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Home away from home
Home away from home

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Well Ca is at it again. Now I don't know the
names right off, but the state is trying to
force the Chrome industry to use
a different type of chrome, that is more
smokey then bluish that we have now..
Ca. is down to just 32 chrome shops left out
of hundreds... This is just and FYI
What I was really posting about is Chrome
platting on my 56
My diver side upper grill was broken at the end
when I bought the car way back in the last
century.. 1988 or so
Shortly after I found another sitting on a corner
lot in real bad condition. I bought it for a parts
car, I soon sold the front clip and made a nice
profit. So decades later I'm getting back into
my 56, and was looking for that upper grill
but not a the price I've been quoted. I'm also
doing a roofing job on my garage, and I was cleaning
up around the garage, and there was the piece
I wanted. such luck
I used vinegar to clean it, then washed it
then I used rubbing compound, then polishing
compound, the wax. (Turttle)
Now I don't know if that piece had been rechromed
before I do know the front bumper had been
But the grill piece looks like it came out of
the factory yesterday I could take a photo
and show you, but it would probably not show
very well..
I am just amazed how the chrome held up
so well..
I do see 2 small pin holes that seem to have
been filled with chrome.
I've done a lot of reading on chrome lately
I wonder how many of our chrome shops
use the 2 nicklel process? I don't think my shop
does, but when I go to pick up my pieces there
I am going to ask... For they money we pay
here in Ca I want what is suppose to be the
proper process..

Posted on: 2021/8/1 8:39
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Re: Chrome
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

See User information
prices of chroming is out of site ,i agree , what can u do, less shops,more the shops left can charge , less competition, as far as nickel plating, i dont know if u ever seen something advertised as Triple plated, nickel, copper,chrome, thats the best, so i guess its basically what u pay for , some shops here give a lifetime guarantee ,but im sure u pay for it,as far as show chrome,i would just as soon have what looks original, if u get a scratch in show chrome it stands out, costs alot more then a scratch in a fender to fix ,and u pretty much stay fairly local on the chroming,cost of shipping isnt cheap either ,just have to bite the bullet and do it i guess ,not much choice
Regards ,Joe

Posted on: 2021/8/1 20:19
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Re: Chrome
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information

Needs to go.

Posted on: 2021/8/1 23:17
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Re: Chrome
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
From Randy Bergers records the charge for redoing his Caribbeans chrome grill was $5586 plus shipping in 2015. It is nice chrome but it should be for that price . I know it took a long time to get it completed

Posted on: 2021/8/2 8:25
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Re: Chrome
Home away from home
Home away from home

Packard Don
See User information
One thing to keep in mind is that “show quality” chrome is typically far better than the cars had from the factory. Stock chrome wasn’t perfect or even close to it so if you ask for OEM-quality chrome, the price should be a little lower.

Posted on: 2021/8/2 11:35
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Re: Chrome
Home away from home
Home away from home

Tim Cole
See User information
I've sent parts to the supposed top "Rabble Beach" plating superstars and what came back was such that I suspected they weren't my parts, but were switched after a payoff. That aside, plating uses a lot of water and California is having a problem therein. Waste reclamation systems are available, but they are very expensive. In Michigan we had an industrial grade plating operation that was dumping waste in abandoned buildings and what not. Plating is a dirty business and we have areas of this state with all sorts of elevated cancer incidence from who knows what was going on in the old days. If some of those rich collectors want good quality work they can start a cooperative, but I'll wager working for those guys sucks. Mention terms like copper cyanide of everybody goes ape. I have a plating reference from the old days which has a chapter covering back office treatments for various poisonings like cyanide. Plating during the Korean war was pretty shoddy, and a lot of the NOS stuff was quality reject when new so that isn't always an accurate gauge to use. The best idea is to find a super low mileage car that has been stored properly and understand the fit and details that are present. Then go and look at some of the restored stuff.

Posted on: 2021/8/2 15:32
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Re: Chrome
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Wow At least no one jumped down my throat

That is the information I used, read it.

the two Nickel process is what makes
the piece shine,

For "show Chrome" it is not the chemical
its the labor to polish the metal.
I've thought about doing that myself, as I have
4 really 6 bumpers to chrome. but in this case
I don't have the equipment for the job or maybe
even the skill. That's not to say I could not do it
but if you then take the piece in and they need
to redo what you did what is the point.
plus they get the chrome and nickel back.
But take a look at the web site and read what they

Posted on: 2021/8/8 11:50
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Re: Chrome
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Thanks for posting the chrome primer, very interesting and fact filled.

Posted on: 2021/8/9 11:17
Old cars are my passion

1951 Packard 200
1953 Packard Clipper Custom Touring Sedan
1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer Tri-tone
1966 Rambler Classic 770 Convertible
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