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Replacement brake switch f
Home away from home
Home away from home

I purchased the kit to replace the original three prong brake switch that also controls the torsion level on the 55 Caribbean.
I would have preferred to keep the original but this was the third switch that failed in a short time and NOS switches are getting harder to find….and prohibitively expensive.
I have no idea whether using a switch that is old enough to collect Medicare is the problem but it is aggravating.
Neither the instructions with the kit nor obvious marking on the replacement identifies the two prong switch but I would like to buy a few while they are still available at the auto parts store..and cheap.
I recall someone saying in an earlier post that the kit uses a switch from a VW.
If anyone has a parts number…please advise.

Posted on: 5/8 22:37

Re: 1955 Caribbean top material
Home away from home
Home away from home

West Peterson -:I went through the top repacement drama for my 55 Caribbean probably 5 years ago.
If you check the posts on this same subject from May-June 2020 there are a number of photos of the Howard Hughes car with the top displayed which may give you some ideas about the window size.
I was also unable to find a top with the light colored ( tan) from any vendor and was lucky ..or unlucky…enough to be able to secure 10 yards of the white pinpoint vinyl from Superior tops. I may still have a portion of the material in the garage.
I opted to spray the inside with a water based dye to match the interior and sent the vinyl back to Superior who used the material to create the top.
Superior only dealt with authorized installers …not the general public.
I do not know if they are still in business but they may still stock the material with the tan interior color and might be able to produce a top with that color.
Assuming that you plan to have the top installed by a professional trim shop, they may be able to secure a top for you.
Good luck .
I agree that the cost and availability issues get worse every day. I was just forced to buy the adapter kit for the brake light switch after the last NOS unit in my larder failed( again) and the only replacement I could find was over $90.

Posted on: 4/7 10:14

Re: Great Packards at Auction, PLEASE READ
Home away from home
Home away from home

Chris- I agree that unless there is a major conversion in the way we generate electricity, conversion to electric vehicles will be problematic.
Current electric vehicles have far too short a range to replace the gasoline and diesel vehicles we have come to rely upon for travel except in urban areas.
The batteries and rare metals will create their own environmental issue in their extraction, processing and disposal.
Looking at this only from the standpoint of Canada or the US and Europe, ignores that more than half of the world population is in Asia and the Southern Hemisphere who also want the cars and other creature comforts that we take for granted. They are not necessarily solvent enough to worry about global warming .
I do think that EV’s and self driving cars will be coming quicker than I like. The internet, cell phones
and robotics were science fiction a few decades ago.
I hope that someone will want my old cars when I can no longer enjoy them but I do not see the value of my Packards jumping like Ferraris or muscle cars.
Hopefully the next owners will appreciate them as much as I have but we may be legislated off the roads.
Good reason to squeeze in as much time behind the wheel while we can.
Stay safe

Posted on: 4/5 2:44

Re: Great Packards at Auction, PLEASE READ
Home away from home
Home away from home

I wanted to ad a comment to Howard’s note about the arrival of the electric car era and the impact on the collector car hobby.
There is no doubt that the electric cars are not a fad. Several European manufacturers have announced that they will no longer offer traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles by the end of the decade.
I leave it to others to debate whether the transition will improve the environment.but there is no doubt that we will see more of the vehicles and will see the replacement of the gas stations with charging stations.
I guess the transition will be much like the changes experienced early in the 20th century when horses were replaced by motor vehicles.
As vehicles have become more complex and dependable, we have seen the decline of the service station with mini marts offering fueling.
I am more concerned with the impact that self driving vehicles will have not only on our hobby but on our economy at large.
Currently there are several companies testing self driving vehicles in the Pittsburgh area in coordination with Carnegie Mellon.
I am told that there are beer trucks being loaded by robots in Colorado and then leaving the depot without a driver.
How rapidly the vehicles will progress to regular use is also a matter of speculation but I anticipate that it will be faster than we think.
The impact of self driving vehicles will have impact on our lives and economy that are going to be dramatic. Occupations like bus, truck, and cab drivers will be eliminated , but auto ownership in urban areas may become less attractive if you can summon a transport from your phone, give a voice command for your destination and relax.. a charge will appear on your next credit statement. With the cost of new vehicles, insurance rates and parking difficulties…why own a car.
The unintended consequences are more subtle. The Justice system will see less need for police and attorneys to deal with DUI cases since no one will be driving impaired. The insurers will not have to deal with a volume of vehicle accident claims and we may be seeing less billboard and TV ads for accident attorneys.
The pressure on the legislators to remove gasoline vehicles from the roads will be magnified when the classic cars share space with the self driving modules.
I am also too old to worry about these changes having much impact on me,but I see a time where it will be difficult to operate the classic cars in the fashion we have come to enjoy. It is already difficult to find anyone to work on the old cars or to find compatible fuel. The insurers will increase the costs to cover the loss of business occasioned by the reduction in ownership and environmentalist will continue to pressure for removal of the gasoline vehicles while fuel cost increases will make the joy ride more expensive.
We who have.spent most of our lives in the eight decades since WWII have seen dramatic changes in our lives and economy effected by computers, the internet and technology but have been blessed with a relatively safe and stable life that has allowed us to secure and enjoy the collector cars discussed on this
It is uncertain that the next generations will fare so well.
I plan an trying to enjoy my cars while I can and hope that progress does not cut off my enjoyment before age and physical deterioration curtails my activity.
Sorry for the rant.

