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Perhaps just a little heavy handed?
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jay Faubion
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I found last weekend that I needed to get my carburetor rebuilt. Here in Indianapolis we have a good rebuilder, Van's Carburetor and Electric.

I thought, "Let me try and give my business first to one of our Packard parts vendors. They deserve first place."

I checked one online catalog, and found a carburetor listed for $210, rebuilt. I checked the other (nearer) one, and no price was listed. So I emailed, and inquired. Their rebuilt carburetor was $470. Hmmmm.

On the way to work this morning, I took the carburetor to Van's, where the estimate is in the $170 range.

When I got to work I emailed the second ($470) vendor about what I considered to be a rather outrageous price. His reply was that the difference between him and the other guy was that

(A) if my fuel system was perfectly clean they would stand behind their carburetor. Wow, thank you!

Further, he said that

(B) everyone who bought carburetors from the $210 vendor wound up buying them again from him.

Do I look like some kind of idiot? I hope not, at least not online where you can't see me

However... Has everyone noticed how nice I was to not name the vendors? I truly am glad that they're there, and I am not trying to go after them. But having said that, I really resent the kind of attitude that came from my $470 friend. From whom, I might mention, I have purchased shocks, a fuel pump, overdrive solenoid, headlight doors, and myriad other parts. They are within driving distance from me. It's the last time I give them first shot at anything, though. I'll look everywhere else first.

I'm just glad there are still some places around, like Van's, that will take an old carburetor in, do a professional job of rebuilding it, and not hit you with a high-handed attitude and an exhorbitant price tag.


Posted on: 2010/4/5 18:30
Jay Faubion
Ask me, I've got one!
Visit JaysPackard.com
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Re: Perhaps just a little heavy handed?
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Jay. Welcome to the wonderful world of Automobiles. I don't know how much background or experience u have in the auto industry but i can sum it up this way:

It's harder than the front seat of hell.

And i grew up in it.

U're smart. U shopped around. Before u know it the much maligned retro fitting of some modern PRODUCTION parts from other cars will also start to look more rational than not too.

OR, to put it another way:
ANY of us can F' it up just as good as the pros can.

Posted on: 2010/4/5 19:01
VAPOR LOCK demystified: See paragraph SEVEN of PMCC documentaion as listed in post #11 of the following thread:f
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Re: Perhaps just a little heavy handed?
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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We're often fortunate to have multiple possible vendors for Packard parts, and it's just like buying a new refrigerator -- it pays to listen to others experiences and to shop around. The best vendor for today's part may be the poorest choice for tomorrows.

As far as things like carbs go, if my core is in bad shape, warped, missing parts, and the like, I'd go for a rebuilt on a exhange basis. But if my core was sound, I'd much rather rebuild my own, or if I was uncomfortable doing that, at least having my own core rebuilt. Daytona and Larry Isro are just two of several well-established folks who have given good quality service over many years.

Posted on: 2010/4/5 19:33
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Re: Perhaps just a little heavy handed?
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Although I haven't tried to rebuild my carb yet, I got the rebuild kit from Daytona and they couldn't have been nicer. They had the best price I could find and were very knowledgable. Kit looks complete and good for newer gas. Fast shipment too. I thank Dave (Owen) for mentioning them too.

Posted on: 2010/4/5 20:25
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Re: Perhaps just a little heavy handed?

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Also as a point of reference, Daytona actually makes the kits. Alot of rebuilders purchase their kits and parts from Daytona. So why not just go directly to the source.

Posted on: 2010/4/5 20:45

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