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R11 OD relay ……
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

See User information
So I was troubleshooting my OD on my ‘49 and realized it had some issues . After troubleshooting I narrowed it down to the relay , let me share what I found out .
First thing , if you need to troubleshoot the OD go ahead and download the BorgWarner manual from this forum . It’s much more informative for troubleshooting purposes .
After shopping and pricing relays from Packard specific suppliers it occurred to me that there is a exchange /core charge on these relays so that told me that they can be repaired . Same with solenoids and governors . We’ll stick with relays for now .
After troubleshooting my relay I removed it , held it up to my ear and it sounded like it was full of beans ?
See the first 3 pics , clearly the contacts were off and the brass rivet heads were laying in the cover.I’m going to call a weak spot here ..
After some careful cleaning and polishing with a dremel brush things looked nice and shiny . Pic 4
After pulling the brass rivets out and more cleaning I reinstalled the contacts with some 4-40 thread fasteners . I should have used brass but I was unclear if it was going to work or not . Pic 5,6
Re installed the relay and it worked as it should . Now it’s time for a road test .
In summary I guess these items are repairable and the rising costs of parts it’s always worth a shot to investigate yourself .

Attach file:

jpeg  04A958E5-C86D-4AAA-8AEC-C0044307A7DD.jpeg (2,015.74 KB)
224913_613e2fc547a6b.jpeg 4032X3024 px

jpeg  E6C60FB6-663C-40CF-A1FF-CC79CF475524.jpeg (2,236.01 KB)
224913_613e2fdd9f6e2.jpeg 4032X3024 px

jpeg  FF754EC0-B43E-472B-AD23-0535E168B0DA.jpeg (1,858.61 KB)
224913_613e2fefe7450.jpeg 4032X3024 px

jpeg  03A2DF2D-2A45-4123-81B0-336E68EEBA37.jpeg (2,634.50 KB)
224913_613e308e3d0c8.jpeg 4032X3024 px

jpeg  71670F06-D9A2-47CB-B5D2-E3B0C80189E4.jpeg (2,092.49 KB)
224913_613e316c5c873.jpeg 4032X3024 px

jpeg  021A85CC-EDD7-45A4-B649-D7D9C94E9A88.jpeg (1,968.02 KB)
224913_613e31800f19f.jpeg 4032X3024 px

Posted on: 2021/9/12 11:57
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Re: R11 OD relay ……
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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Repairing is definitely an option and sometimes all it needs is a contact cleaning. If that does not work, rather than spending a fortune for a repro or rebuilt, one nice thing about the R11 relay is it is just an ordinary N.O. contact relay. By gutting the case and adding some short pigtails a modern 40 amp cube type relay can be installed inside the case with no one being the wiser. For those with V8s, a 12v cube relay in the same configuration is easily found at most parts stores.

Posted on: 2021/9/12 12:14
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Re: R11 OD relay ……
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

See User information
Yea eBay has one that looks nice for 50$ that was my next stop . Always thought it was interesting that you can find the same things on eBay by wording what your looking for , even misspelling it on purpose .

Posted on: 2021/9/12 12:21
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Re: R11 OD relay ……
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
It's good to hear that your Packard is in the hands of a good caretaker. Keep up the good work and happy Packarding.

Posted on: 2021/9/12 15:04
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