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Posted by HH56 On 2023/12/7 20:18:40
To see if the engine is original to the car, check the motor number. It is stamped toward the front of the block in one of the two locations shown in the middle photo. If the engine is original to the car it will have the same number as the one on the plate attached to the drivers door jamb.

Note: I believe there may be an error in the motor number list regarding the Executive. 5670 is the chassis designation and list should have the 5672 and 5677 body styles. The motor number should match the car vehicle number as listed on the plate on door jamb.

The motor number stamping may be partially hidden by the oil filter and can be covered with dirt and grease so might not be easily visible without cleaning the area. The impressions are usually fairly easy to see after cleaning but can be somewhat faint if the guy wielding the hammer did not eat his spinach that day.

The pushbutton shift has separate harnesses and to remove it properly without doing any damage, a sequence needs to be followed and a plug must be removed. Instructions are here

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