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Re: For Sale: Original 1940 Packard 110 and 120 Owner's Manual and Registration Card
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I will take 50.00 including shipping within the USA!

Posted on: 6/29 18:04

Re: For Sale: A Nice Group of 1908-1928 Original Packard Literature
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I will take 50.00 for the lot including shipping in the USA!

Posted on: 6/29 18:04

For Sale: A Nice Group of 1908-1928 Original Packard Literature
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Here is a nice of small group of early Packard literature.

-A parts list for 1908-1915 parts
-A Earl C. Anthony Inc 1924 fold out card
-Twin Six small advertisement from about 1915
-5 large pages of a 443 custom cars from the Packard Motor Company in Detroit from 1928

The price is 75.00 for the group.

Email: motoringicons@hotmail.com or call 734-730-4274. Thanks.

Attach file:

jpg  pw1.jpg (984.09 KB)
4794_63ff7d9860055.jpg 2296X2420 px

jpg  pw2.jpg (834.14 KB)
4794_63ff7da9aacc9.jpg 2448X2017 px

jpg  pw3.jpg (1,191.22 KB)
4794_63ff7dc4e8044.jpg 2448X2227 px

jpg  pw4.jpg (620.24 KB)
4794_63ff7dda98e1e.jpg 2123X2372 px

jpg  pw5.jpg (923.06 KB)
4794_63ff7dea8eaa5.jpg 2188X2431 px

jpg  pw6.jpg (919.72 KB)
4794_63ff7dfe76659.jpg 2011X2414 px

jpg  pw7.jpg (1,002.44 KB)
4794_63ff7e0f466c8.jpg 2233X2430 px

jpg  pw8.jpg (828.31 KB)
4794_63ff7e26c1aad.jpg 2448X1989 px

Posted on: 3/1 11:32

SOLD: Original Packard Century of Progress 1933 Brochure
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Here is a neat piece. This is a 1933 Packard Century of Progress that shows every model from 1899 through 1933. It measures folded at 3 1/8" by 5" and unfolded is about 28". It has about 35 cars pictured. Great original condition.

The price is 75.00 includes shipping FedEx with insurance.

Please email at: motoringicons@hotmail.com or call 734-730-4274. Thanks.

Attach file:

jpg  19331.jpg (380.92 KB)
4794_63fcf39fda00f.jpg 1364X1788 px

jpg  19332.jpg (357.88 KB)
4794_63fcf3b2e5ce0.jpg 1836X1247 px

jpg  19333.jpg (478.17 KB)
4794_63fcf3c1a1b04.jpg 1797X1526 px

jpg  19334.jpg (420.14 KB)
4794_63fcf3d1dc882.jpg 1835X1466 px

jpg  19335.jpg (263.38 KB)
4794_63fcf3e40396c.jpg 1255X1732 px

Posted on: 2/27 13:18

For Sale: Original 1940 Packard 110 and 120 Owner's Manual and Registration Card
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Here is an original 1940 Packard One-Ten and One-Twenty Owner's Manual. It measures 9" by 6" and has 64 pages. It is somewhat worn but is in good condition.
Also included is a New York Passenger Vehicle Registration and a insurance card for a 1940 Packard Convertible Coupe owned by Henry J. Hunt with engine number C44046.

The price for the set is 75.00 including insurance via FedEx.

Please call me 734-730-4274 or email: motoringicons@hotmail.com


Attach file:

jpg  p1.jpg (631.23 KB)
4794_63fb9d71463c6.jpg 1836X1574 px

jpg  p2.jpg (400.75 KB)
4794_63fb9d908a6c4.jpg 1835X1216 px

jpg  p3.jpg (388.04 KB)
4794_63fb9da37013d.jpg 1836X1154 px

jpg  p4.jpg (474.92 KB)
4794_63fb9db1efe3e.jpg 1821X1438 px

jpg  p5.jpg (440.25 KB)
4794_63fb9dcee3fc9.jpg 1491X1798 px

Posted on: 2/26 12:59

For Sale: Original 1927 Packard Series 426-433 Six Cylinder Owner
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Here is the Owner's and Information manual for the 1927 Packard Series 426 and 433 six cylinder vehicles. This original book is in excellent condition with tight binding. There are about 80 pages and it measures about 9" by 6". It covers all the maintenance and mechanical features for these models and is extremely well detailed with nice photos and line drawings. A nice original piece of Packard literature.