Posted on: 4/3 10:10

Re: banjo steering wheel for 1939 Six
Home away from home
Home away from home

Thanks all for the information. Without confirming my engine number, I am speculating that it was in the early production run since it was delivered in December 1938 and the light switch and dash wiring follows the 1938:schematic.
I am also going easing that since the smaller shaft unit was only offered for part of the 39 production run that those wheels will be harder to find.

If anyone out there has a wheel that will work on the smaller shaft ….and wants a buyer…..please PM with price.

Getting tired of looking for parts

Posted on: 2/11 20:48

Re: banjo steering wheel for 1939 Six
Home away from home
Home away from home

Chris- Thanks for the reply. I was unaware that your car had the banjo wheel but that answers the question as to whether it was offered on the 39 Juniors.
The shaft diameter on my steering column is apx 1/4 inch smaller than what purports to be a 39 Banjo wheel. There is a metal sleeve on both my wheel and the Banjo I inspected that has the grooves that slide over the steering shaft.
I am not sure whether the overall wheels were identical and the sleeves could be changed or whether there were different wheels for the different models.
If you have a spare Banjo that would fit my car lying around…drop a note. LOL

Posted on: 2/9 17:31

Re: banjo steering wheel for 1939 Six
Home away from home
Home away from home

Howard- Thanks for the information. I have had the opportunity to inspect one Banjo wheel and found that the opening for the steering shaft was apx 1/4 inch larger diameter than the shaft for my 39 Six.
I also noticed that the wheel hub appears to be a steel insert pressed into the wheel.
I was curious as to whether that insert can be chilled or heated and removed / replaced with a different size sleeve.
The diameter of the sleeve on the Banjo was also a greater diameter than that of the 39 so they would not interchange.
Has anyone offered different size sleeves with the grooves to inter lock the steering column grooves to accomplish that switch?
Parts interchange on the old Packards is frustrating.

Posted on: 2/8 20:52

banjo steering wheel for 1939 Six
Home away from home
Home away from home

I have seen a number of Banjo wheels for sale for 39-40 Packards but no clarification on whether wheels will fit all models.
I believe Flack clarified that earlier wheels will not fit the 39 since columns were changed with change to column shifters.
Has anyone put a Banjo wheel on the Six or know if it was offered as an option.

Posted on: 2/8 0:26

Re: SCAMMER ON Packard Info
Home away from home
Home away from home

I was contacted.by the same character in response to my search for dovetail for my 39 convertible coupe. Sounded legit initially but I am glad that I saw the scam notice.
I have had prior scam artists try to secure funds for products or to pay for items offered for sale, but these have been on eBay or Google sites.
It is discouraging that someone has targeted this site
I hope the offender is removed from membership since he contacted me by personal email from the site.f

Posted on: 1/6 8:54

Banjo wheel- interchange
Home away from home
Home away from home

I have a 1939 Packard Six convertible coupe that is in the midst of restoration.
I would like to replace the factory steering wheel with a Banjo if one can be found that does not need recast….for a price that is ….tolerable .
That wheel may not exist but I would prefer not to buy something that will end up hanging on the wall.

I had the chance to buy a wheel from a 38 a while ago and Flack advised that the 38 would not fit on the 39 because the column was different due to the switch from floor to column shift.

I have need talking to another vendor who says that he has a wheel from a 39-40.

Thanks in advance for any info.
What wheel will fit on a 39 .six….if any?

Posted on: 12/26 1:25

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