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Registry Statistics

Total Unique Vehicles: 3359 (3389 entries)

195829 Vehicles (0.86% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

58th Series29100%
Model 58L28(96.6%)
58L-P8Station Wagon310.3%1.887%

195722 Vehicles (0.65% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

57th Series22100%
Model 57L22(100%)
57L-P8Clipper Country Sedan522.7%0.575%
57L-Y8Clipper Town Sedan1777.3%0.431%

1956320 Vehicles (9.53% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

56th Series320100%
Model 564093(29.1%)
5622Clipper Deluxe Touring Sedan3611.3%0.63%
5642Clipper Super Touring Sedan3510.9%0.677%
5647Clipper Super Hardtop Coupe226.9%0.55%
Model 566021(6.6%)
5662Clipper Custom Touring Sedan123.8%0.564%
5667Clipper Custom Hardtop Coupe92.8%0.614%
Model 567032(10%)
5672AExecutive Touring Sedan144.4%0.785%
5677AExecutive Hardtop Coupe185.6%1.746%
Model 5680128(40%)
5682Patrician Touring Sedan6219.4%1.642%
5687Four Hundred Hardtop Coupe6620.6%2.047%
Model 568842(13.1%)
5697Caribbean Hardtop Coupe226.9%8.365%
5699Caribbean Convertible Coupe206.3%7.246%
Model 56J4(1.3%)
56J-K7Studebaker Golder Hawk41.3%N/A

1955333 Vehicles (9.91% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

55th Series333100%
Model 554084(25.2%)
5522Clipper Deluxe Touring Sedan3410.2%0.423%
5542Clipper Super Touring Sedan309%0.376%
5547Clipper Super Panama Hardtop Coupe206%0.285%
Model 5560100(30%)
5562Clipper Custom Touring Sedan3911.7%0.448%
5567Clipper Custom Constellation Hardtop Coupe6118.3%0.914%
Model 5580149(44.7%)
5582Patrician Touring Sedan6419.2%0.701%
5587Four Hundred Hardtop Coupe6218.6%0.86%
5588Caribbean Convertible Coupe236.9%4.6%

1954204 Vehicles (6.07% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

54th Series204100%
Model 540010(4.9%)
5482Clipper Special Touring Sedan62.9%0.619%
5485Clipper Special Club Sedan42%0.439%
Model 540147(23%)
5492Clipper Deluxe Touring Sedan3416.7%0.447%
5495Clipper Deluxe Club Sedan42%0.272%
5497Clipper Deluxe Sportster94.4%0.674%
Model 540222(10.8%)
5472Packard Cavalier Touring Sedan2210.8%0.853%
Model 540628(13.7%)
5452Packard Patrician Touring Sedan2813.7%1.014%
Model 541143(21.1%)
5462Clipper Super Touring Sedan2210.8%0.351%
5465Clipper Super Club Sedan52.5%0.564%
5467Clipper Super Panama Hardtop167.8%0.442%
Model 54131(0.5%)
5413Commercial Chassis10.5%0.571%
Model 54267(3.4%)
5450Packard Corporate Limousine31.5%8.571%
5451Packard Executive Sedan42%6.154%
Model 543141(20.1%)
5477Packard Pacific Hardtop167.8%1.346%
5478Packard Caribbean Convertible62.9%1.5%
5479Packard Convertible Coupe199.3%2.202%
Model 54335(2.5%)
5433Commercial Junior Chassis52.5%4.167%

1953350 Vehicles (10.42% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

26th Series350100%
Model 2601103(29.4%)
2692Clipper Touring Sedan6719.1%0.29%
2695Clipper Club Sedan185.1%0.267%
2697Clipper Sportster185.1%0.49%
Model 260246(13.1%)
2672Packard Cavalier Touring Sedan4613.1%0.426%
Model 260649(14%)
2652Packard Patrician Touring Sedan4914%0.657%
Model 261196(27.4%)
2662Clipper Deluxe Touring Sedan8123.1%0.311%
2665Clipper Deluxe Club Sedan154.3%0.321%
Model 26261(0.3%)
2651Henney Executive Sedan10.3%1%
Model 263153(15.1%)
2677Packard Mayfair Hardtop185.1%0.35%
2678Packard Caribbean Convertible195.4%2.533%
2679Convertible Coupe164.6%1.054%
Model 26332(0.6%)
2633Commercial Junior Chassis20.6%0.529%

