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Toughest Packard
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Posted on: 6/11 21:23
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you

Bad company corrupts good character!

Farming: the art of losing money while working 100 hours a week to feed people who think you are trying to kill them
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Re: Toughest Packard
Home away from home
Home away from home

Fish'n Jim
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Unfortunately, at age 56, he came along AFTER the demise of the brand!
Talk about putting a bad taste in a whales mouth - a "gritty" lobsterman must not taste as good as the lobster.

Posted on: 6/12 12:00
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Re: Toughest Packard
Home away from home
Home away from home

Packard Newbie
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Wow, that is QUITE the story!! When I was sailing my boat down in the Bahamas, we would get those lobster divers coming up to our boat at anchor and they'd knock on the hull. They were usually in little flat bottom skiffs and the entire 'floor' of the boat would be covered with fresh lobster, still alive and moving around. It was quite the sight. They would sell them, depending on size, for anywhere between $30 and $60 a DOZEN!! This was in 2010, so the prices have probably gone up, but I was buying lobsters by the dozen from these guys until my wife bade me to stop. I never thought I'd hear a gal say 'no more lobster', but we were having them in breakfast omelets, as topping on salads and as a main course for supper, until one did kind of reach a limit. But they sure were good; and hamburger was $10 a pound down there! At one point I saw a large ship come into port in Alicetown, Bimini, and they were unloading these pallets of car hoods strapped 20 or so to a pallet. They were all different types and mostly badly bent up and I wondered what the heck they would use them for. It took a bit of asking around but I found out the local lobster guys used them as 'traps' and they would take them in their boat and just throw them in the shallow water (up to 20' or so) and the lobsters would seek shade under them. The divers would go down, burlap sack in hand, and lift up the corner of the hood and snatch the lobsters up and go up and empty the bag into the boat and go to the next one. The salt water 'ate' the hoods fairly quickly, thus there was this 'sustainable' market for junk car hoods. Struck me as quite the little 'industry', even if it did contribute to polluting the waters with all the paint and stuff that wouldn't eventually dissolve. But no whales there, though. Lots of Bull sharks, and they eat humans, so not predator free, that's for sure! Chris.

Posted on: 6/12 19:37
'If you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right!' Henry Ford.
1939 Packard Six, Model 1700
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