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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Wat_Tyler wrote:
Is that the one in Indiana?

Yes it is

Posted on: 5/20 18:39

1955 Packard 400

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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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That one is in really nice shape. I would say $10-11K is pretty reasonable for something with that low of miles, original condition, running, and fairly well-kept. Chrome will likely polish up nicely, the paint seems pretty good and should also clean up well. Interior is not bad. Some definite fading and wear on the front seat, but the rear is good. Didn't see any pics of the headliner.

It'll probably still need most of the mechanicals gone through anyways, to be sure it's safe to drive. Brakes, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, rubber lines, carburetor, fuel pump, etc. Unless those have been dealt with recently. But I'd plan on doing those if there is no definitive proof.

Posted on: 5/20 18:42
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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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That one looks pretty good. That could be a nice cruiser with some tinkering. If gas and airfare wasn't probably the same $2k I'd say fly out with a buddy and have a blast driving it back after fixing some issues. Based on where it's from the 28k may be legit. Some wear and tear may lead others to think otherwise but, it's not about how long you sit in a seat, it's how many times you get in and out. The seller wanted 17k but seems motivated. It is on the AACA forum too and some parties seem interested there. Don't rush yourself and make a mistake but, this one may sell shortly.

Good luck!


Posted on: 5/20 20:33
1948 Custom Eight Victoria Convertible
1941 Cadillac Series 62 Deluxe Convertible Coupe
1956 Oldsmobile 88 Sedan
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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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....It is on the AACA forum too and some parties seem interested there....

Link to AACA thread.

Posted on: 5/20 23:53

Bowral, Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia
"Out of chaos comes order" - Nietzsche.

1938 Eight Touring Sedan - SOLD

1941 One-Twenty Club Coupe - SOLD

1948 Super Eight Limo, chassis RHD - SOLD

1950 Eight Touring Sedan - SOLD

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Any questions - PM or email me at ozstatman@gmail.com
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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Packardfan wrote:

Wat_Tyler wrote:
Is that the one in Indiana?

Yes it is

Y.O.L.O . . . .

Posted on: 5/21 2:45
If you're not having fun, maybe it's your own damned fault.
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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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If it's only the second owner, ask them about the service records to be confident it's not 128k. That being said, if the original owner drove it in town and parked it outside, I could see it getting that amount of interior wear in 28k.

Edit: obviously I agree with others here that the first one you were looking at is definitely overpriced. To me, it's in that limbo where it's not a nice survivor, not an obvious hooptie, nor a complete restoration. Clearly it was parked outside for a long time to accumulate that level of water and sun damage. I would estimate for 5-10 years.

BTW just for fun, here's a picture of the paint it originally had (different Packard model though):
Resized Image

Posted on: 5/21 7:47
Owner of '55 Clipper Deluxe. Engine is stuck-ish.
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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Jeff Williams
See User information
Options! If you like a three on the tree with overdrive I can work something out on shipping costs.
https://www.hagerty.com/drivers-club/m ... c1-4b11-9b7e-afd99b36cd29

Jeff W
412 370-8202

Posted on: 6/2 11:00
Jeff W
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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

See User information
What do you guys think of this one. Great price, $8,500.

I spoke with the owner and he said he got it from the "le may family car collection" he got it through a auction a couple years ago. This is what he said about the car....

" runs and drives like it should came from the le may family car collection in dry storage since 1975 completely gone through with new fuel system with new carburetor and fuel pump, brake system new wheel cylinders and master cylinder rebuilt heads, new battery everything works"

Although he said everything works you guys have taught me to DIG DEEP! So heres what I found out through talking with him a couple times on the phone and texts.

1. The carbuerator on the car is a rebuilt 4barrel. He thinks the accelerator pump is bad because the guy who sold it to him had it sitting on the shelf for a couple years. It will come with original carb and rebuild kit.Said it runs fine just thought I should know.

2. The radio does not work

3. The torsion leveling system does not seem to work. I had him do the test where you make sure it is on and sit in the trunk. He is 230lbs and he said it did nothing. Is repairing this expensive and difficult?

4. He thinks there may have been damage on the rear panel and repainted but isnt sure.

He said he thinks the interior is original, is this even possible for how the rest of the car looks? The only thing that has me think it is original is the fact the carpet wasnt replaced. He also color sanded it. What do you guys think? I would probably just ship it web eventhough a drive down the coast with the family would be fun! Like always, thank you for all of your help I appreciate it!