1952199 Vehicles (5.92% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

25th Series199100%
Model 2501126(63.3%)
2562200 Deluxe Touring Sedan7738.7%0.298%
2565200 Deluxe Club Sedan105%0.29%
2592200 Touring Sedan2713.6%0.194%
2595200 Club Sedan126%0.347%
Model 250222(11.1%)
2572300 Touring Sedan2211.1%0.328%
Model 250616(8%)
2552400 Touring Sedan168%0.403%
Model 253135(17.6%)
2577250 Mayfair Sports Coupe2412.1%0.571%
2579250 Convertible Coupe115.5%1.1%

1951300 Vehicles (8.93% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

24th Series300100%
Model 2401201(67%)
2462200 Deluxe Touring Sedan11337.7%0.278%
2465200 Deluxe Club Sedan206.7%0.315%
2492200 Touring Sedan4916.3%0.259%
2495200 Club Sedan144.7%0.32%
2498200 Business Coupe51.7%0.486%
Model 240249(16.3%)
2472300 Touring Sedan4916.3%0.32%
Model 240628(9.3%)
2452400 (Patrician) Touring Sedan289.3%0.311%
Model 24135(1.7%)
2413Commercial Chassis51.7%1.618%
Model 243117(5.7%)
2467250 Mayfair Hardtop20.7%0.096%
2469250 Convertible155%0.586%

1950253 Vehicles (7.53% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

23rd Series253100%
Model 2301216(85.4%)
2362-5Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan6023.7%0.214%
2365-5Deluxe Eight Club Sedan155.9%0.3%
2392-5Eight Touring Sedan11445.1%0.253%
2393-5Eight Station Sedan20.8%N/A
2395-5Eight Club Sedan259.9%0.216%
Model 230225(9.9%)
2372-5Super Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan145.5%0.323%
2375-5Super Deluxe Eight Club Sedan10.4%0.308%
2382-5Super Eight Touring Sedan104%0.126%
Model 23067(2.8%)
2352-5Custom Eight Sedan72.8%0.417%
Model 23325(2%)
2379-5Super Deluxe Eight Victoria Convertible Coupe52%0.389%

1949261 Vehicles (7.77% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

23rd Series13652.1%
Model 2301106(77.9%)
2362Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan3525.7%0.125%
2365Deluxe Eight Club Sedan118.1%0.22%
2392Eight Touring Sedan4432.4%0.098%
2395Eight Club Sedan1611.8%0.138%
Model 230224(17.6%)
2372Super Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan42.9%0.092%
2375Super Deluxe Eight Club Sedan10.7%0.308%
2382Super Eight Touring Sedan1712.5%0.214%
2385Super Eight Club Sedan21.5%0.296%
Model 23062(1.5%)
2352Custom Eight Sedan21.5%0.119%
Model 23221(0.7%)
2370Super Deluxe Eight Limousine10.7%50%
Model 23323(2.2%)
2379Super Eight Victoria Convertible Coupe32.2%0.233%

22nd Series12547.9%
Model 220125(20%)
2292-9Standard Eight Touring Sedan2116.8%0.111%
2293-9Standard Eight Station Sedan32.4%0.077%
2295-9Standard Eight Club Sedan10.8%0.029%
Model 220214(11.2%)
2272-9Super Eight Touring Sedan129.6%0.071%
2275-9Super Eight Club Sedan21.6%0.111%
Model 220610(8%)
2252-9Custom Eight Touring Sedan97.2%0.111%
2255-9Custom Eight Club Sedan10.8%0.127%
Model 221148(38.4%)
2262-9Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan3628.8%0.06%
2265-9Deluxe Eight Club Sedan129.6%0.079%
Model 22228(6.4%)
2270-9Super Deluxe Eight Limousine10.8%0.26%
2271-9Super Deluxe Eight Long WB Sedan21.6%0.208%
2276-9Super Eight Limousine32.4%1.563%
2277-9Super Eight Long WB Sedan21.6%0.187%
Model 22329(7.2%)
2279-9Super Eight Victoria Convertible Coupe86.4%0.089%
Model 22331(0.8%)
2259-9Custom Eight Victoria Convertible Coupe10.8%0.076%
Model 224010(8%)
2282-9Six (Export) Touring Sedan97.2%1.125%
2286-9Six (Export) Taxicab Sedan10.8%0.055%

