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58 400 ride height update
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Still concerned about the ride on the 55 400 (ref. Post 6-3-22) same subject. With the car dead level, front to back, measuring at the rear of the door (B pillar) both driver and passenger show 12 ¼ “. Sitting next to my 56 400 makes the 56 look like a “low rider”. Bouncing on the 55 bumpers is a lot stiffer than the 56. I am at a loss as to any way to correct this. The car has yet to driven on the road only in and out of the garage.

Posted on: 9/27 15:26
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Re: 58 400 ride height update
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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Have you read thru Dwight's article on how the bushings, shocks and overall friction will interact and can affect the suspension and operation? If not, you can download the article from the link halfway down the TL page at his website.

Perhaps something is amiss in one of those areas or there is always the possibility that the 55 had the heavy duty bars released early in 56 installed. If that was the case it could be there is not enough weight to really have needed them and the car is riding high because of that. Conversely, if the 56 is lower than 10" it could be it is heavily optioned so somewhat low and would have benefited from them.

At least checking the bars would be easy to do as the bulletin mentions what and where to look to see if they are installed. If it does have the heavy bars or even if not, you might be able to lower the car by installing shorter links in front.

Posted on: 9/27 16:26
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Re: 58 400 ride height update
Home away from home
Home away from home

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I would say front end.

When I put new lower bushings in
.the front sits higher

I don't mess with body measurements.

I look at rear wheel cover. Skirt in middle of hex.

Posted on: 9/27 21:00
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Re: 58 400 ride height update
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

See User information
Cars often times sit higher after you place their wheels back on the ground after they've been on a lift, jack stands, or anything else that takes the weight off the wheels. It's because the suspension as it compresses creates sideways movement of the tires, which don't want to scrub sideways when the car is stationary. Rolling the car around a bit equalizes things back out again.

Something could also be binding. Grease all the suspension lubrication fittings, turn the automatic levelizer on and roll the car around. See what happens then.

Posted on: 9/29 0:13
1955 Patrician. Topaz / White Jade.
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