Attach file:

jpg  Resized952022060295112121.jpg (85.35 KB)
225549_62996a097c8e5.jpg 960X720 px

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225549_62996a1382077.jpg 960X720 px

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225549_62996a248d5b9.jpg 960X720 px

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225549_62996a2b1b011.jpeg 960X720 px

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225549_62996a32bce07.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120626.jpg (45.71 KB)
225549_62996a3e1d2f5.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120538.jpg (84.40 KB)
225549_62996a465151c.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120534.jpg (51.62 KB)
225549_62996a59d4b96.jpg 960X720 px

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jpg  Resized_20220602_120346.jpg (63.99 KB)
225549_62996ac30ae17.jpg 720X960 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120341.jpg (134.27 KB)
225549_62996ad6ba1b7.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120332.jpg (89.14 KB)
225549_62996ae5a46d2.jpg 960X720 px

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jpg  Resized_20220602_112231.jpg (64.08 KB)
225549_62996b0d2f79e.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_112138.jpg (98.29 KB)
225549_62996b17de762.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_112129.jpg (70.54 KB)
225549_62996b235e9e1.jpg 960X720 px

jpeg  Resized_20220602_115809.jpeg (219.00 KB)
225549_62996b2e91146.jpeg 720X470 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_115903(1).jpg (82.94 KB)
225549_62996b3a49b80.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_115916.jpg (83.15 KB)
225549_62996b42e03bd.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_115947.jpg (67.69 KB)
225549_62996b4cef708.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized952022060295120005.jpg (72.08 KB)
225549_62996b549d1cb.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized952022060295120013.jpg (68.87 KB)
225549_62996b61d52ec.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized952022060295120029.jpg (62.09 KB)
225549_62996b6b69be2.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized952022060295120117.jpg (30.26 KB)
225549_62996b7643606.jpg 699X524 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120121.jpg (63.93 KB)
225549_62996b9559383.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120121.jpg (63.93 KB)
225549_62996ba5b42cf.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120130.jpg (67.61 KB)
225549_62996bafbebab.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120145.jpg (73.88 KB)
225549_62996bbddc8c9.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120153.jpg (62.79 KB)
225549_62996bc798961.jpg 960X720 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120317.jpg (76.79 KB)
225549_62996bda14f87.jpg 720X960 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120320.jpg (79.25 KB)
225549_62996bee5c9e1.jpg 720X960 px

jpg  Resized_20220602_120322.jpg (72.77 KB)
225549_62996bf827a55.jpg 720X960 px

jpg  Screenshot_20220602-190409_Chrome.jpg (177.14 KB)
225549_62996c88ca431.jpg 1080X665 px

jpg  Screenshot_20220602-190417_Chrome.jpg (242.61 KB)
225549_62996c8e025b3.jpg 1071X824 px

jpg  Screenshot_20220602-190423_Chrome.jpg (256.56 KB)
225549_62996c9349adb.jpg 1080X837 px

jpg  Screenshot_20220602-190428_Chrome.jpg (192.17 KB)
225549_62996c98a3c6a.jpg 1080X805 px

jpg  Screenshot_20220602-190440_Chrome.jpg (158.89 KB)
225549_62996c9eb5fbb.jpg 1079X825 px

jpg  Screenshot_20220602-193350_Messages.jpg (177.53 KB)
225549_6299758eb108e.jpg 972X1501 px

jpg  Screenshot_20220602-194249_Messages.jpg (73.88 KB)
225549_629975947798b.jpg 705X475 px

Posted on: 6/2 21:20

1955 Packard 400

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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
One little thing to keep in mind is that if you buy a 1955, the electrical system is positive ground. That probably means little in itself but some modern accessories may not work on it. 1956 was the first year of the negative ground that most cars still use today.

Posted on: 6/3 2:44
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Re: Should I Make the Trade?
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Recent learning experience:

The last Clipper I bought was sitting on the trailer it came with. I didn't expect the lights to work, so I wasn't surprised when they didn't. The tires, however, "looked great" and held air and didn't have flat spots on the bottom. From where I collected the rig one weekend to where I delivered it the following weekend is about 900 miles.

The left front trailer tire made it 883 miles, the right front made it 897 miles, and the left rear went flat two days later. Fortunately, that part of the world where I was leaving tire bits and carcasses isn't very populated.

I'd figure to, 1: trailer your new purchase, and (most likely) 2: to put new rubber on it unless proven otherwise.

Posted on: 6/3 4:31
If you're not having fun, maybe it's your own damned fault.
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