1948112 Vehicles (3.33% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

22nd Series112100%
Model 220121(18.8%)
2292Standard Eight Touring Sedan119.8%0.058%
2293Standard Eight Station Sedan76.3%0.18%
2295Standard Eight Club Sedan32.7%0.086%
Model 220213(11.6%)
2272Super Eight Touring Sedan119.8%0.065%
2275Super Eight Club Sedan21.8%0.111%
Model 220621(18.8%)
2252Custom Eight Touring Sedan1513.4%0.184%
2255Custom Eight Club Sedan65.4%0.759%
Model 221130(26.8%)
2262Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan2623.2%0.043%
2265Deluxe Eight Club Sedan43.6%0.026%
Model 22132(1.8%)
2213Custom Eight Commerical Chassis21.8%N/A
Model 22201(0.9%)
2280Six Taxicab Limousine10.9%0.075%
Model 22228(7.1%)
2270Super Deluxe Eight Limousine10.9%0.26%
2271Super Deluxe Eight Long WB Sedan10.9%0.104%
2276Super Eight Limousine32.7%1.563%
2277Super Eight Long WB Sedan32.7%0.281%
Model 22261(0.9%)
2251Custom Eight Long WB Sedan10.9%0.769%
Model 22328(7.1%)
2279Super Eight Victoria Convertible Coupe87.1%0.089%
Model 22336(5.4%)
2259Custom Eight Victoria Convertible Coupe65.4%0.456%
Model 22401(0.9%)
2282Six (Export) Touring Sedan10.9%0.125%

194780 Vehicles (2.38% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

21st Series80100%
Model 21009(11.3%)
2182Clipper Six Touring Sedan67.5%N/A
2185Clipper Six Club Sedan33.8%N/A
Model 210116(20%)
2112Deluxe Clipper Eight Touring Sedan1417.5%N/A
2115Deluxe Clipper Eight Club Sedan22.5%N/A
Model 21037(8.8%)
2172Super Clipper Eight Touring Sedan78.8%N/A
Model 210635(43.8%)
2122Custom Super Clipper Eight Touring Sedan3037.5%N/A
2125Custom Super Clipper Eight Club Sedan56.3%N/A
Model 212612(15%)
2150Custom Super Clipper Eight Limousine33.8%N/A
2151Custom Super Clipper Eight Long WB Sedan911.3%N/A
Model 21301(1.3%)
2186Clipper Six Sedan Taxicab11.3%N/A

194624 Vehicles (0.71% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

21st Series24100%
Model 21005(20.8%)
1682Clipper Six Touring Sedan14.2%N/A
1685Clipper Six Club Sedan416.7%N/A
Model 21017(29.2%)
1612Deluxe Clipper Eight Touring Sedan416.7%N/A
1615Deluxe Clipper Eight Club Sedan14.2%N/A
1692Clipper Eight Touring Sedan28.3%N/A
Model 21035(20.8%)
1672Super Clipper Eight Touring Sedan312.5%N/A
1675Super Clipper Eight Club Sedan28.3%N/A
Model 21061(4.2%)
1622Custom Super Clipper Eight Touring Sedan14.2%N/A
Model 21266(25%)
1650Custom Super Clipper Eight Limousine28.3%N/A
1651Custom Super Clipper Eight Long WB Sedan416.7%N/A

194230 Vehicles (0.89% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

20th Series30100%
Model 20005(16.7%)
1582Special Six Clipper Touring Sedan13.3%N/A
1585Special Six Clipper Club Sedan413.3%N/A
Model 20016(20%)
1592Special Eight Clipper Touring Sedan516.7%N/A
1595Special Eight Clipper Club Sedan13.3%N/A
Model 2001A2(6.7%)
2001ASpecial Eight Commercial Chassis26.7%N/A
Model 20031(3.3%)
1575Super Eight One-Sixty Clipper Club Sedan13.3%N/A
Model 20075(16.7%)
1532Custom Super Eight One-Eighty Formal Sedan516.7%N/A
Model 20085(16.7%)
1550Custom Super Eight One-Eighty Touring Limo413.3%N/A
895Custom Super Eight One-Eighty All Weather Town Car by Rollson13.3%N/A
Model 20111(3.3%)
1512Custom Eight Clipper Touring Sedan13.3%N/A
Model 20201(3.3%)
1589Six Convertible Coupe13.3%N/A
Model 20212(6.7%)
1599Eight Convertible Coupe26.7%N/A
Model 20231(3.3%)
1579Super Eight One-Sixty Convertible Coupe13.3%N/A
Model 20551(3.3%)
1591Super Eight One-Sixty Business Sedan13.3%N/A

