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Re: Just bought a 1941 Packard 120 - Considering a frame off resto
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I'll attach some more photos. The reason I want to do a frame-off is because it will make working on parts of the car a million time easier and will allow me to address any rust spots. The car is pretty clean, but it's not like a car that has spent its whole life in California in a garage. Sorta more like "lipstick on a pig" with the paint job and chrome work that was done previously. It really could stand the POR 15 treatment and all new bushings, etc.. As long as I can get those parts anyways...

I've done disc brake conversions before, and they may cars much more driveable in my experience, so that seemed like a no-brainer in my mind. Maybe I will try to get the current setup working and see how I like it, since so many of you speak so highly of it. I assume it will need a new Master and wheel cylinders, at a bare minimum.

I guess I don't really care if the car is 12V or 6V. I am just looking for the path of least resistance to make the wiring operational, safe, and easy to work on. If I can buy a 12V starter, alternator, I would probably still prefer to go that route, but I'm open to whatever. I have to research it more.

You can see the green engine paint that matches the oil pan on the valve covers. So, someone had all that apart at some point. Maybe a valve job many many years ago?

I paid $9500 for the car. Does that seem like a fair deal from what can be seen?

Attach file:

jpg  IMG_7110.jpg (553.52 KB)
226532_65567137046f9.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7112.jpg (539.67 KB)
226532_6556714120dd3.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7115.jpg (583.85 KB)
226532_6556714ab3e11.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7116.jpg (524.02 KB)
226532_65567153e03a9.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7117.jpg (643.93 KB)
226532_655671638796e.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7118.jpg (404.96 KB)
226532_6556716c28ae7.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7119.jpg (533.80 KB)
226532_65567174815f8.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7120.jpg (310.67 KB)
226532_6556717c54049.jpg 2016X1512 px

Posted on: 2023/11/16 14:47

Just bought a 1941 Packard 120 - Considering a frame off resto
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I'm new to Packards and vehicles of this vintage, so please forgive my ignorance. I saw this 120 available and always wanted an old car with a straight 8, so here we go.

Someone started restoring it some years back, but never got it road worthy. The battery was from 2010, so I assume that's the last time it was fooled with. The body/chrome is pretty nice as a driver. A lot from the dash is missing or torn up. I am told the motor turns over, but that's all the info the guy I bought it from had. He didn't know much about the car. I plan to put some marvel oil down the cylinders for a couple days and then check the crank. The water pump is totally froze, and the carb throttle plate might be as well.. The brakes don't work. It is an overdrive manual trans.

My fear is that someone started fixing this car and gave up because the engine/trans had a major issue. The oil looks a little funny and the oil pan is bright green. Is that a factory color? It looks like someone had it off and painted it...I see parts of the block that same green, so maybe it's an original color? I just hope the engine is rebuildable, if it does have a major issue.

My thoughts/plans:

Do the minimal amount of work to make it running and see how the engine/transmission work.
Take the body off the frame so I can sandblast and POR15 the frame, rear end, suspension parts, underside of body, etc..
Replace all bushings/tie rods/bearing/seals/body mounts that can be replaced.
Upgrade to power disc brakes
Switch to 12V wiring (the original wiring is a complete cluster**** and falling apart).
Rebuild/Repair the original drivetrain as needed.
The interior/dash area is such a mess, but I'm not going to worry about that until the rest of the car is roadworthy.

I'm obviously a little concerned about parts availability working on something so old. My last project was from 1972, and I was having trouble finding basic parts for it... It looks like Kanter has quite a bit for Packards, but my 1941 120 is not listed as one they have a bushing kit for. I will call them and find out.

I should add, I couldn't care less about making the car perfectly original or impressing judges at car shows, etc... I just want to make this car a safe driver that I can feel comfortable taking out on nice days.

I appreciate any guidance and suggestions!

Attach file:

jpg  IMG_7064.jpg (135.43 KB)
226532_6555a39b1d52d.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  IMG_7063.jpg (134.69 KB)
226532_6555a3b30aead.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  IMG_7065.jpg (129.78 KB)
226532_6555a3cda5397.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  IMG_7029.jpg (441.45 KB)
226532_6555a3f50188e.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7071.jpg (167.84 KB)
226532_6555a4076cf42.jpg 640X480 px

jpg  IMG_7033.jpg (312.60 KB)
226532_6555a42fd462c.jpg 2016X1512 px

jpg  IMG_7091.jpg (337.00 KB)
226532_6555a450b3ee2.jpg 1512X2016 px

Posted on: 2023/11/16 0:07

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