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'52 Limo original chassis finishes?
Home away from home
Home away from home

I'm restoring my '52 custom bodied 8 passenger limousine and right now it's down to the bare frame with only 1 bolt remaining. I want to restore the chassis to EXCAcTLY how it left the factory. If you look at the PROJECTS forum you can follow the progress so far.

I know what finish the chassis takes, a semi-gloss black.
I have NOS air cleaners, generators inner fender panels etc to use as examples of correct finishes. I need help with the front suspension as all NOS parts in stock are unfinished and I could not discern any paint on upper and lower control arms steering linkage etc on the 41,000 mile car.

Underneath the grease and dirt is slightly rusty metal making me think that possibly the parts had been painted.
I will not be finishing anything in "Blinding Black" which I find on many over-restored cars of all years.

Please give me your opinion and let me know what you base it on. Thanks

Posted on: 2016/6/29 5:02

Re: 1937 topshift transmission rebuild issues new guy
Home away from home
Home away from home

35-37 Six and 120 trans are identical, everything interchanges. 38-up virtually nothing does

Posted on: 2016/6/28 20:36

Re: Richter's '53 Caribbean
Home away from home
Home away from home

As the fluid was crystallized the Treadle Vac will need rebuilding. You might be able to fill it,have the brakes work fine and 5 minutes or 50 miles alter have no brakes. Safety first, doubtful it is the steel lines that are clogged, 800psi from then master cyl will take car of that.

If the MC is shot then it is likely so are the wheel cyls. Remove a drum and shoes and peel back the wheel cyl boots, if it is wet or has crystallized junk in it, they also neeed rebuilding or replacing

Sometimes they are dry but the pistons are frozen. Try pushing on the metal piston, it should move freely, try both ends. If not you know what to do.

Brake failure is often attributed to "that damn Treadle Vac" in these forums. If an engine failure were attributed to "that damn engine" that the owner had not changed the oil in 30 years and had not topped it up regularly we would know it was the owner's fault. Same with the brakes but much more convenient to blame the Bendix Corp.

Posted on: 2016/6/28 16:46

Re: Kanter's 1952 Packard Limo Restoration
Home away from home
Home away from home

The grease fingernail shadow is well re-established and goes well with any wardrobe. The chassis will be sandblasted in short order and I have started same on front suspension components.

I want to return the car to exactly how it was brand new in 1952. We have in stock NOS drums, backing plates and all suspension arms etc, all are unpainted except the drums which are semi gloss low-lustre black.

Does anyone have definitive info as to what the original finish of those other components was?? They had little rust, were coated with grease but I found no trace of being painted black underneath.

I will be painting the pan in front of the radiator a semi-gloss black, we have NOS inner fender panels from 41-56 to replicate the finish. Likewise the air cleaner, heater blower etc will not get the Deltron high gloss "Blinding Black" finish, we have nos items to use for reference. One semi-gloss will be used in all locations appropriate.

Seeking info please. Thanks

I think that we can have a running, driving (in our parking lot) whole car with 4 doors that open and close and are properly gapped in 7 weeks.

Posted on: 2016/6/28 15:49

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