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Re: PLEASE READ - Packard projects available Now.
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

Kevin, I would love to help you get your next project, however, unless you can come up with a transport option, you will have to wait. There are 2 56-400s that are in the way, I hope Ross is able to come get one, not sure of the fate of the other, but when a very nice 56-400 driver was advertised in the latest CNB for 13K, that is summary judgment on taking on a project.
As for 41-160's....yeah, there's a bunch. What I might suggest would be the 41-120 sedan that needs the rebuilt engine installed. It is a very very worthy project and you would have nearly the same car as a 160 without anywhere near the cost/effort. It was a decent running/driving car before the engine got yanked for a rebuild.
You have already been through so much, no point in jumping into the deep end again.

Posted on: Yesterday 12:32

PLEASE READ - Packard projects available Now.
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

Dear Packard Friends - I am involved in coordinating the sale of a VERY large collection of Packards (as well as other cars, end of this paragraph). Many of these cars are worthy project cars. I'll list several in a moment, after I type the real issue - logistics. The warehouse where they are stored (location Utica, NY) must be cleared in total within about 90 days. The cars are stored sardine tight. The only way to get them out is last in/first out, so I must arrange for cars to be removed in that order. Cars are not secure outside the building, as vandalism has been a problem in the past, so removal of cars must be on a VERY specific schedule. With non-running cars, a rollback or trailer with a winch is mandatory. Many project cars have designated second parts cars as donors - your choice to strip and leave a carcass for scrap, but as I said, logistics is key...once a car is outside the building, its yours. Now, as to Packards, nothing earlier than 37.
37 - 115c Club sedan, 120 sedan parts car. Super solid project.
38 - 120 Coupe, Complete, typical coupe rusty bottom sheet metal. Solid 110 sedan parts car if it isn't scrapped first, its in the way.
39 Super 8 1703 sedans- two parts cars sans engines.
40 - decent 110 Conv.Coupe with 120 Sedan parts car. Build a 120...or there is another 110 Coupe if you prefer...
41 - you name it, its there. (no woody wagons) 120 Conv.coupe, complete, solid. 120 conv. sedan, complete, solid. 110/120/160 coupes, at least 4. 120 sedan, almost recovered from an engine transplant, maroon, needs assembly but was licensed/driving a couple years ago. 180 Formal sedan, complete, solid, please would someone buy this. Several other 160/180 sedans, including a nasty nasty field car LeBaron Sport sedan with a solid complete 138"WB 180 donor car. A pair of Lebaron Limo's, sold as a pair. Numerous 41 parts cars available a la carte, cheap.
How about some Henneys? 2 solid complete ambulance/service cars. 1 Flower car Project, etc.
47 2103, complete project.
48 Custom 8 Convertibles, 2 very solid projects, Custom 8 Sedans several, pick a color, outstanding projects. Custom 8 parts cars, several, 2 about to be scrapped and I haven't even had time to look at the drivetrains. Also a 48 super 8 conv.parts car that is about to be put on the scrap list. Several other 22/23 parts/project cars including a pair of wagons and limo's.
51-54 cars aplenty, but what you are really wanting is a Caribbean, yes, there are several. 53's, 54', a California solid 55, and of course 56 Coupes and Convertibles, Plural. Buy one, take a parts car please...

The scope of what is there is overwhelming. I can get a few cellphone pictures of specific cars upon request, but it would take a miracle to have a library of individual photos of each car...but I am working on it. Don't even ask about parts yet unless you want something large. Some of these cars have been sitting in the warehouse for a LONG time, many are worth saving, many are donor cars, but I'm not kidding you, these ALL need to go ASAP. Yes, an auction is being considered, however the logistics are extremely difficult, so I plead with you to consider whether now is a good time to obtain your next project. Pricing is between you and me, but be assured I am trying to keep these cars from being scrapped or worse.

Want something else ?? How about...
29 Franklin Sedan, Super nice, needs engine work. Tri-tone paint nice.
29or30 Pierce Arrow Coupe, NY headlights, NOT in fender. Super complete car, was running.
46 Caddy Convertible, tough project -
47 Caddy Limo, very nice, needs love.
53 Caddy Coupe Deville, needs to go.More 53-56 Cadillacs than I could pay attention to...
48/9/50?? Dodge Convertible
54 Oldsmobile Convertible, nice.
54 Ford Convertibles, make 1 from 2.
63 Avanti's - buy all three please.
MGA's, 4 or 5, package deal please.

Helloooo? Anyone out there?

Please email me your phone number and what you might be interested in. I WILL call you, but look at the map of where Utica, NY is, and when you can come.

Thank you, The Flackmaster.
Flackmaster at sbcglobal point net

There's more, my head is spinning. If you can make it to Utica, NY, I can make you a deal.

This is the first place I am posting this...I will have to post elsewhere, but Pinfo folks get first dibs.


Posted on: Yesterday 8:46

Re: Various CL Pickings
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

that is a unique bellhousing for a 320 motor which allows use of the 39-later transmissions. Also, when using a 39 block, it is also critical to obtain a 39 waterpump/pulley and crank pulley IIRC...so this is a very specific parts resource motor which appears on the precipice of being left for dead. A lifetime ago I would have rescued this, but my circumstances have changed....

Posted on: 7/27 8:26

Re: Various CL Pickings
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

That is my belief. Sad end to a parts resource. And the bellhousing would allow conversion to OD....

Posted on: 7/26 0:04

Re: Various CL Pickings
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

the 320 in syracuse is probably the most interesting of this group...the clues to identify what year this is, and why it would be desireable to save, look closely at the fan and bellhousing.

Posted on: 7/24 16:30

Re: 1930s senoir engine parts
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

Where are you located?I can help find a home for most of the small stuff, carb, distributor, etc. Please email me directly at flackmaster@sbcglobal.net

Posted on: 6/1 17:34

Re: patent plate 1938 packard 120
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador


Posted on: 5/28 12:15

Re: Burr Ripley L-8 Oil Filter question...how do you replace the filter??
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

What I want to know is how the pigtail/fitting at the end of the NAPA filter pictured is transferred to a replacement filter.

Posted on: 5/10 8:36

Re: KPack's 1954 Panama
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

Awesome. Just awesome. And yes, the hubcaps are righteous.

Posted on: 5/9 10:54

Re: 1934 eight cylinder head
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

I do not have a 34 head (integral water outlet at front). I do have a beautiful 338813 later style replacement head if anyone needs. (or a 242511 39 head).

Easiest to contact me directly, flackmaster at sbcglobal period net

Posted on: 5/6 21:35

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