The price is 85.00 including shipping within the USA.

Email directly at: motoringicons@hotmail.com or call 734-730-4274. Thanks.

Attach file:

jpg  po1.jpg (98.09 KB)
4794_623a7aa3c2b71.jpg 1029X1137 px

jpg  po2.jpg (76.56 KB)
4794_623a7ab1ac901.jpg 1214X1034 px

jpg  po3.jpg (106.54 KB)
4794_623a7abe32434.jpg 1145X1170 px

jpg  po4.jpg (135.92 KB)
4794_623a7acc107c8.jpg 1148X1173 px

jpg  po5.jpg (89.86 KB)
4794_623a7ad7b5a71.jpg 1224X1224 px

Posted on: 2022/3/22 20:42

Re: For Sale: 1938 Series 1601 Super Eight Coupe Roadster
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Thanks. I knew it was a 1604 but my brain and typing fingers weren't connecting !!! I appreciate the correction.

Posted on: 2021/9/28 22:20

Re: For Sale: 1938 Series 1601 Super Eight Coupe Roadster
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

More photos....

Attach file:

jpg  38l.jpg (63.96 KB)
4794_6153515469e05.jpg 663X283 px

jpg  38m.jpg (186.36 KB)
4794_6153515f6c6ec.jpg 1500X871 px

jpg  38n.jpg (111.31 KB)
4794_6153516f46846.jpg 1069X589 px

jpg  38o.jpg (30.16 KB)
4794_6153517e74bc8.jpg 514X345 px

jpg  38p.jpg (356.58 KB)
4794_615351947328d.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  38q.jpg (207.73 KB)
4794_615351a4a3656.jpg 2000X1500 px

jpg  38r.jpg (109.15 KB)
4794_615351b3a3414.jpg 1067X566 px

jpg  38s.jpg (229.48 KB)
4794_615351d5969d3.jpg 1333X1000 px

jpg  38t.jpg (231.60 KB)
4794_615351e3d046c.jpg 981X1053 px

Posted on: 2021/9/28 12:33

For Sale: 1938 Series 1604 Super Eight Coupe Roadster
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

1938 Packard Super Eight Coupe Roadster, Engine #A502095, Serial # 1119 2037.

This 1938 Packard Super Eight Series 1604 Coupe Roadster is a well known car which has spent the bulk of its life in Cincinnati, Ohio area. One of about 75 coupe roadsters built in 1938, it is believed that this car was originally sold by the Citizens Motor Car Company in Cincinnati. In the 1950s, it served as “gate car” at the Lebanon Raceway. The car later found its way into the collection of the renown Packard restorer and collector Howard Rigg. Rigg owned the car for many years and used it as a well preserved, original “driver” before decided to embark in a frame off restoration. This was always a solid and well preserved authentic Packard. Sadly, Riggs passed away before the car was completed and in 2006, the coupe roadster was sold to its current owner who furthered the restoration process. With other cars in the works, the current owner has decided to sell this project.

Chassis: Sandblasted to bare metal. No repairs needed. It has been epoxy primed and professionally finished in black urethane.

Engine: Original engine # A502095 was completely rebuilt in 2008-2010 with new pistons (8:1 compression), modified cam (.400 lift), valves, springs, insert bearings, con rods, gaskets etc. The engine was test run and sorted out on a dyno before being installed in the chassis. All of the ancillary items were rebuilt or replaced including the EE.23 Stromberg carb, distributor, water pump, fuel pump, starter, generator, alternator, oil cooler, oil filter canister with replaceable filters, re-machined manifolds, etc. A complete, new wiring kit is also included.

