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Re: Randy
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
You seem to have two sets of rules when it comes to me, Mr. Guscha

1.) The question was asked by Robert.... So complain to Robert and send/post your rule corrections to Robert about whatever direction the thread went. I was merely responding to Robert's question. And it is about 1956 Caribbean and it is a valid question... even if perhaps some people don't want it discussed for what may be obvious reasons.

2.) You have certainly attempted to hijack my participation in other threads in the past. And you've made snide remarks (perhaps I should post about the etiquette rule over grudges). So? What is your morbid and deep interest here? And what is the do as you say, but don't do as you do ruling here?

Didn't you just "hijack" (according to your implication to me) R1lark's thread about Jim Nance and his father with the Predictor? You took us all the way to Russia on a non-Packard vehicle. You may have been responding to Rickey Dillinger's question... but how does that make the principle legit for you and not for me? Same thing. There is a word for this kind of barefaced hypocrisy in the USA... and you ought to know what it is.

Perhaps you don't want this talked about for a reason other than what you are saying?

Hijacking goes on in this forum all the time. But where are you when that happens? And why aren't you following the same "etiquette"? So why is it more grievous when it can be construed that I was somehow involved? I don't see you posting complaints or "etiquette directions" to others! Or following them yourself. So why chastise only me? Why direct your correction to only me?? Your slips are showing Guscha. We both know very well what this is really about.

As for anyone else such as the original poster who might in some way be bothered that I took the time to respond to Robert's question (how dare I?) ... hey, my sincere apologies.

So... let's talk some more about Randy's Caribbean.

Posted on: 4/27 12:03
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