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An Index to Service Information for 1937-42 (15th->20th Series) Packards

1937-42 (15th->20th Series) - WHEELS & TIRES

Hub Shell Covers, Emblems for
cloisonne upgrade for standard cover
Jack, Use of
owner education - placement illustrated
19th (exc. 1951);
Spare Tire Rattle
trunk compartment - fabricate shim
Tire in Fender Wells, Inflating
spare wheel carrier revised - eliminates tire cover removal
Tire Information, Correct and Uniform
tire wear/life - inflation pressures, driving habits
(all models)
Tire Life
wartime shortage - pressure increase
(all models)
Tire Manufacturers Standard Warranty
special insert - claims handling
(not specified)
Tire Noise - Correct Diagnosis
detection - elimination
(all models)
Tire Pressure, New Car
high for delivery - inflate to recommended
Tire Pressures, Higher
increased tire life - harsher ride, rattles
(all models)
Tire Thump
(all models)
Tire Wear, Causes and Correction of
air pressure, wheel alignment, excessive suspension motion
(all models)
Tire Wear, Equalizing
heel-and-toe wear, noise - cross-switching
(all models)
Tire Wear, Equalizing
saw-tooth/heel-toe front wear - high-speed driving, cross-switching tires
(all models)
Tire, Removal of...from Side Carrier
five tire limit - supporting empty cover
Tires Again
cross switching, higher pressures - reiterated
(all models)
Tires, Care And Storage of White Sidewall
removal of protective coating reiterated
(all models)
STB 47T-34 (Dealer)
Tires, Cleaning White Wall
non-yellowing tire cleaner available
(all models)
Tires, Cross Switching
tire rotation pattern - increased tread life
(all models)
Tires, Cross-Switching
irregular tread wear - tire rotation, benefits
(all models)
Tires, Effect of...on Gasoline Consumption
pressure, tread wear - ride, squeaks/rattles
(all models)
Tires, Rotate...Around Car
uneven wear, rough ride - proper cross-switching procedure
(all models)
Tires, Synthetic
synthetic rubber, tubes - characteristics, identification
(all models)
Tires, Synthetic vs. Natural Rubber
complaints, characteristics - proper mounting/inflation
(all models)
Tires, White Sidewall
return to production - removal of new protective coating, proper storage
(all models)
Tube Failures, Static Electricity and
sparks/ozone, conditions - static elimination powder available
(all models)
Tube Failures, Static Electricity and
sparks/ozone, conditions - static elimination powder available
(all models)
Tubes, How to Install Synthetic
recommended mounting method
(all models)
Tubes, Lifeguard - Twelve
matched to tires, balancing - use in other cars
design difference - not interchangeable

SC = Service Counselor
SL = Service Letter
STB = Service Technical Bulletin
SSB = Studebaker Service Bulletin

NOTE: These PDFs were created from High Quality Scans. It is recommended that you Right Click on the link(s) above and do a "Save Target As". This will download the PDF to your machine rather than trying to open and view it over the web.

Disclosures & Disclaimers

Though previously published elsewhere, this work is provided with my full permission for display on the PackardInfo.com website and the personal use of visitors to that site. Any other unauthorized use, however, is expressly prohibited and may be subject to prosecution. Also, because this index was compiled from documents published by the factory, neither the author nor PackardInfo.com are responsible for errors in content arising from source information.

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