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LED Bulb Wrap-up, 22nd/23rd Series
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Hey gang. I finally decided to get into changing the rest of my bulbs in my 2302. I've shared videos of my park and tail lights on YouTube - those are an excellent upgrade and highly recommended.

Inside, the courtesy lights are wonderful. I decided to keep my incandescent for my dome light because the 82 LED bulbs only illuminate in one direction. Because the socket is on the side, it very obviously only lights half the dome light. It looked goofy, though it is very bright.

I also got my trunk light going again. For this, I purchased the reproduction tilt switch light you can get from any Ford parts supplier (C2RZ-15A700-A) - $26 from Dennis Carpenter. It's the exact same dimensions as our Hobbs mercury switch lights (even the screw holes are in the same place), but the housing is taller and the socket is larger than OE for us. For this, I put in a 6v 1129 LED bulb, which illuminates all around the bulb. Perfect fit, illuminates beautifully, and the tilt switch works exactly as it should. Cheap and easy.

One very important thing, though - LED bulbs are NOT compatible with the black light filters and Flite-Glo lighting for the dash. I hooked four in with the intent of taking a comparison photo... not even worth it. 0% luminescent. The bulbs were shining - they're bright, but not a lick of light made it through the filter. So, incandescent bulbs only for the eight bulbs that light the Flite-Glo dash. There's a 6v 3w speedometer bulb advertised for Honda motorcycles on Amazon - that's what I'm using in the photo attached here (my speedometer needle is there... the rebuilder put tape on the needle, so it doesn't glow at the moment... will fix).

Hope this helps!

Attach file:

jpg  20240612_212730.jpg (3,424.24 KB)
225648_666a570266742.jpg 4000X3000 px

jpg  20240612_212428.jpg (3,680.93 KB)
225648_666a571636f33.jpg 4000X3000 px

jpg  20240424_013247.jpg (2,720.33 KB)
225648_666a578e7b6db.jpg 4000X3000 px

Posted on: 6/12 21:46
Joe B.
Greenville, NC
1950 Super Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan, Model 2302-5
327 w/ Ultramatic, 6v+
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Re: LED Bulb Wrap-up, 22nd/23rd Series
Home away from home
Home away from home

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LED lights emit little or no ultraviolet, so they won't work with phosphorescent dash applications. But they will not attract most insects, including crickets, so they are very good for outdoor lighting.

Posted on: 6/13 6:25
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Re: LED Bulb Wrap-up, 22nd/23rd Series
Home away from home
Home away from home

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The LED's are likely not emitting light at the correct frequency to activate the fluorescent dyes.

Sunlight and incandescent light are more or less full spectrum. LED's and fluorescent lights tend to emit one color, or UV, and have to be doped with phosphors to give a decent light output. As a side note, you'd think just red + green + blue would be sufficient, but that actually produces garish light. A more full spectrum emission results in a higher Color Rendering Index. So likely whatever phosphors the LED is using, don't emit any UV.

Ironically, there are UV LED's easily available, though I doubt you will find any in this form factor.

Attach file:

jpg  Led.jpg (55.94 KB)
225076_666ad86cd010e.jpg 795X580 px

Posted on: 6/13 6:30
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