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Re: Legit or a scam?
Just popping in
Just popping in

Ah, yes, I certainly did misunderstand you. But what I said was also true, I was hoping for "heck yeah that's a great deal go grab it!" and was looking for affirmation from people more well versed than I am. Guess it is back to the hunt for me

Posted on: 2021/6/20 18:52

Wanted: V8 packard
Just popping in
Just popping in

I'm looking for a project to do with my son. I actually have a few Packards I'd be interested in, but the criteria is:
relatively clean body, paint any condition. Surface rust ok, small patches needed ok.
Complete chrome.
Complete or mostly complete interior a bonus.
Engine/transmission any condition, brakes any condition. I can find rusted Packards around here with relative ease so finding a donor engine would be possible, and plans are to adapt the 4l80e I have so no transmission needed. Unless it is a factory 3 speed, I'd keep that.

Models I'm interested in:
55 or 56 400
56 Executive coupe
56 Clipper coupe
56 Patrician
Let me know if you have a "parts car" that needs restoration. Honestly if the body is relatively clean I can probably find a rusted out parts car up here for all the rest of the pieces. I am just not willing to put up with working on another rusted out car!

Posted on: 2021/6/20 13:30

Re: Legit or a scam?
Just popping in
Just popping in


Steve wrote:
Hi choir boy
There are decades of Packard experience answering your quesions. Referencing old cars, I think most people have already made up their mind on the course of action they are going to take and are looking for afirmation. A word to the wise is sufficient.
Good luck with your quest.
Best regards,

It is true human nature tends to seek out affirmation for already held beliefs. I'm sure I'm suffering from that to some extent. But my question is genuine: I'm apparently looking in the wrong places if these cars are coming up rust free for the $2k mentioned above. Where should I be looking?

Posted on: 2021/6/20 13:20

Re: Legit or a scam?
Just popping in
Just popping in

Thanks for the advice everyone. Everyone seems to think I can get a low-rust project car for well under $4k but I just never seem to see them advertised at that price. Where is everyone finding these relatively complete low rust cars for $2k? I'd really like either a 56 400, Patrician, or Executive coupe and want the car to be a bit of a project for my son and I.

Posted on: 2021/6/19 10:08

Legit or a scam?
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hello all, first post here. I've been wanting a V8 Packard for, oh, about 15 years now and finally have enough saved from selling off other projects that I can look at purchasing something. I'm in the rust belt so have been looking down south as I am through working on rusted out cars.
I came across this on Facebook marketplace: 1956 Packard 4 door

and wanted to know some experts opinions on whether this looks legit. Basically I'm looking for "hey, those are the photos from the car I sold last year" or "oh yeah, I think that is Joe's car, haven't seen it in years" or something like that. I've been messaging with the seller and the only thing that strikes me as off is he claims it is a 1 owner car. Could be that one owner is a father or something but if he is the first owner he certainly bucks the trend for his generation when it comes to Facebook prowess (no offense intended, just my experience).
I realize many would be put off by the power train swap, for me it is a non issue. I want the car to eventually be a tug for a vintage camper so the ultramatic would have had to go anyway, and I was on the fence about the Packard engine (probably would have been fine).
I'd appreciate any opinions as to whether this looks legit. Hate to drive 1000 miles one way for nothing, though that is always a risk.

Posted on: 2021/6/18 10:00


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