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1947 Custom 4 door
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Tommy Baccaro
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For several months, I have detected a loud squeak in the front of the vehicle on driver's side. I spent yesterday morning greasing all fittings but still makes the noise. Pushing up and down on the bumper does not generate the noise. I hate to call it a squeak as it is louder and lower tone than most squeaks incurred in my experience with old Packards. The front end was rebuilt including king pins about 15 years ago. Probably has less than 5k on that job. The odometer which I think is accurate, shows 78k. I have had it since 1983 and this is a new noise. I took it for a spin this morning to see if grease job helped. I did determine it is barely audible unless the steering wheel is turning ever so slightly. Louder when turning the corner. Bumper, fog lights etc. seem to be fastened tight. What could it be? WOndering if the steering box needs lubrication. I have not ever needed to deal with that on one of our cars so how and what do you use etc. I have added hydraulic jack oil to the knee action shocks though they were not really low. They were rebuilt from Apple when the front end was done. Thanks, Tommy

Posted on: 2020/9/12 10:54
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Re: 1947 Custom 4 door
Home away from home
Home away from home

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It's easy to check the steering gear lube--just take the plug off of the top and refill it with 90W gear oil. Do not remove the fitting that has the star shaped washer beneath it.

Rather doubt that is your problem as your steering would be incredibly stiff. My vote would be loose sheet metal. Slight movement between panels will make a loud squeak when conditions are right. Check all of the inner fender and splasher bolts.

Posted on: 2020/9/12 14:15
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Re: 1947 Custom 4 door
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

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Probably not the same, but my annoying squeak was the speedometer rubbing on the dash trim. Needed grommet to isolate it. You can tell by pushing on speedometer when squeaking.

Posted on: 2020/9/12 14:22
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Re: 1947 Custom 4 door
Home away from home
Home away from home

Fish'n Jim
See User information
A guessing game. Sounds age, damage, sitting related. Helps to put up on a lift so you can inspect underside since occurs while moving.
Inspect for any tell tale leaks/build up of grease, fluids, etc. Hoses/rubber parts can get damaged from brake fluid, gas, etc. put a cardboard under it while sitting.
Suspension rubber components, like sway bar grommets, ball joints, body mounts, etc. cause the "old car growl".
Brake shoes worn, wheel bearing, dry grease seal.
Spring or spring support moving.

Doesn't appear to be the shocks since moving the bumper/frame didn't produce unless travel distance related.
Helps to have someone outside and ride up and down the drive/street past to hear the noise. May sound completely different from outside the cabin. put window down.
Almost not able to pin point these type noises without sound /vibration equipment.
You have to judge just how much effort you want to put in to chase this - inconvenience. It's an old car and a bit tired since rebuild. Likely will have more noises in the future as well. May go away on it own as well. Part of the experience of owning. Post-war so should not be wood related.
I had a noise coming from the center bearing area of my HD 4x4 pickup. It would only make shudder noise/vibe after hitting a bump. The mechanic could hear on road test but not determine. They prophylactically changed the most likely center bearing with no result. $165 shot. I loaded the bed one day and the noise went away. All we could figure was the leaf spring had been compressed during hauling and didn't seat properly until it was re-loaded again. So hitting a bump or pothole, over extension, can trigger these weird noises.

Posted on: 2020/9/13 8:53
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