Suspension/Steering: Completely disassembled, Rebuilt shocks, new rubber, disassembled and reconditioned springs, all new NOS shock links. Steering box rebuilt.

Drivetrain: Transmission with complete rebuild NOS parts. Drive shaft balanced, new universal, rear end disassembled. Hi-speed rear end (4.06). New axle seals.

Brakes: Full rebuild, brake cylinders, new lines, brake shoes, drums dressed.

Exhaust: Stainless steel – new

Cooling: Radiator has been flushed/cored, new correct cap, hoses and clamps.

Wheels: Original wheels restored with new whitewall tires and proper hubcaps.

Fuel system: Tank cleaned/coated, new fuel lines and locking gas cap.

Since being reassembled, the chassis has been driven approximately 100 miles. The chassis is currently running and driving and has been effortlessly driven at speeds of 70 miles per hour. The chassis and drivetrain assembly is sorted out and ready to use.

Body: The body, fenders, hood, radiator shell, etc. have been mostly restored and are ready for final finishing and paint. The body was in excellent original and very solid condition thus requiring very little work. The majority of the wood is original with the exception of some smaller pieces which were professionally replaced. The doors have been aligned and fitted, windows fitted and adjusted, and the body has been test fitted to the chassis and properly shimmed as needed. There is a new rubber kit for the body. The running boards are restored with new rubber fitted. Most of the body components are in primer. This was a very solid car before the restoration. The car has dual side mounts with the correct full metal covers and a correct Packard rear luggage rack.

Chrome- Most of the chrome has been professionally restored including the bumpers, radiator shutter assembly and numerous small parts.

Interior: The original dark blue leather seats and door panels are included. Matching new replacement Bill Hirsch dark blue leather hides are included and there is enough material for the body and rumble seat areas. The top frame assembly has been fitted and aligned to the body and windshield.

Instrument Panel: The dashboard has been correctly restored and the gauges have been professionally rebuilt by John Wolf. The steering wheel has been correctly restored and the radio has also been rebuilt.

Included with the car are its original keys and locks, some spare mechanical parts, correctly restored or replaced fasteners and hardware items (in bags and appropriately labeled), literature, reference manuals, photos of the car prior to restoration, etc.

This is a very worthwhile project. All of the “heavy” work has been completed to extremely high standards. A great opportunity to own a desirable and very roadworthy open Packard at an affordable price.

The car is priced at 59,500.00 but reasonable offers will be considered. It is located near Cincinnati, Ohio. I have over 500 detailed photos I can send showing all the components. It is being sold with a clear and current title.

For more information and to schedule a viewing, please email directly at: motoringicons@hotmail.com or call 734-730-4274.

Thank you.

Attach file:

jpg  38a.jpg (394.86 KB)
4794_6153509e57336.jpg 1500X1125 px

jpg  38b.jpg (240.77 KB)
4794_615350aac3bb9.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  38c.jpg (211.62 KB)
4794_615350b84d1c6.jpg 980X948 px

jpg  38d.jpg (83.47 KB)
4794_615350c6567ac.jpg 1277X504 px

jpg  38e.jpg (189.86 KB)
4794_615350d2413e3.jpg 1989X1166 px

jpg  38f.jpg (104.71 KB)
4794_615350e0d63da.jpg 860X588 px

jpg  38g.jpg (102.03 KB)
4794_615350ed91589.jpg 887X564 px

jpg  38h.jpg (189.29 KB)
4794_615350f9686ca.jpg 993X1255 px

jpg  38i.jpg (173.39 KB)
4794_61535105d9642.jpg 997X1287 px

jpg  38j.jpg (111.17 KB)
4794_6153511165bc3.jpg 1102X553 px

jpg  38k.jpg (37.10 KB)
4794_6153511ed6387.jpg 432X519 px

Posted on: 2021/9/28 12:30

Re: Gorgeous, 3 Owner, 1953 Caribbean Convertible
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

SOLD! Thank you.

Posted on: 2018/2/20 13:34

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