1941105 Vehicles (3.13% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

19th Series105100%
Model 190030(28.6%)
1482One-Ten 4-Door Touring Sedan43.8%N/A
1482DEOne-Ten Deluxe 4-Door Touring Sedan87.6%N/A
1484One-Ten 2-Door Touring Sedan11%N/A
1484DEOne-Ten Deluxe 2-Door Touring Sedan21.9%N/A
1485One-Ten Club Coupe54.8%N/A
1485DEOne-Ten Deluxe Club Coupe43.8%N/A
1488One-Ten Business Coupe11%N/A
1489One-Ten Convertible Coupe32.9%N/A
1489DEOne-Ten Deluxe Convertible Coupe21.9%N/A
Model 190132(30.5%)
1492One-Twenty 4-Door Touring Sedan1514.3%N/A
1494One-Twenty 2-Door Touring Sedan11%N/A
1495One-Twenty Club Coupe43.8%N/A
1497One-Twenty Convertible Sedan11%N/A
1498One-Twenty Business Coupe43.8%N/A
1499One-Twenty Convertible Coupe76.7%N/A
Model 1901A4(3.8%)
1901AOne-Twenty Commercial Chassis43.8%N/A
Model 190320(19%)
1472One-Sixty Super Eight 5 Passenger 4 Door Touring Sedan 98.6%N/A
1475One-Sixty Super Eight Club Coupe32.9%N/A
1477One-Sixty Super Eight Convertible Sedan54.8%N/A
1478One-Sixty Super Eight Business Coupe11%N/A
1479One-Sixty Super Eight Convertible Coupe11%N/A
1903One-Sixty Super Eight Custom Body11%N/A
Model 19041(1%)
1462One-Sixty Super Eight Touring Sedan11%N/A
Model 19051(1%)
1905One-Sixty Super Eight Custom Body11%N/A
Model 19074(3.8%)
1432One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Formal Sedan11%N/A
1442One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Touring Sedan11%N/A
1452One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Sport Brougham by LeBaron21.9%N/A
Model 19086(5.7%)
1450One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Touring Limo54.8%N/A
1451One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Touring Sedan11%N/A
Model 19517(6.7%)

1940110 Vehicles (3.27% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

18th Series110100%
Model 180039(35.5%)
1382One-Ten 4-Door Touring Sedan1715.5%N/A
1384One-Ten 2-Door Touring Sedan32.7%N/A
1385One-Ten Club Coupe65.5%N/A
1388One-Ten Business Coupe76.4%N/A
1389One-Ten Convertible Coupe65.5%N/A
Model 180136(32.7%)
1392One-Twenty 4-Door Touring Sedan1614.5%N/A
1392DEOne-Twenty Deluxe Touring Sedan10.9%N/A
1395One-Twenty Club Coupe76.4%N/A
1396One-Twenty 4-Door Club Sedan43.6%N/A
1397One-Twenty Convertible Sedan21.8%N/A
1399One-Twenty Convertible Couple54.5%N/A
700One-Twenty Darrin Victoria Convertible21.8%N/A
Model 180310(9.1%)
1372One-Sixty Super Eight Touring Sedan43.6%N/A
1375One-Sixty Super Eight Club Coupe10.9%N/A
1376One-Sixty Super Eight Club Sedan10.9%N/A
1377One-Sixty Super Eight Convertible Sedan43.6%N/A
Model 18045(4.5%)
1362One-Sixty Super Eight Touring Sedan54.5%N/A
Model 18053(2.7%)
1371One-Sixty Super Eight Touring Sedan32.7%N/A
Model 18063(2.7%)
1356One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Club Sedan21.8%N/A
700One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Darrin Victoria Convertible21.8%N/A
Model 18078(7.3%)
1332One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Formal Sedan21.8%N/A
1342One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Touring Sedan54.5%N/A
720One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Darrin Sport Sedan10.9%N/A
Model 18086(5.5%)
1350One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Touring Limo32.7%N/A
1351One-Eighty Super Eight Custom Touring Sedan32.7%N/A

