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r-11 overdrive questions
Just popping in
Just popping in

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I am installing overdrive in my 1940 110 but am using a later model transmission with an R-11 on it. I have never seen an overdrive unit hooked up so I have a couple of stupid questions. First, does this overdrive need a lockout switch installed on it. It appears from what i've read, it is sort of an optional item. second is, how do I hook up my speedometer cable to this tranny. there is a hole on the tail of the transmission with a bolt hole next to it that appears to have a gear that possibly would drive a speedometer but I would need some sort of adaptor to bolt in that spot, then hook my cable to it. Is that how that works? And lastly, I've got the lever to hook the lockout cable to, but no way to hook the cable to it. Is there a fitting I can hook to the lever and if so, where could I get one. Thats it, some basic questions from a guy with a basic understanding about what I'm trying to get done. Thanks in advance for any help on this. Dirk

Posted on: 2023/1/21 20:27
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Re: r-11 overdrive questions
Home away from home
Home away from home

Packard Don
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Installing overdrive does require the lockout cable, kick-down switch and relay and there are various brackets and clamps needed to hold things in place along with the wiring to connect it all. When I was in my early 20s, I installed overdrive (R9) into my 1940 110 and it wasn't all that difficult but there are lots of small things you'll need in order to do it.

You'll also need to shorten the driveshaft or get one from an overdrive Packard of the same wheelbase. I'm not sure if the u-joint flanges are the same or not between R9 and R11 so that's also something to watch for.

For the speedometer, it connects just as it does on the non-overdrive cars but probably requires a longer cable. The speedometer drive gear ratio is dependent on which rear end ratio you have and cars with overdrive had a different rear end than those without so that's another thing to consider.

Incidentally, if your car is stock other than using a different overdrive unit, it really doesn't need to be in the Modification section! That's for cars that have been customized, such as having modern drive-lines or body modifications.

Posted on: 2023/1/21 20:43
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Re: r-11 overdrive questions
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim in Boone
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Dirk, I don't have your answers, but following with interest.

Long ago in high school 23rd series with overdrive, somewhat familiar with its use.

Presently have a 40 110 and wondered the same about adding overdrive. Good luck with your project.

Posted on: 2023/1/22 6:58
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Re: r-11 overdrive questions
Home away from home
Home away from home

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There is an adaptor that goes into the tail shaft housing that your speedo cable will connect too.

Which is different from the opening in the tail shaft that the governor inserts into

there is a solenoid that goes into the side of the transmission as well. This shifts it and out of over drive.

as mentioned above there is a kick down down switch and a relay as well to get the whole system to work.

I have some experience with the R11 set up since the car I am currently restoring was converted to one.

Posted on: 2023/1/23 15:28
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