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Re: Carpet Restoration
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
53 Cavalier, thanks for sharing your process. Results look great, and as you said best part is you get the retain the originality of the car.

Posted on: 2023/11/21 9:44

Re: Carpet Restoration
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
53 Cavalier , what is your process for restoration?

Posted on: 2023/11/21 1:05

Re: Russell & Bazil’s 1939 One-Twenty Club Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
kevinpackard you are correct, engine has been rebuilt and in the car since 2019.
TxGoat , thank you for the suggestions!!

So to continue, in April of 2018 the engine was removed and disassembled. We were glad in the end that we chose to do a full rebuild, the engine had some work done prior and not to the upmost quality.

Pictures include engine disassembly, as well as having the engine block acid dipped to remove all rust.

Also, while waiting for the machine shop availability we began to restore the engine accessories like the starter, generator and distributor. Pictures also include starter restoration and final picture unrestored generator and mostly restored starter

Pictures are April-June of 2018

Attach file:

jpeg  IMG_8119.jpeg (0.00 KB)
174839_655c45a43ad09.jpeg 0X0 px

jpeg  IMG_8308.jpeg (0.00 KB)
174839_655c45bd0a7f0.jpeg 0X0 px

jpeg  IMG_8466.jpeg (0.00 KB)
174839_655c45f1ceddd.jpeg 0X0 px

jpeg  IMG_8482.jpeg (0.00 KB)
174839_655c469847946.jpeg 0X0 px

jpeg  IMG_8816.jpeg (0.00 KB)
174839_655c46f926fd4.jpeg 0X0 px

jpeg  IMG_8940.jpeg (0.00 KB)
174839_655c472ecb135.jpeg 0X0 px

Posted on: 2023/11/21 1:01

Re: Russell & Bazil’s 1939 One-Twenty Club Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
@TxGoat thank you for the correction.

A friend was kind enough to let us bring the vehicle to his shop where we could further investigate the root cause of the overheating.
We started by removing the cylinder head to find two stripped head bolts and a couple burnt valves were not helping the situation either.
At this point it was decided an engine rebuild would be most beneficial for the desired intention of having the car be a touring car.
Pictures from April 2018

Attach file:

jpeg  IMG_7729.jpeg (305.77 KB)
174839_655ba80987a05.jpeg 2048X1536 px

jpeg  IMG_7734.jpeg (308.78 KB)
174839_655ba82b3a492.jpeg 2048X1536 px

jpeg  IMG_7744.jpeg (309.35 KB)
174839_655ba8521e3d2.jpeg 2048X1536 px

jpeg  IMG_7800.jpeg (345.21 KB)
174839_655ba87bcef2f.jpeg 2048X1536 px

jpeg  IMG_8068.jpeg (335.87 KB)
174839_655baa1bb5aae.jpeg 2048X1536 px

Posted on: 2023/11/20 13:49

Re: Russell & Bazil’s 1939 One-Twenty Club Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
Well, it’s been months but I will continue the tale of our Packard.

After getting the radiator re done, cleaning the engine block best as possible and a new water pump we put the car back together. FINALLY I thought, I’ll get to drive this dreamy Packard that I had been spending all of my extra time and attention on. I did get to drive it, but not very far. We limped the car home, with it chronically overheating most of the way. It would only run maybe 10 minutes before it would begin to boil, and I would pull over and wait for it to cool off again in fear of damaging the motor. It did make it though, and I was very happy to see it home and in the driveway. I knew that the car was not drive able with the engine in its current state, more to come on that later.
Pictures from March of 2018

Attach file:

jpeg  IMG_7055.jpeg (461.92 KB)
174839_655aef3005a34.jpeg 1920X1440 px

jpeg  IMG_7074.jpeg (336.58 KB)
174839_655aef5fd13ac.jpeg 2048X1536 px

Posted on: 2023/11/20 0:32

Re: Ken's 1937 120 Touring Sedan
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
Ken, thanks for the tip. When I had the radiator redone it was supposed to be a “high flow” but modern style core. Perhaps that is the issue.

Mixture, valve lash & timing have all recently been checked.

Thanks again!

Posted on: 2022/9/29 18:26

Re: Russell & Bazil’s 1939 One-Twenty Club Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
Packardsix1939, that’s a fantastic story. I had a friend that use to export cars to Finland, which is where he’s from. He has some amazing stories of buying cars out of the newspaper and driving them from Southern California to Baltimore to have them shipped to his friends, eagerly awaiting them across the ocean. Many of those cars that were exported in the eighties, are still owned by the same owners who commissioned to have them sent across.

