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How-To: Pushbutton actuator removal guide (Revised)

a revised version of my earlier document for owners of pushbutton cars to supply to transmission shops or local mechanics (aka "wire cutters") to aid in the proper removal of the pushbutton actuator.

1956 Packard Pushbutton
Transmission shifter
Removal instructions

It is not necessary to cut any wires to remove this actuator. There is no connector at the transmission like modern cars. This is not a modern car, they did not have the ability to seal against oil in the 50s, the connector is in the passenger compartment.

1) Disconnect wires from shift relay, circuit breaker and automatic park relay (if so equipped) located on inner fenderwell on drivers side.
2) Locate quick-disconnect plug under dash, off of steering column, separate plugs by pulling apart. Undo rubber grommet in firewall adjacent to hood hinge (2nd grommet from top) and feed harness through firewall into engine compartment.
3) Feed both harnesses (large gauge motor harness and smaller gauge logic harness) towards bottom of car. If you are servicing the transmission and removing from the vehicle to bench it is now free to be removedelectrically speaking.
4) Disconnect two orange bullet connectors from pressure switch on transmission, be very careful to not pull wires out of connector, grab connector body with needle nose pliers if necessary.
5) Remove bolt from adjustment strap on back of actuator.
6) Remove two cover screws from bottom cover of actuator, loosen set screw inside actuator. In the event the set screw is not accessible due to actuator failure remove two screws from end of motor and remove motor. In all likelihood the motor armature will stay with the actuator when you pull the motor housing off of the actuator body. Do not attempt to force the armature back into the motor, the brushes have sprung out of their housings and forcing the armature will cause damage to this rare, expensive motor. You can turn the stub shaft in the actuator until the gear sector inside the actuator locates to a position where the set screw is accessible.
7) support the transmission by the pan, be sure to use a piece of plywood to spread the load out over a larger area than just where the jack or stand makes contact.
8) Remove the rear trans crossmember, there are two studs facing downward inside the channel, there are three bolts per side, one on top on each side that are not easy to see.
9) Take a scissor jack from a small passenger car, the smaller the better, and place it against the frame and crank it to jack the trans as far as it will go, until the U-joint flange hits the frame X-member and it cannot move any further. You are now ready to remove the pushbutton actuator.
10) Pull the actuator away from the trans, there is just enough room to take it off the selector shaft. You will have to tip it up off of the shaft, up and in,into the trans tunnel. Its tight, but there is just enough room this way.

Questions? Call the owner at _________________________________

Published: 2013-06-14 Views: 1749 times

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