193986 Vehicles (2.56% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

17th Series86100%
Model 170025(29.1%)
1282Six 4 Door Touring Sedan1820.9%N/A
1284Six 2 Door Toruing Sedan22.3%N/A
1285Six Club Coupe11.2%N/A
1289Six Convertible Coupe44.7%N/A
Model 170127(31.4%)
1292One Twenty 4 Door Touring Sedan1618.6%N/A
1295One Twenty Club Coupe55.8%N/A
1298One Twenty Business Coupe11.2%N/A
1299One Twenty Convertible Coupe44.7%N/A
Model 1701A3(3.5%)
1701AOne Twenty Commerical Chassis33.5%N/A
Model 17021(1.2%)
1291One Twenty Touring Sedan11.2%N/A
Model 170314(16.3%)
1272Super Eight Touring Sedan1112.8%N/A
1275Super Eight Club Coupe11.2%N/A
1277Super Eight Convertible Sedan11.2%N/A
1279Super Eight Convertible Coupe11.2%N/A
Model 17054(4.7%)
1270Super Eight Touring Limo22.3%N/A
1271Super Eight Touring Sedan22.3%N/A
Model 17075(5.8%)
1232Twelve Formal Sedan11.2%N/A
1233Twelve Touring Sedan33.5%N/A
1238Twelve Coupe11.2%N/A
Model 17087(8.1%)
1234Twelve Touring Sedan44.7%N/A
1235Twelve Sedan Limo22.3%N/A
1253Twelve Convertible Sedan11.2%N/A

193871 Vehicles (2.11% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

16th Series71100%
Model 160020(28.2%)
1182Six 4 Door Touring Sedan1115.5%N/A
1184Six 2 Door Touring Sedan22.8%N/A
1185Six Club Coupe45.6%N/A
1188Six Business Coupe22.8%N/A
1189Six Convertible Coupe11.4%N/A
Model 160128(39.4%)
1192Eight 4 Door Touring Sedan1825.4%N/A
1195Eight Club Coupe45.6%N/A
1197Eight Convertible Sedan22.8%N/A
1198Eight Business Coupe11.4%N/A
1199Eight Convertible Coupe34.2%N/A
Model 1601-D1(1.4%)
1172Eight Deluxe 4 Door Touring Sedan11.4%N/A
Model 16023(4.2%)
1191Eight Touring Sedan34.2%N/A
Model 16035(7%)
1103Super Eight Touring Sedan57%N/A
Model 16045(7%)
1116Super Eight Club Sedan22.8%N/A
1118Super Eight Coupe22.8%N/A
1119Super Eight Convertible Coupe11.4%N/A
Model 16053(4.2%)
1114Super Eight Touring Sedan22.8%N/A
1143Super Eight Convertible Sedan11.4%N/A
Model 16072(2.8%)
1132Twelve Formal Sedan11.4%N/A
1139Twelve Convertible Coupe11.4%N/A
Model 16084(5.6%)
1134Twelve Touring Sedan22.8%N/A
1135Twelve Touring Limo11.4%N/A
1153Twelve Convertible Sedan11.4%N/A

