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Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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The point seems to be getting lost. The date of the study is irrelevant. It's the data that's informative and it is what it is. I was sharing it to provide some relevant context, although it happened to be mostly focused on fatality cases as that information is what was available for comparison. Injury statistics weren't available then.

The issue is that with the four door vs. two door you have a quite stout seat frame. Slam on the brakes and a rear seat passenger isn't going to be slamming you into the steering wheel or dashboard as they hit or simply brace themselves against the seat back.

As a driver I don't want my face planted into something by a rear seat passenger, or even be hesitant to hit the brakes for fear of it should a kids ball roll out in front of me, etc. I've already stated my intent to install period correct lap belts to mostly remedy that. Even with them the rear seat passengers can still react by shoving on the seat back with their hands as they are thrown forward, but the likelihood and severity is reduced.

However, more obvious is simply the seat back flopping forward under hard deceleration which I would think would have been apparent to the Packard test drivers and engineers which a simple latch would remedy. Packard engineers weren't prone to overlooking the obvious.

None of this is simply "driving with common sense". It's just driving, which involves conditions and actions not entirely under the driver's control.

BTW, my '55 Patrician came equipped with a single lap belt for the driver only (and leather upholstery). It seems just about any combination could be ordered by the customer, with the exception of a seat latch.


point wrote:
i feel if u want the new car features ,buy a new car, there dummy proof, it takes a little common sense drive old cars, maybe they should put airbags in the old cars too?,

Posted on: 3/21 18:21
1942 Clipper Club Sedan
1948 Custom Touring Sedan (22nd Series)
1955 Patrician Sedan
1955 400 Sedan
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Home away from home
Home away from home

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This was the 1960’s.

Attach file:

jpeg  FAFAE211-9614-4A7C-90D1-977509C342F9.jpeg (2,853.27 KB)
3810_6057f2ad1710d.jpeg 4032X3024 px

jpeg  EBFEA3DE-F587-490F-A223-D764D1035C32.jpeg (2,853.27 KB)
3810_6057f32b77b25.jpeg 4032X3024 px

jpeg  C89BA6F0-C920-4A26-9D2F-2D8582A38810.jpeg (25.71 KB)
3810_6057f3eff38e5.jpeg 320X240 px

Posted on: 3/21 19:33
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Home away from home
Home away from home

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Hi Scott

I would suggest a solution would be to retrofit a set of seat latches salvaged from a modern car. Salvage yards would have thousands to select from, something that wouldn't be too obviously modern in appearance, chromed if possible. Then, install in the 400 seats to be generally innocuous but functional.


Posted on: 3/21 19:40
.....epigram time.....
Proud 1953 Clipper Deluxe owner.
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Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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That car seat looks only a tiny bit more secure than sitting on the front or rear center armrest as my brother and I used to do. The only protection there was a parental unit stretching an arm across the seat to keep us from sliding off. That only worked half the time because if riding in the back I do remember getting up close and personal with the floor more than once.

The kiddie car seat at least has a bar to half way restrain the occupant and maybe keep them from flying thru the windshield (unless he slides under the bar). The possibility of the head planting on the helper steering wheel during a sudden stop is not too reassuring though. I guess it is a wonder us old geezers made it thru those dangerous times after seeing all the fancy seats and straps the kids today have to be restrained in.

Posted on: 3/21 20:20
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