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Re: Bendix Treadle Vac, Myths, Fiction and Facts
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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I guess my question really is whether installing a dual master cylinder under the floorboards for that purpose could be boosted with a new hydrovac system like we use on the Cadillac which could be remotely mounted.

I"ve been playing around with something under the floor and don't believe a full booster and master is an option without doing some serious relocation of the L side exhaust pipe. The space for the pedal could be worked out but its space allowance in the frame is very limited. The space for a booster and master is not going to easily happen because the torsion bar and exhaust pipe passing right next to it fills what space there is that would be suitable for the booster combination.

The pedal fits in a narrow gap in the frame where the side rail and X join and would take a rework of the brackets that are part of commercially available pedals. I am thinking it would need to be a separate pedal and shaft assy similar to what Packard made or else shorten the shaft and pedal area of the commercial bracket so it would slip in the space. Factory setups seem to be harder to find but I did find several aftermarket pedals which appear similar in shape to the original so buying a pedal assy and reworking to use a different shaft and bracket is a possibility. Doing a photo overlay, one of those aftermarket pedal arms operated by the suspended pedal definitely seems to be doable. The under floor pedal would appear to line up almost identically to a BTV rod. Just need to make an attachment method between the arm and suspended pedal with a bit of pivoting ability -- something like a double ended clevis.

The limitation with the modern Hydrovac available at aftermarket brake places seems to be the dual master capability. Which one did you find for your Cadillac? So far the ones I found available seem to be single circuit but if there is a dual available somewhere I would be most interested. I am thinking that the use of a floor pedal would make a perfect fit for the Electroboost or if there is one, a dual Hydrovac. The ratio concerns of mounting anything modern using only the suspended pedal would be a non issue because that would be handled by the new under floor pedal. The space needed for a dual master cylinder would be not much greater than that for the single manual master.

Here is a crude photo overlay of the stock suspended pedal and an aftermarket floor pedal arrangement laid over an original manual floor pedal drawing. The double clevis would accommodate the geometry change between the suspension pedal and the floor pedal arm and by necessity would raise the suspended pedal slightly more than the original location to allow a bit more travel. Bellows would hide all that.

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Posted on: 2017/3/2 9:04
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Re: Bendix Treadle Vac, Myths, Fiction and Facts
Just popping in
Just popping in

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Hello Greig,
I would like to know about the BTV solution that you talking about on the forum.
Thank you in advance.

Posted on: 5/7 17:08
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