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IDENTIFICATION: Packard Manual Bellhousing and Flywheel
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Eric Boyle
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I figured that since I've been screwed a couple of times on supposed Packard V8 flywheels, I figured I'd post the differences between the V8 and the Straight Eight flywheels, and throw some pics of the associated bellhousings in there too for good measure.

So to start, the Packard V8 Bellhousing and flywheel, then the Straight Eight Bellhousing and flywheel, Then the V8 bellhousing by itself, then the Straight Eight bellhousing by itself. And Finally, the Packard V8 flywheel outer diameter, to the edge of the flywheel to the edge of the flywheel, NOT including the ring gear, clutch disc side, which is 14&3/4" approx, and then the Straight Eight flywheel which is 13&3/4" approx. These flywheels will interchange bolt pattern and center hole wise on either engine, although you won't be able to fit the V8 flywheel up into the Straight Eight bellhousing, as it's too big. The Straight Eight flywheel should be good for '54 and back, as my '48 Packard flywheel is exactly the same thing as the '53 one I have. The BEST way to go shopping for a V8 flywheel is to take a flexplate from an Ultramatic with you, if it's the same diameter and bolt pattern, it will fit the V8, if it's smaller, it's for a Straight Eight, and I don't care what the guy behind the table tells you. Your starter will NOT engage the teeth on a Straight Eight flywheel installed in a Packard V8!! (I found this out the hard way with the engine, flywheel, clutch, and trans installed and in the car! Crappy time to discover this stuff out!) I've fought two different people over this, so I hope to save some people the trouble and be informed when they make a purchase or bid on eBay.

The Ultramatic flexplate going shopping for a Straight Eight manual flywheel won't work, as the manual flywheel is a different diameter than the auto. On the V8 it isn't, it's the same diameter. Also, on both engines, the flywheel bolts are the standard 7/16" fine thread, so any parts store would have them. I used Chevy V8 ones on the last engine I put together, and they were virtually identical. If anyone has any questions or additions that I may of forgot about, please pm me and I'll add or make changes.

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Posted on: 2009/5/10 21:54
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