1937149 Vehicles (4.44% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

15th Series149100%
Model 115-C52(34.9%)
1080Six Station Wagon10.7%N/A
1082Six Touring Sedan1912.8%N/A
1083Six Sedan32%N/A
1084Six Touring Coupe21.3%N/A
1085Six Sport Coupe32%N/A
1086Six Club Sedan10.7%N/A
1088Six Business Coupe138.7%N/A
1089Six Convertible Coupe106.7%N/A
Model 120-C53(35.6%)
1092One Twenty Touring Sedan1912.8%N/A
1093One Twenty Sedan32%N/A
1094One Twenty Touring Coupe32%N/A
1095One Twenty Sport Coupe21.3%N/A
1095CDOne Twenty Deluxe Sport Coupe10.7%N/A
1096One Twenty Club Sedan10.7%N/A
1097One Twenty Convertible Sedan42.7%N/A
1098One Twenty Business Coupe53.4%N/A
1099One Twenty Convertible Coupe1510.1%N/A
Model 120-CD2(1.3%)
1092CDOne Twenty Deluxe Touring Sedan21.3%N/A
Model 138-CD8(5.4%)
1090CDOne Twenty Deluxe Touring Limo53.4%N/A
1091CDOne Twenty Deluxe Touring Sedan32%N/A
Model 15005(3.4%)
1003Super Eight Touring Sedan53.4%N/A
Model 150110(6.7%)
1007Super Eight Convertible Victoria10.7%N/A
1012Super Eight Formal Sedan10.7%N/A
1016Super Eight Club Sedan64%N/A
1017Super Eight Coupe10.7%N/A
1018Super Eight Coupe10.7%N/A
Model 15029(6%)
1014Super Eight Touring Sedan21.3%N/A
1015Super Eight Limo21.3%N/A
1015BSuper Eight Business Limo10.7%N/A
L-395Super Eight Town Car by LeBarron42.7%N/A
Model 15063(2%)
1023Twelve Touring Sedan32%N/A
Model 15074(2.7%)
1036Twelve Club Sedan32%N/A
1037Twelve Coupe10.7%N/A
Model 15083(2%)
1034Twelve Touring Sedan10.7%N/A
1073Twelve Convertible Sedan21.3%N/A
L-395Twelve All Weather Town Car by LeBarron42.7%N/A

193649 Vehicles (1.46% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

14th Series49100%
Model 120-B38(77.6%)
992One Twenty Touring Sedan816.3%N/A
993One Twenty Sedan12%N/A
994One Twenty Touring Coupe510.2%N/A
995One Twenty Sport Coupe36.1%N/A
997One Twenty Convertible Sedan612.2%N/A
998One Twenty Business Coupe1122.4%N/A
999One Twenty Convertible Coupe48.2%N/A
Model 14001(2%)
903Eight Sedan12%N/A
Model 14016(12.2%)
913Eight Sedan12%N/A
916Eight Club Sedan12%N/A
917Eight Coupe12%N/A
918Eight Coupe12%N/A
919Eight Coupe Roadster24.1%N/A
Model 14022(4.1%)
914Eight Sedan24.1%N/A
Model 14042(4.1%)
956Super Eight Club Sedan24.1%N/A

193536 Vehicles (1.07% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

12th Series36100%
Model 120-A11(30.6%)
892One Twenty Touring Sedan25.6%0.008%
893One Twenty Sedan411.1%0.016%
895One Twenty Sport Coupe12.8%0.004%
896One Twenty Club Sedan12.8%0.004%
898One Twenty Business Coupe25.6%0.008%
899One Twenty Convertible Coupe12.8%0.004%
Model 12007(19.4%)
803Eight Sedan719.4%0.146%
Model 12019(25%)
807Eight Convertible Victoria25.6%0.042%
811Eight Phaeton25.6%0.042%
811Eight Sport Phaeton25.6%0.042%
816Eight Club Sedan12.8%0.021%
818Eight Coupe38.3%0.063%
819Eight Coupe Roadster12.8%0.021%
Model 12042(5.6%)
847Super Eight Convertible Victoria12.8%0.072%
859Super Eight Coupe Roadster12.8%0.072%
Model 12054(11.1%)
854Super Eight Business Sedan12.8%0.072%
854Super Eight Sedan12.8%0.072%
855Super Eight Business Limo25.6%0.144%
855Super Eight Limo Sedan25.6%0.144%
883Super Eight Convertible Sedan12.8%0.072%
Model 12072(5.6%)
836Twelve Club Sedan12.8%0.127%
839Twelve Coupe Roadster12.8%0.127%
Model 12081(2.8%)
873Twelve Convertible Sedan12.8%0.127%

