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1951 250 Convertible LS swap
Just popping in
Just popping in

Wes Hogeland
See User information
1951 250 Convertible LS swap with air ride

First trial of the upgraded convertible top I powder coated and re-pinned

Attach file:

jpg  265130182_10224379192244963_923562390481171115_n.jpg (300.51 KB)
210378_61ecd5914d626.jpg 1920X1440 px

jpg  244164976_10223997764669512_3086903014737185848_n.jpg (407.29 KB)
210378_61ecd67ee4927.jpg 1440X1920 px

jpg  221920191_10223622107958329_2581854489283491602_n.jpg (308.50 KB)
210378_61ecd689d3504.jpg 1920X1440 px

jpg  271608345_10224540628120759_4092817757607413819_n.jpg (229.27 KB)
210378_61ecd7828d029.jpg 1920X1440 px

jpg  1.jpg (182.55 KB)
210378_61ecdaf9cba9e.jpg 1440X1080 px

jpg  2.jpg (170.22 KB)
210378_61ecdb0371928.jpg 1440X1080 px

jpg  5.jpg (42.82 KB)
210378_61ecdb0e6410e.jpg 802X802 px

jpg  3.jpg (138.42 KB)
210378_61ecdb197e14f.jpg 1024X1024 px

jpg  4.jpg (116.86 KB)
210378_61ecdb2221c0d.jpg 1024X1024 px

jpg  8.jpg (179.51 KB)
210378_61ecdb31a1ef3.jpg 1920X1440 px

jpg  6.jpg (101.70 KB)
210378_61ecdb3a5aacc.jpg 1440X1086 px

jpg  7.jpg (213.42 KB)
210378_61ecdb4265c71.jpg 1920X1440 px

jpg  9.jpg (272.09 KB)
210378_61ecdb649f604.jpg 1440X1920 px

Posted on: 2022/1/22 23:16
DIY Customs, Inc.
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Re: 1951 250 Convertible LS swap
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
I've been looking through the build thread on Facebook and a few things caught my eye. The electric conversion on the rear quarter windows looks great and operates smooth. Same with the convertible top. Nice work.

I was looking at some of the upholstery work, which I have a bit to do myself. I restored a couple of my armrests similar to how you did yours. But I'm looking at the door panels and am wondering how you recreated the embossing on the center of the panels. I need to have mine redone but don't love the idea of sending them off to SMS and maybe getting them back two years later. I can't tell if you stitched the embossing pattern in or if they are actually embossed.

Lastly, I was noticing the windshield has the factory green tint but doesn't look like the side windows do. I've seen some cars with no factory green, but most have it. Mine is currently the opposite of yours....clear windshield, green tint everywhere else.


Posted on: 2022/1/22 23:50
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Re: 1951 250 Convertible LS swap
Just popping in
Just popping in

Wes Hogeland
See User information
Hey Kevin, thanks for the praise!
The 1/4 windows were a bitch to fabricate a way to utilize modern electric motor to get them to operate. The door windows are now electric too which was pretty easy once I orientated the motor and fabricated the necessary parts to make it work.
as for the interior panels ... I purchased pre-embossed materials and went that route for the center pieces and marine vinyl for the rest and the seats. Overall the 2 door panels I cut 3/16 panel board (sturdier than the original)

Attach file:

jpg  1.jpg (208.89 KB)
210378_61ece48a4fb3e.jpg 1920X1440 px

jpg  2.jpg (324.97 KB)
210378_61ece496c25b9.jpg 1440X1920 px

jpg  3.jpg (288.48 KB)
210378_61ece4a29903f.jpg 1440X1920 px

jpg  4.jpg (300.66 KB)
210378_61ece4ad02de7.jpg 1920X1440 px

jpg  5.jpg (356.03 KB)
210378_61ece4b9854e0.jpg 1920X1440 px

jpg  6.jpg (362.60 KB)
210378_61ece4ca39593.jpg 1920X1440 px

Posted on: 2022/1/23 0:17
DIY Customs, Inc.
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Re: 1951 250 Convertible LS swap
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Beautiful work!!

Posted on: 2022/1/23 6:53
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Re: 1951 250 Convertible LS swap
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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Wes, you've certainly come a long way from where you started!.

Posted on: 2022/1/23 17:57

Bowral, Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia
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