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Re: A Thought About the Registry...

Added as the closest Packard model there is and then we can modify it after the fact.

Sadly there are too many custom variants to have explicit placeholders in the database.

Posted on: 6/8 13:12

Re: A Thought About the Registry...

When I get back from Florida, I'll take a look at what can be done.

The biggest issue is how people have added info. Illinois vs IL vs ILL, etc. If they even have entered that as no explicit State/City fields exist. Just a general "where" field. So some could have entered Chicago, or Chicagoland, or Northern Illinois, or Midwest. Etc. Many times people don't exactly know where it came from. So just a general area. Or they could have left the field blank.

While I can add those, it doesn't retroactively add that info to the existing entries. So it would only be a go-forward item.

The registry is a lot different than the dealer list, as a dealer had an actual address. The Owner Registry is not geographically specific. It's more about the car info as opposed to where the car has been.

Posted on: 6/8 12:51

Re: State of the PackardInfo Union

Thanks for the words of support everyone. It is appreciated.

For those interested in my Woodworking channel, here is the link: https://youtube.com/c/TheSuburbanGarageWorkshop

Posted on: 3/24 16:54

State of the PackardInfo Union

So, since we are rapidly coming up on the 18th Anniversary of the website (the first official post was on 4/18/2006), I figured it was a good time to give a little State of the PackardInfo Union.

The website is still doing good and has been very stable for a while time now. Which is great, as that is one less worry I have had to deal with.

Sorry if I have been MIA for a bit.

Most of you know that I had COVID right after XMAS which wasn't that bad, thankfully.

But about 18 months I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I only discovered this when I lost about 75 lbs and when I did I found these large lumps under my armpits. DR. thought they may have been just benign fatty tumors, but they turned out to be very enlarged lymph nodes. A blood test showed no evidence of this cancer. Only a biopsy of the nodes actually found it.

It is a type of Lympohmia called SLL. Basically, a simplified explanation is that all these abnormal white blood cells are accumulated in my Lymph nodes causing them to grow. You have lymph nodes all over your body, they are like little in-line filters for the bloodstream.

So I have had multiple body scans over the last 18 months watching the progression and everything, while enlarged, but pretty stable. Still normal levels in blood work, nodes appeared stabled between scanning intervals. But between Sept 2021 and January 2022 scans, stuff changed. Lymph nodes started to grow again, and now blood work was heading the wrong way.

The ones under my arms were like baseball size and the ones in my neck were starting to become uncomfortable. Like I was always wearing a tight-fitting turtleneck.

Also, the scan showed one in my abdomen/pelvis area was about 4" in diameter. So the decision was to start treatment. Lots of breakthroughs in this type of cancer. While they can't really cure it, but they can suppress the effects in some patients to the point where it doesn't cause any issues. So I've started medication that is causing all the lymph nodes to expel all those bad cells, and shrink them and it's been pretty dramatic in how quickly it worked so far with minimal side effects.

This type of blood cancer is incurable at the moment, so I'll be on this medication for the rest of my life. Usually, folks get diagnosed with this in their 70s, not 40s. So I'm outside the envelope on this. But given how well I have reacted to the medication, I should be about for at least 20+ years.

Anyway being cold and winter here in Chicagoland, I haven't worked on the Clipper that much. I've had her out for a few runs on warm days. But now spring has started to kick in, I'm sure I'll have her out more. Which then makes me more active on here in turn.

Ross and I had talked at Hershey about me driving the Clipper to his shop this spring and rebuilding the transmission and videotaping the entire thing for YouTube. But given that the medication I've started in the short term suppresses my immune system, and makes me more susceptible to getting COVID again, even after having my 4th shot, I've been trying to stay close to home. So that may get pushed into next year if Ross is still willing.

I've been doing more woodworking and home projects as a distraction and started posting some of that to YouTube. I redid our entire laundry room including building cabinets from scratch. So that has been good therapy for me mentally. I'll probably dovetail some of the Packard projects into that channel as well now that things are warming up a bit.

If anyone is interested in seeing that channel I'll post the link for it.

Posted on: 3/24 9:42

Re: Literature viewing

Just some comments from my experience scanning over 20,000 pages of material.

On a brochure, if a page was laid out as a single page spread, meaning you didn't need to look at that page and its neighbor at the same time to read it, then I scanned that as a single page. But if it had content/picture that flowed across two pages (2-page spread), then I scanned both of those pages together for viewing as a single large page.

I even had to scan and piece together brochures with fold-outs that had 4-page spreads.

My point is that it should be scanned in the "view mode" that it was intended to be seen in. PDF readers can view 2 pages at once, but getting that PDF set up right so that it knows which 2 pages are supposed to be seen together is a pain, and that doesn't account for the 3x, 4x spreads.

PDFs are not like the simple images we attach here in the forums. The PDF readers can handle large content more gracefully as they are made to read documents, not just a single picture.

But, with all that being said, I generally had to balance the quality, with the size of the file it produces, and the storage I rented to store that file on the webserver.

10mb for example doesn't sound like much, when when you have 1000s of 10mb files, it adds up.

In the past, it was more critical as a lot of folks were still on dial-up. Now at least, that represents only a slim minority of folks.

And every year I've increased storage space, so space isn't as much of huge concern as it used to be. But we should stay away from scanning 20-50-100mb files. They are generally just too large for most casual readers to get any additional benefit from vs a 5-10-15mb file. After all, we are scanning these for reading, but reproduction.

As far as scanning, I never scan above 300 DPI for color, and never above 150 for B/W or Greyscale items. I usually scan everything at 300 DPI color, and then convert to B/W or Grey as needed and reduce DPI. This tends to pick up more detail in my experience.

The brochures were never true photographic quality. You only ever got that from the photo negatives in the past. So the printing process to print those brochures was usually less than 300 dpi if we are comparing to today's terminology. A magnifying glass should show how that all comes together.

Just my $.02

Posted on: 2/2 10:50

Re: Newest Articles

Now Online

1930 Packard 740 Sales Brochure

Thanks to David McCredie for the donation of this content

1954 Packard Prestige Sales Brochure

Thanks to Howard Hanson for the donation of this content.

Posted on: 2/2 10:20

Re: Literature Archive

The main literature page will now show more of the most recently added items.

Also, I added a "Show All" link at the bottom which will show all Literature in the system sorted in Newest to Oldest fashion.

This should make it easier to find recently added items, especially if you don't know their category.

Posted on: 2/2 10:05

Re: Speedometers at AACA Gettysburg

Someone should record it!

Posted on: 1/27 9:10

Re: Recommended gasoline

I use whatever 87 octane gas the station that is closest/cheapest sells. Since I only go through 1 or 2 tanks of fuel per year, I put some Stabil in as cheap insurance. I also start the car in the winter to keep the fuel in the carb from completely drying out.

I have a completely gone through fuel system with an epoxy coated tank, new lines, new hoses, etc.

I've never had an issue with the cheap fuel after I sorted the system.

Posted on: 1/26 15:20

Re: KPack

Best picture of the radiator fasteners I could find. But basically, its:

Core support| Rubber washer | Radiator Flange | Rubber washer | Metal washer | Bolt head.

So the flange is sandwiched between two rubber washers.

Attach file:

jpg  radiator1.jpg (37.92 KB)
1_61f1aa670b478.jpg 800X600 px

Posted on: 1/26 15:09

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