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Brake light fuse
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Just had the dash and front and rear windlace replaced in my 55
since this was done
I am having a problem. The 20 amp fuse that is connected to this circuit which also provides Power to the rear cigarette lighters C pillar courtesy lights and outdoor side marker lights as well as the brake lights the fuse blows intermittently .could it be a problem with the pigtail wire that comes off the light switch for the rear courtesy lights maybe a bad door switch ? something is obviously shorting or drowning out the circuit any advice as always is welcome
Thanks Mark

Posted on: 2019/8/2 9:55
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Re: Brake light fuse
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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That fuse also feeds power to the glove compartment light, trunk light and in 55 thru the normally closed contact of the brake switch, to the torsion level control box.

Power is fed directly to one side of the map light and courtesy light bulbs so a short would need to be on that side of the bulb and not the door switch side to blow the fuse. A problem on the door switch side would just light the bulbs. The pigtail coming off the headlight switch would do the same thing as the headlight switch contact is paralled with the door switches.

Glove compartment light has the wire terminal just sliding into a socket on the side of the switch and bulb assy but if there is a bare spot near the terminal it might possibly be able to touch dash metal.

You might check the TL on/off switch under the dash edge and make sure the terminals are secure in their sockets. That would be the first stop after the brake switch for the power heading down to the TL control sw. Possibly something could also be amiss lower down as the loom routes to the TL components.

The trunk light has been a source of problems as sometimes the wire is routed somewhat haphazardly thru the hinge area or lays unprotected where it passes thru the trunk lid and vibrates against the metal openings in the inner panel. The lamp and switch assy itself could also have a problem.

The body loom route down the side of the car from the round harness connector plug in the L kickpanel area and then onto the floor can also have issues. The round plug is not the most secure in holding the terminals and if a wire is exposed on the side of the plug it could touch metal in the kickpanel space. If the loom was somehow pinched between a clamp and the floor or was continually stepped on and the loom cover worn thru there could be a short. Wires can also get out of position and be too close to a quarter window mechanism as it goes into the fender for the side courtesy lights. Same with the wires feeding the rear cigar lighters as they come out of the fender area to go to the arm rests.

Cigar lighters themselves can cause problems if the socket tabs on the shell side have become worn and loose allowing the lighter to shift in the socket. If the rear lighter sockets are being used for modern power adapters for phones etc, some of the modern plugs do not fit the sockets well or can have such a wide center terminal on the base where the fuse inserts they can wiggle and short the center conductor directly to the grounded shell.

Posted on: 2019/8/2 10:57
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