I had the BTV rebuilt one, it leaked so I rebuilt
myself, never had a problem since.
But looking at the disc brake conversion kits,
I think I'll probably go that way when I get that far.
Max Merritt has the newer style front crank seal
$50.00.. not bad
I was lucky not long after I bought my "400" I found
an abandoned 56 "400" on a guys lot, I gave him $500
for it, non drivable, then sold the front clip for $500
to Custom Auto. So I have a lot of spare parts...
When I bought it, it was on a consignment lot, at
the Mel Burns Ford dealer in Long Beach Ca.
I paid $300 for it, painted black and with a window
that did not roll up.
She fired up right away, even though she had not run
in about two years... and had to trouble with bad
gas or varnish in the carb. After I checked her out
mechanically, I had her painted back to her original
color, White over Heather. Like I said it has a couple
of rust holes on the roof, and I see a couple of bubble
spots under the belt trim.
Damn my friend from Hawaii is over visiting and she
wanted to see the Packard, then got me interested in
her again, I was going to sell her, but now I'm not sure.
I have the 56 Packard, a 62 Ford country sedan wagon
and a 74 Dart swinger.
the wagon is going to be my road car, it has my
400HP Cleveland in it, has the Ford 4r70w auto over drive
a 70 Lincoln rear axle so wagon has 4 wheel disc brakes.
I'm doing new floor pans, and fabricating new mounting
points for the rear axle.
The wagon was a pale blue, I painted it Ford
Colonial White.
I'm doing the interior like original, and adding
a roof rack (original) to it..
Should be a nice ride when finished.

Posted on: 2015/7/23 18:22

Re: !956 Power window electric motor
Home away from home
Home away from home

I don't like to say this but in some cases
especially when parts are getting hard to find
it's time to use another part. Now Packard either made
all their parts or had them made by Autolite or
Delco Remy. I would start looking into the
Hot Rod industry for window lifts. Or even some
GM cars from the 80's had a single support instead of
the scissors lifts.
BTW any motor can be rewound.

Posted on: 2015/7/23 13:42

56 Info??
Home away from home
Home away from home

I'm Dave from Torrance Ca..
I've had my 56 (the 400) since about 1987
but she's been sitting in my garage for about 10 years
and I just decided to get back into it.
It's always been a great driver, but last time I started
it, there was a lot of oil on the ground,
So where to I get a front seal from?
Has anyone done a carb switch, to a Holley? or another

How about an upgrade to the Master cylinder and
maybe relocate it to the fire wall.

I did the pertronix right after I bought the car
running a 40K coil.

I also did the Alt update, internal regulated one,
but would like to install a 1 wire if anyone has done

I use to drive this car to Vegas and Tucson Az, and
usually got 15 mpg.

appreciate any info update..


Posted on: 2015/7/23 13:18

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