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Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/9/11 9:48:28
Hi all, thinking of buying this car. A LOT of details to follow.

First of all, the is a bit of background needed. Three months ago, I went to a CL list just some miles from my house about a 55 Patrician for sale. In the same garage there was this 55 400 with a fresh paint job, but still (aesthetically) disassembled from painting. Long story short, I found out it was owned by a guy that passed 4 years ago, and eventually I was able to get in touch with his daughter and I have the option to buy it for $6000.

More background info:
Reyman's obituary post I wrote on here.
Vehicle registry post.
My thoughts when I went there 3 months ago.

"Recent" service history on the car (beginning c. 2005):
- Engine from a 56 Clipper installed, heads redone, new rings. Believed to have an Oldsmobile oil pump in it now.
- Replaced brake lines.
- Power brake rebuilt.
- Ultramatic rebuilt.
- Carb replaced.
- Replaced both rear axle bearings.

So last Thursday and yesterday I went there to check it out. I was able to get it started by replacing the fuel and cleaning the points, and with a bit of starting fluid. To me it sounds like it runs great (please see the videos and photos linked below). Starts easily, except for a couple of times later on. Maybe it was low on fuel, or vaporlocking? as I had driven it for a bit earlier that time.

Like I said, the car is in a disassembled state. I believe I was able to find everything, except:
- Both corrugated door trim panels (other 6 are there).
- Passenger side rocker panel trim.
- The trunk emblem, core, and key (I have the big chrome piece though).
- A door handle, and one of those circular door panel accents behind the window crank. (These I can get off my other car).

I laid out everything around the car in the pictures below so you can look. Also, a couple trim pieces seem to be missing their clips (short probably 5-10 total).

Overview of everything:
All work, but speedometer is "jumpy". All climate levers move fully. Rear fan switch works, but nothing happens. Front fan switch does not turn, but it's labeled and the blower is installed. Light switch works, except turn-to-dim. Power antenna does not work. Wipers are electric, originals included, but even the electric ones don't work. Seems there may be a short somewhere. Includes 2 radio sets (one missing a tube), knobs, rear speaker. Glovebox is there, no key. Horn works, button included. Turn signals don't work. Aftermarket A/C installed, but blower doesn't work. It worked when installed, so maybe it's disconnected? (TBH IDK why A/C was even installed in a PA car. )

Car seems to run smooth. Took it out for a bit, both drive modes seem to work properly. Shifts smoothly. Whenever I shift into gear, engine slows down a good amount, almost seems like it's going to stall, but hasn't. IDK if normal, or if it needs a tune-up (surely it does anyway). Power steering seems to work when driving, but very whiney and not helpful at parking speeds. Brakes stop the car well, but the brake pedal is firmer than I would expect, so IDK if the power brakes are working. Play and travel are both quite small, again IDK if normal. E-brake needs adjustment. TL works correctly. Brake and Reverse lights work correctly, but need a bulb each. An aftermarket oil pressure gauge is installed, reads 60-65 PSI.

Stuff included:
- Various parts and documentation (see photos)
- There is a full set of replacement seals for everything on the car. Believed to have been purchased in 2005 but they still feel fine. Definitely good to have there.

I know this is quite a long and detailed post, hopefully everything makes sense. Let me know your thoughts on the car. Thanks everyone.

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