193446 Vehicles (1.37% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

11th Series46100%
Model 11008(17.4%)
703Eight Sedan817.4%N/A
Model 110117(37%)
710Eight Touring12.2%N/A
711Eight Phaeton12.2%N/A
716Eight Club Sedan510.9%N/A
718Eight Coupe for 2-4 passengers613%N/A
719Eight Coupe Roadster36.5%N/A
723Eight Convertible Sedan12.2%N/A
Model 11026(13%)
714Eight Sedan24.3%N/A
715Eight Sedan Limo48.7%N/A
Model 11035(10.9%)
753Super Eight Sedan510.9%N/A
Model 11044(8.7%)
756Super Eight Club Sedan12.2%N/A
759Super Eight Coupe Roadster12.2%N/A
767Super Eight Convertible Victoria24.3%N/A
Model 11052(4.3%)
4072Super Eight Custom Convertible Victoria by Dietrich12.2%N/A
755Super Eight Custom Limo12.2%N/A
Model 11072(4.3%)
736Twelve Club Sedan12.2%N/A
747Twelve Convertible Victoria12.2%N/A
Model 11082(4.3%)
4072Twelve Convertible Victoria by Dietrich12.2%N/A
734Twelve Sedan12.2%N/A
735Twelve Sedan Limo12.2%N/A

193314 Vehicles (0.42% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

10th Series14100%
Model 10017(50%)
603Eight Sedan428.6%N/A
608Eight Coupe for 2-4 passengers17.1%N/A
609Eight Coupe Roadster214.3%N/A
Model 10022(14.3%)
614Eight Sedan17.1%N/A
627Eight Victoria Convertible17.1%N/A
Model 10032(14.3%)
653Super Eight Sedan214.3%0.391%
Model 10043(21.4%)
650Super Eight Touring17.1%N/A
654Super Eight Sedan17.1%N/A
659Super Eight Coupe Roadster17.1%N/A

193224 Vehicles (0.71% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

9th Series24100%
Model 9007(29.2%)
553Light Eight Sedan28.3%N/A
558Light Eight Coupe312.5%N/A
559Light Eight Roadster Coupe14.2%N/A
563Light Eight Sedan Coupe14.2%N/A
Model 9018(33.3%)
503Standard Eight Sedan833.3%0.204%
Model 9026(25%)
506Standard Eight Club Sedan14.2%N/A
507Standard Eight Coupe14.2%N/A
509Standard Eight Roadster Coupe28.3%N/A
543Standard Eight Sedan28.3%N/A
Model 9032(8.3%)
519Deluxe Eight Roadster Coupe14.2%N/A
537Deluxe Eight Victoria Convertible14.2%N/A
Model 9041(4.2%)
4000Individual Custom All Weather Cabriolet14.2%N/A

193122 Vehicles (0.65% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

8th Series22100%
Model 8262(9.1%)
463Standard Eight Sedan29.1%0.033%
Model 83315(68.2%)
1881Individual Custom Eight Convertible Sedan by Dietrich14.5%N/A
464Standard Eight Sedan418.2%N/A
465Standard Eight Sedan Limo313.6%N/A
467Standard Eight Coupe29.1%N/A
468Standard Eight Coupe14.5%N/A
469Standard Eight Convertible Coupe14.5%N/A
481Standard Eight Sport Phaeton29.1%N/A
483Standard Eight Convertible Sedan14.5%N/A
Model 8404(18.2%)
1881Individual Custom Eight Convertible Sedan by Dietrich14.5%N/A
472Deluxe Eight Roadster29.1%N/A
473Deluxe Eight Sedan14.5%N/A
477Deluxe Eight Coupe14.5%N/A
491Deluxe Eight Sport Phaeton14.5%N/A
Model 8451(4.5%)
474Deluxe Eight Sedan14.5%N/A

193029 Vehicles (0.86% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

7th Series29100%
Model 7266(20.7%)
403Standard Eight Sedan620.7%0.038%
Model 73311(37.9%)
400Standard Eight Touring26.9%N/A
401Standard Eight Phaeton13.4%N/A
402Standard Eight Roadster26.9%N/A
404Standard Eight Sedan413.8%N/A
408Standard Eight Coupe13.4%N/A
431Standard Eight Sport Phaeton13.4%N/A
Model 7342(6.9%)
422Speedster Eight Boattail Roadster13.4%N/A
443Speedster Eight Sedan13.4%N/A
Model 7408(27.6%)
412Custom Eight Roadster26.9%N/A
414Custom Eight Sedan13.4%N/A
415Custom Eight Sedan Limo26.9%N/A
416Custom Eight Club Sedan13.4%N/A
419Custom Eight Convertible Coupe26.9%N/A
Model 7452(6.9%)
422Deluxe Eight Roadster13.4%N/A
451Deluxe Eight Sport Phaeton26.9%N/A

