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Reverse Lights
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Andrew M
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The back up lights on my 56 400 have never worked since I've owned it. It doesn't get any power to the lights when in reverse. The car has been converted from a push button to a column shift. Wondering if this might have anything to do with it. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't really care if they work, but since it has them I would like to try to find why they don't work.

Posted on: 2022/8/4 21:03
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Re: Reverse Lights
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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On a pushbutton car the reverse lights are fed from the Reverse button and the neutral start interlock is done by running the start wire from ing switch thru a relay contact. Relay is energized only when the Park or Neutral button is pressed. Power for reverse lights and start relay functions comes from the pushbutton electric circuit.

On a column shift, the neutral start interlock and the reverse light are both controlled by a dual function switch on the steering column operated by the shift linkage. The start interlock switch section is in series with the brown start wire coming from the ign switch. Contacts are closed in the Park or Neutral position. The reverse light portion of the switch is only closed in the reverse position and gets power from the fuse block under the dash and then feeds the wire going to the reverse lights. Unless the wiring diagram is wrong the reverse lights are powered from the fuse labeled HEATER.

Originally, the reverse light wire would have been a single dark green wire. I don't remember on the PB shift if this is a loose wire going to the left kickpanel area or if coming out of the main loom under the dash. It was originally connected by an inline connector to another wire coming from the pushbuttons. After the conversion the starter wires would need to be rerouted and a new power wire would need to be supplied. The dark green wire would need to have been extended and brought out from inside the car with it and the new power being connected to the column switch.

I would check if the reverse wire was hooked up and if power was provided and what circuit or fuse is supplying voltage. It is also possible someone copied how wiring was done in some older models and took power from a tail or headlight circuit. In that case reverse lights would only work when lights are on. Since there is only one adjustment for the switch and the two functions activate at each end of shift lever travel, the adjustment point is a compromise and can be touchy. Any slop or wear in the linkage can affect the adjustment and how or when contacts are made.

Posted on: 2022/8/4 21:40
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