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Re: Low Oil Pressure, then Stall
Just popping in
Just popping in

Thank you, both. This is super helpful. I wonder, too, if this might be vapor lock. I noticed the fuel line is actually touching the radiator as it loops around to the carburetor. Chance this might be my demon as well?

I did top off my oil with viscosity enhancer and the oil I used to the change to bring it back to full. Initially ran great... then lots of stalling, hard starting, running rough. I'm going to try to adjust the fuel line so it's not contacting the radiator and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks again!

Posted on: 8/6 11:22

Low Oil Pressure, then Stall
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hey everybody,

I'm made some progress on my model 2372. I've reverted the car back to 6v/positive ground, new voltage regulator, though I did replace my points with a Pertronix ignition. Running into the following issues and need some help troubleshooting.

When I first start the car up in the day, it runs great. It starts immediately, it's quiet, relatively smooth, and the car moves well. As it reaches operating temperature, I see my oil pressure (which starts at 40) begin to drop as I decelerate, eventually stalling out. It's then a little dicey starting back up (though it eventually does). In neutral, the oil pressure bounces right back up to 40. In high or reverse, it drops to 35, then to 30, and so on, and the idle is slow and rough. But again, this is only when the engine is hot.

I did notice that I'm down about a quart of oil, so I'm going to fix that when I get back home, but I'm sure I have an issue with worn piston rings, and the new spark plugs may already be fouled from oil leaching into the cylinder. I'm running "Classic Car Motor Oil" 15W-40. I haven't done a radiator flush yet, but it's on my to-do list.

What else should I be looking for in terms of the engine losing power/stalling when it's at operating temperature? Thanks in advance, everyone!

Posted on: 8/5 12:44

Re: Packard Stalls When Coming to a Stop/Under Load
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hey everybody! Thankfully, I think for now I figured this one out. I checked for vacuum leaks and tightened any screws in areas that seemed suspect, but the stalling continued. I did some more Googling and found this article that talks about the choke mechanism on the Carter WDO:


So this morning, I fiddled around the with choke spring - this seemed to bring it back around. No stalling on my little putzing around the neighborhood!

Posted on: 7/13 9:07

Packard Stalls When Coming to a Stop/Under Load
Just popping in
Just popping in


Alright, I tried my hand at rebuilding the original Carter WDO carburetor on my 23rd Series Super 8. It ran really well for about a day, but developed a new issue: it now stalls when I come to a stop, or runs rough in the low RPMs as it idles in high or reverse (low isn't working at all at the moment...) - definitely wants to stall then as well. It revs, cruises, and accelerates without too much issue.

I just got the car, and the previous owner hadn't driven the car, so he wasn't sure if this condition existed before I rebuilt the carb. I'm inclined to think I did something wrong with the rebuild.

To me, it sounded like fuel starvation, but the filter before the carb (which I replaced this past Saturday) is full of fuel (it's currently running from a electric fuel pump). Is the engine actually flooding because there's no regulator?

I do know the engine needs a full tune up (at the VERY least) - the spark plugs have a significant amount of carbon build up, oil needs to be changed (I'm seeing some smoke come out of the oil filler pipe when it's hot), wires probably have the same amount of experiences as the spark plugs, etc. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

Posted on: 7/12 14:41

Re: Ultramtic Transmission Leak
Just popping in
Just popping in

Thank you so much, everyone! This was incredibly helpful. I'm assuming that to replace the seal, the transmission would need to be dropped?

Also, I'm located in Greenville, NC!

Posted on: 7/12 0:23

Ultramtic Transmission Leak
Just popping in
Just popping in

Hey everyone!

I just purchased a 1950 Super Deluxe 8 Touring Sedan. Going to need some work, but the car has a ton of potential.

One of the first things I noticed was a MASSIVE transmission fluid leak. I sort of assumed the gaskets were shot, but then I discovered a little hole on the bottom of the flywheel housing. Is this just a drain plug or did someone, for some reason, drill a hole in the housing?

Either way, would LOVE to be able to plug the hole. Any suggestions on where to find a plug? Max Merritt and Kanter don't have anything listed on their site for such an accessory. Any help is appreciated!

As a bonus, would love to find some (3 to be exact) window cranks and the fender skirts. Thanks, everyone!

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jpg  20220709_155320.jpg (980.11 KB)
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Posted on: 7/11 13:51


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