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1924 Packard Carburettor
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Hi Packard Friends,
I?m in the middle of a frame off restauration 1924 Touring single eight (Take a look in my owner-registery). Right now i need to know how to adjust the Carburettor after complete cleaning. How I got to adjust the both air-valve-springs and the float level. Looks like somebody changed the lenght of the float chamber needle. Would be great if somebody can help me. And ... sorry for my lousy english.

Posted on: 2018/2/23 6:10
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Re: 1924 Packard Carburettor
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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G'day Carl,
TO PackardInfo and for including your '24 Single Eight Tourer in the Packard Owner's Registry.

Unfortunately I can't offer any advice to your question, but I trust someone will. Instead, here are photos of a similar car, taken in 2008, here in Sydney Australia. Must say yours looks a lot better. Don't mean to hijack your post but '24 Packards don't come up very often at all.

Attach file:

jpg  (42.96 KB)
226_5a9065731f7fb.jpg 469X625 px

jpg  (31.89 KB)
226_5a90657fb5a65.jpg 432X576 px

jpg  (57.94 KB)
226_5a9065956515c.jpg 768X576 px

jpg  (82.39 KB)
226_5a9065ab32c78.jpg 768X576 px

jpg  (49.91 KB)
226_5a9065b627484.jpg 768X576 px

jpg  (65.17 KB)
226_5a9065c6a5e0d.jpg 768X576 px

jpg  (77.93 KB)
226_5a9065d4d8e89.jpg 768X576 px

jpg  (69.42 KB)
226_5a9065e6bfc9b.jpg 768X576 px

jpg  (80.27 KB)
226_5a9065fc6638d.jpg 768X576 px

Posted on: 2018/2/23 14:07

Bowral, Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia
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Re: 1924 Packard Carburettor
Home away from home
Home away from home

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I love your car.
It should have the Packard Fueliser carburettor.
The float level should be 1/8" below the jet outlet in the venturi throat. This is set by the position of the collar on the float needle. The collar is soft soldered to the needle and can be heated and repositioned.
The only other adjustment is the air valve which is operated by 2 springs. The outer spring should be set so that the valve is just touching the seat. Pressing lightly on the top of the spring to open the valve should cause a slight drop in idle speed. Lifting the spring slightly to close the valve should have the same effect. The end of the valve spindle protrudes sightly into the secondary air throat and you can lift it with your finger.
Once that is set the inner spring is set so that it has 11/64" drop. That can be measured with the shank of an 11/64" drill bit.
Some fine adjustment of these setting might be beneficial
If these settings do not give good results then it suggests that the spring tensions may have been altered and the best solution then is a new springs as part of a tune up kit available from The Carburetor Shop :http://www.thecarburetorshop.com/
I have attached some information that may assist.

Attach file:

pdf Size: 1,148.70 KB; Hits: 88
pdf Size: 947.94 KB; Hits: 49

Posted on: 2018/2/23 17:43
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Re: 1924 Packard Carburettor
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Hi David, thanks for informations about the Carb. I hope that the 6 Zyl. Carb has the same adjustment than the 8 Zyl. 1924. Yes it ist the Fuelizer-Carburator, but on the 1924 8 Zyl. the Fuelizer is a part of the Exhaustmanifold. Your Attachment shows the Carb where the Fuelizer is a part of the Carb. The Pictures shows my Carb mounted at the Exhaust and after cleaning. Maybe somebody knows ..was the bronze body factory painted ?
And dont be jealous .. this Car looks only good from the distanz. To much people did lousy works on this great car and the rust did the rest. Greetings to DownUnder. Karl

Attach file:

jpg  (236.21 KB)
147323_5a918a64d224b.jpg 1792X1344 px

jpg  (156.78 KB)
147323_5a918a856832d.jpg 1344X1792 px

jpg  (155.06 KB)
147323_5a918a9d74c9b.jpg 1344X1792 px

jpg  (240.18 KB)
147323_5a918acb3499e.jpg 1792X1344 px

jpg  (95.60 KB)
147323_5a918aeb2db5a.jpg 1792X1344 px

jpg  (91.45 KB)
147323_5a918afda6eeb.jpg 1792X1344 px

jpg  (77.87 KB)
147323_5a918b298fce8.jpg 1792X1344 px

Posted on: 2018/2/24 10:57
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Re: 1924 Packard Carburettor
Home away from home
Home away from home

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Hi Karl,
Your original question was about float level and I believe that 1/8" below the jet outlet will apply to any of the Packard carburetors. The dimension of 2 3/16" from the float needle tip to the collar is part of an article that covers 1925-30 Packards including the 236-243 models. I am not sure whether yours is a First or Second Series Eight but it is very likely that the float settings will be the same.
That needle in yours looks like it has a threaded piece at the end - has someone fitted a soft seat? I tried that once and it would occasionally stick closed causing lots of frustration until the problem was found. The Carburetor Shop will be able to supply a new needle to fit your model.
Also the 11/64" inner spring drop is the setting recommended for the eight.
I look forward to more posts as you progress through the restoration good luck with it.

Posted on: 2018/2/24 17:00
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Re: 1924 Packard Carburettor
Home away from home
Home away from home

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I should have looked at you owners register to see that your car is a First Series. The part number for the First and Second Series eight carburetor is the same so the float needle details in the previously attached article should apply to your car.

Posted on: 2018/2/24 21:03
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Re: 1924 Packard Carburettor
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Hi David,
thankyou for information about the Carburetor parts. Great to hear that there is a Company who can deliver this spare parts. F... s... is they deliver only for US, Canada, and Hawaii and only be Visa or Mastercard. So I?ve to look for somebody who can help me with this problem.
By the way ... some pictures why I said that the car looks only good from the distanz. Before an after the problem.

Attach file:

jpg  (141.84 KB)
147323_5a969471a6cfc.jpg 1792X1344 px

jpg  (178.42 KB)
147323_5a969484ae823.jpg 1792X1344 px

jpg  (107.35 KB)
147323_5a9694dd373ea.jpg 1792X1344 px

jpg  (74.00 KB)
147323_5a96952f6b3b0.jpg 1792X1344 px

jpg  (76.35 KB)
147323_5a96955f43553.jpg 1792X1344 px

Posted on: 2018/2/28 6:42
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Re: 1924 Packard Carburettor
Home away from home
Home away from home

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I had the same problem, the Carburetor Shop would not deliver to Australia so I had the kit delivered to friends in US who mailed it on to me.

Posted on: 2018/2/28 15:46
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Re: 1924 Packard Carburettor
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Hi Karl (Carl24), keep on the right side of DavidM, who gives perfect advice. The a.m. thecarburetorshop accepts money orders by Western Union as far as nothing has changed after my last order in 2012. The money transfer service of Western Union is available at any German Federal Post Office. To avoid fancy fees of the post office in Germany the internet service is highly recommended. By advance payment one can bend the "US, Canada and Hawaii only" rule. Many greetings from the northern part of Germany.

Hallo Karl (Carl24), halte Dir DavidM warm, um hervorragende Hilfestellung zu erhalten. Der o.g. thecarburetorshop akzeptiert Postanweisungen von Western Union, sofern sich nichts ge?ndert hat nach meiner letzten Bestellung 2012. Geld?berweisungen durch Western Union ist an jedem deutschen Postschalter m?glich. Man sollte es jedoch besser online abwickeln, um die gepfefferten Geb?hren der deutschen Post zu vermeiden. Durch Vorauszahlung kann man die "nur nach USA, Kanada und Hawai" Klippe umschiffen. Viele Gr??e aus Norddeutschland.

Posted on: 2019/1/4 22:16
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