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Spark plug wires, Packard 440 or Packard 330 or?
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

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Just curious as to what was period correct. I searched past post and the internet and really couldn’t find anything.
I’m going to put a new set of plug wires on my 42’
I see a lot of you have used the Packard 440 7mm copper core wire and it seems to be readily available on eBay. I have an old roll of Packard 330 lacquered cloth covered 7mm copper core wire I could use also, but it is pretty stiff.
I will probably just use the 440, but before I buy it I would just like to hear your opinions.
You input would be appreciated

Posted on: 3/2 16:22
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Re: Spark plug wires, Packard 440 or Packard 330 or?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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This STEELDUCTOR is what was use on 30s Packards. Maybe 42.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Auto-Lite ... ad-Hud-Pack-/351654953613

Posted on: 3/2 16:38
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Re: Spark plug wires, Packard 440 or Packard 330 or?
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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The publication "Copper Nerves" by GM's Packard Electric Co https://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/downloads/CopperNerves.pdf has a copyright date of 1938 and mentions Packard 440 as being the preferred wire over the older lacquered wires. I don't know for sure if Packard Motor Car Co used it in 42 since they did have a shiny black lacquered cover wire at least thru 47. I would imagine 440 was available for 42 though and Packard Motor may have had a different and lacquered outer covering over the wire instead of the softer dull all rubber that is usually found on todays 440. Since it is a proven product available at the time and easily available today I would probably go with that.

I didn't find a ready spec reference to Packard 330 wire so wonder where it falls in the lineup. The Steelductor box says it is used on 40-42 Packards but as I recall factory photos show the 42s with black wires.

Attach file:

jpg  440-1.jpg (727.58 KB)
209_603ec15ce6032.jpg 1618X1612 px

jpg  440-2.jpg (442.28 KB)
209_603ec1655b5b7.jpg 782X1870 px

jpg  steelductor.jpg (333.28 KB)
209_603ec732826fe.jpg 998X1296 px

Posted on: 3/2 16:52
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Re: Spark plug wires, Packard 440 or Packard 330 or?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Jerry; I have never had a point deducted with the 440 black rubber plug wire. I have had a problem finding the right angle metal ends for the spark plugs, seams easy to find the straight ends and rubber covers for the distributor cap and coil. Also hard to find the correct coil with the end that excepts the metal shielding from the switch. I can send the correct auto lite number when I return home, from memory it ends in "us". The ones that end in "uj" are Mopar. As my auto lite book is at home I can't provide the correct information for the 120, but think it is the same as 110.

Attach file:

jpg  0-6.jpg (34.99 KB)
1697_603ede67c4c53.jpg 431X575 px

jpg  0-5.jpg (35.71 KB)
1697_603ede8750209.jpg 431X575 px

Posted on: 3/2 18:31
28-526 convertible coupe
35-1200 touring sedan
42-110 convertible coupe
48-2293 station sedan
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Re: Spark plug wires, Packard 440 or Packard 330 or?
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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If it's correct for your era and you want the authentic exterior appearance of lacquered cloth AND modern PVC dielectric insulation like the 440 wire in a single product, you can get it from specialty suppliers of electrical components like Brillman. They also have almost every known type of spark plug terminals and boots, battery cables, etc.

Posted on: 3/3 9:59
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