192936 Vehicles (1.07% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

6th Series36100%
Model 62613(36.1%)
333Standard Eight Sedan1130.6%0.042%
339Standard Eight Convertible Coupe25.6%0.008%
Model 63311(30.6%)
330Standard Eight Touring12.8%0.006%
334Standard Eight Sedan38.3%0.018%
335Standard Eight Sedan Limousine12.8%0.006%
336Standard Eight Club Sedan25.6%0.012%
337Standard Eight Coupe25.6%0.012%
352Standard Eight Runabout38.3%0.018%
Model 6409(25%)
340Custom Eight Touring12.8%0.01%
341Custom Eight Duel-Cowl Phaeton25.6%0.02%
342Custom Eight Runabout12.8%0.01%
345Custom Eight Sedan Limo12.8%0.01%
346Custom Eight Club sedan25.6%0.02%
347Custom Eight Coupe12.8%0.01%
348Custom Eight Runabout Coupe12.8%0.01%
Model 6453(8.3%)
370Deluxe Eight Touring12.8%0.049%
372Deluxe Eight Runabout12.8%0.049%
374Deluxe Eight Sedan12.8%0.049%

192826 Vehicles (0.77% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

5th Series2492.3%
Model 52620(83.3%)
320Six Convertible Coupe28.3%0.007%
323Six Sedan1458.3%0.049%
329Six Coupe312.5%0.011%
332Six Runabout14.2%0.004%
Model 5334(16.7%)
325Six Sedan416.7%0.03%
325Six Sedan Limousine416.7%0.03%

4th Series27.7%
Model 4432(100%)
311Custom Eight Phaeton150%0.013%
317Custom Eight Coupe150%0.013%

19279 Vehicles (0.27% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

4th Series777.8%
Model 4337(100%)
304Six Sedan342.9%0.027%
305Six Sedan Limousine457.1%0.037%

3rd Series222.2%
Model 3361(50%)
291Eight Phaeton150%0.08%
Model 3431(50%)
290Eight Touring150%0.08%

19263 Vehicles (0.09% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

3rd Series133.3%
Model 3331(100%)
267Six Sedan Limousine1100%0.006%

2nd Series266.7%
Model 2361(50%)
253Eight Sedan150%0.036%
Model 2431(50%)
245Eight Touring150%0.02%

192510 Vehicles (0.3% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

3rd Series550%
Model 3263(60%)
223Six Runabout240%0.008%
Model 3332(40%)
265Six Club Sedan120%0.006%

2nd Series550%
Model 2362(40%)
246Eight Sport120%0.036%
257Eight Sedan Limousine120%0.036%
Model 2433(60%)
245Eight Touring120%0.02%
256Eight Sedan Limousine240%0.039%

19247 Vehicles (0.21% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

2nd Series114.3%
Model 2261(100%)
232Single Six Touring Sedan1100%0.012%

1st Series685.7%
Model 1363(50%)
234Single Eight Runabout116.7%0.029%
239Single Eight Coupe116.7%0.029%
246Single Eight Sport116.7%0.029%
Model 1433(50%)
245Single Eight Touring350%0.061%

19235 Vehicles (0.15% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

1st Series5100%
Model 1265(100%)
220Single Six Touring120%0.005%
222Single Six Coupe240%0.011%
225Single Six Touring120%0.012%
229Single Six Sedan Limousine120%0.012%

19226 Vehicles (0.18% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

Model 1161(100%)
192Single Six Sedan1100%0.011%

1st Series583.3%
Model 1265(100%)
220Single Six Touring120%0.005%
224Single Six Sport240%0.011%
225Single Six Touring240%0.024%

19213 Vehicles (0.09% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

Model 1162(66.7%)
190Single Six Touring133.3%0.011%
192Single Six Sedan133.3%0.011%
Model 3-351(33.3%)
TRTwin-Six Touring133.3%0.076%

19201 Vehicle (0.03% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

Model 3-351(100%)
RBTwin-Six Runabout1100%0.019%

19111 Vehicle (0.03% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

Model 18 (NC)1(100%)

19091 Vehicle (0.03% of Total Vehicles Registered)Vehicles%/Reg.%/Prod.

Model 30 (UBS)1(100%)

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