Posted on: 2022/9/24 21:25

Re: Russell & Bazil’s 1939 One-Twenty Club Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
And so as shown in the previous post, we began the task of removing the radiator from the car to have it recored

While the radiator was being repaired, I took it upon myself to restore the steering wheel. Finding tips on this website and others, I found a product by jb weld called plastic weld that would prove suitable for the repairs. Nearly 5 years later it has held up very well for an amateur first attempt

The steering wheel would get refinished one more time during the engine rebuild, as there were a few imperfections I was not 100% satisfied with

Pictures from January 2018 to March 2018

Attach file:

jpeg  8575A1D8-9ED4-4B5C-9018-F2AE7BD99952.jpeg (109.20 KB)
174839_632e87d467ce2.jpeg 720X1280 px

jpeg  F524FB65-1E84-4329-A633-66BE115CC07D.jpeg (184.31 KB)
174839_632e87efad0ce.jpeg 720X1280 px

jpeg  AF23B953-E105-4483-873E-A54AE6E4B93B.jpeg (254.87 KB)
174839_632e8802b05b6.jpeg 1440X1920 px

jpeg  EE5AB20E-FD43-4849-A4AB-46887B92911D.jpeg (286.07 KB)
174839_632e8836dd8f1.jpeg 1440X1920 px

jpeg  DF6CB7B7-F922-4D22-A93A-095762455A78.jpeg (210.54 KB)
174839_632e88a67f6f2.jpeg 1440X1920 px

jpeg  AE7A95E7-7825-4A5C-9801-D394A2B54FFF.jpeg (267.81 KB)
174839_632e88c32eded.jpeg 1440X1920 px

jpeg  D5794AEF-A797-4371-BF7A-0FFDDB2E4F2E.jpeg (257.59 KB)
174839_632e891c4b70d.jpeg 1920X1440 px

Posted on: 2022/9/23 23:36

Re: Russell & Bazil’s 1939 One-Twenty Club Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
Here’s some pictures once we brought the car to my uncles property, who also was kind enough to trailer the car there for us, so Ernie if you’re reading this, thanks again for all of your help. Pictures also show after doing some light interior cleaning

Finally a picture of what we found once we removed the thermostat housing. Obviously some cooling system repairs were in the cars near future

Pictures from October 2017

Attach file:

jpeg  A32918EA-6873-4AAA-8F1D-CDFD07EB4A05.jpeg (327.29 KB)
174839_632e865608d5f.jpeg 1920X1440 px

jpeg  2B1F8586-0718-40F8-8BB0-B7A2444A8BC4.jpeg (236.65 KB)
174839_632e86d5dcd61.jpeg 1920X1440 px

jpeg  F0370AA1-AC04-4689-BBE7-2F51F4E9ADC7.jpeg (85.73 KB)
174839_632e86ec84228.jpeg 720X1280 px

jpeg  3F497F37-4C62-4F58-98E3-99011B95F401.jpeg (276.84 KB)
174839_632e8719de72a.jpeg 1920X1440 px

jpeg  D812B506-014B-4F4D-B858-B04D3EDDD6BB.jpeg (118.08 KB)
174839_632e877d4970b.jpeg 720X1280 px

Posted on: 2022/9/23 23:28

Re: Russell & Bazil’s 1939 One-Twenty Club Coupe
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

Russell Harmon
Packardsix1939, thanks for sharing photos! Looks almost exactly like our 120!

Humanpotatohybrid, that trip was nearly 2 years and I’m trying to recall everything. Seems to me we did a chassis lubrication right before the trip, inspected drive line and brakes/suspension, we brought an extensive tool kit but nothing insane just things like fuel hose, an extra radiator hose, some spare wire. The one main component we did bring along was a water pump, because if for any reason it failed it would be hard to get one on the road. Otherwise that like one spark plug wire, points, condenser, cap and rotor.

I had to look back at photos, the rebuilt engine had 3,400 miles on it when we left for that trip. So things like having a worn out engine were not issues for us on the trip. It didn’t burn any oil, and it doesn’t leak.

I guess the main suggestion I would have would be make sure things like suspension and drive line are in good condition, as well as tires and brakes. Major safety items aren’t fun when they fail. And be prepared to break down. I’m not saying you should expect it, but be prepared so if it does happen you know what to do. Plus it’s less frustrating if you already have it in your mind that it’s possible.

I attached one of the many photos from the trip. It was most definitely enjoyable and memorable. Also probably the best way to have a cup of coffee early in the morning.

Attach file:

jpeg  7A494584-8F76-4EEA-B54A-0B829464EE36.jpeg (193.31 KB)
174839_632e7a9a984c1.jpeg 1920X1440 px

Posted on: 2022/9/23 22:34

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