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Re: Water pump shaft info
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Crin, when properly rebuilt your pump should last many miles/years.

The shaft needs to be dead smooth and the packing carefully taken up. If the packing is over-tightened the gland can overheat quickly scoring the shaft. In most applications an occasional drip is to be expected.

The traditional shaft material is tool steel.
Possibly technology has advanced to where some flavor of stainless steel is better.

Checking the water pump for leaks should be part of your underhood inspection.

The surface speed of that shaft is considerable and as normal RPM of the engines increased over the years and cooling systems became pressurized, it became more difficult to maintain the pump without leaks. I suspect the introduction of permanent anti-freeze may have also played a part in the introduction of lip and later ceramic seals.

Good luck.

Posted on: 2019/9/8 19:38

Re: Oil pressure at idle
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Exactly on machining the head.
With new head gaskets in the sixty thousandth of an inch thick range, theres a lot of room for some slight distortion.
I do think in period service machining a straight eight head was probably sold many times as an extra-profit item, thus there seems to be quite a lot of heads over machined.

In regards to the idling oil pressure, I'm sure the noted five psi is fine, but if it were my engine I would change the oil (if not done recently) and temporarily plumb in a known accurate gauge, maybe 0 to 60 psi range to verify the accuracy of the OEM gauge. If it is OEM circa 1934, it won't do any harm to check it.

Posted on: 2019/8/4 10:56

Re: An attempt to revive a straight eight Packard after 50 years.
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Thanks for posting the link, Rusty.

I look at the vid as a sendup on the many 'reality restoration' videos on YouTube. The dog is fun to watch as well.

Thanks again.

Posted on: 2019/7/29 9:36

Re: 1938 Super Eight for sale
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Good luck with your quest.
I would suggest trawling this site , the PAC site and the AACA site.
I also would suggest contact the Flackmaster, he seems to be a respected source of information. He was a tremendous help to me locating another engine for my 39 S-8.
Be aware there is more than one 38 S-8 for sale "with cylinder head removed for inspection of block".
Dave Coco in Virginia is in the process (maybe finished by now) of repairing his 38 S-8 Conv. He posts on the AACA site as 'trimacar'. He could be a source of information.
Again, all the best.

Posted on: 2019/3/7 17:10

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