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reconnecting the wiper motor
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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When I got my 1949 deluxe touring sedan, the wiper connections were all disconnected.Im trying to reconnect it,but too much missing info in manual.Which vacuum hoses go to which fittings,how to route them through the dash,etc.Please help if you can.Thanks,Bear.

Posted on: 2021/11/27 9:56
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Re: reconnecting the wiper motor
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Forum Ambassador

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You are correct in that Packard never provided much information on any of the wiper specifics.

If you are referring to mechanical assembly the overall drawing on illustration plate l57 in the 48-54 parts manual is about as good as it gets from Packard. There is a bit more starting on page 27 in the body section of the 46-50 service manual as well as a few isolated bits of info related to specific issues in various service counselors. Some info on hooking up drive cables is also in the 51-4 SM instrument section and while there are cosmetic differences I believe the mechanical connection is very similar to the 23rd series. You can find the counselor articles by selecting the service index on the left menu and then looking at the 48-50 model instrument section.

As to the vacuum and hose routing, I am not aware of any decent Packard provided info until that given for the 55-6 models and even that was not complete. You can get bits and pieces of actual runs on earlier models by looking at some of the parts and SM illustrations or photos but nothing complete showing tube A goes to point A and then to point B etc etc. The windshield washers and some optional later vacuum accessories are in the 51-4 SM. Since they used a stock Trico system there is a bit on the washer copied from Trico install instructions in the accessory section of the 51-4 SM showing those details. The 23rd 49-50 system is operationally almost identical to that one but there are some cosmetic differences.

Here is something on the vacuum antenna that I threw together a few years back that shows part of the wiper connection. There are no specific photos of the tubing on the engine. You can get an idea by looking at plate 86 for a 22-23 series engine where you see a tube dropping down from the front of the intake manifold to the vacuum section of the fuel pump. It connects to the pump OUT port. Not shown in the photo but there is another tube from the IN port on the vacuum section that lays along the block and is clamped in a couple of spots using special plugs on the main oil gallery which runs longitudinally between the valve covers and the oil pan. The tube goes to the rear of the engine where it bends up several inches and then connects to complete the path to the main vacuum port on the passenger side of the wiper motor. There is a question if that metal tube is solid between the engine and a clamp on the firewall or if it might be in two sections connected by a short rubber hose between the engine and firewall so engine vibration is not directly transmitted to the firewall. If someone has a good photo or description of that tube setup it would answer that question and be appreciated.

As shown in my drawing, if there is a vacuum antenna a Tee to supply vacuum to the antenna is inserted in that section of hose just before the wiper motor. If there is a windshield washer, the vacuum supply for that is taken off the auxilliary port on the drivers side of the wiper motor. The aux port is controlled by turning and holding the wiper on/off knob against a spring in the direction opposite the normal on direction so vacuum is connected to the port via an internal passage in the motor and then can be used by the washer.

Attach file:

jpeg  22-23 vacuum route copy.jpeg (277.83 KB)
209_61a2587691cc9.jpeg 1200X1031 px

Posted on: 2021/11/27 11:19
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