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Re: 1941-1942 Radio and Deluxe Heater for sale
Home away from home
Home away from home

Longjohn- Looks like your memory is better than mine. The heater on my 39 has two mounting bolts...apx 4” apart. The water tubes are bent but do go straight through the firewall on straight line 6” apart.
Guess I could make it fit but might be better to keep looking. Doubt I will find one as nice.
Attaching pictures .
Hopefully some one has one that looks better and works

Attach file:

jpeg  484FD192-BFD8-4EC9-8394-727C3697C788.jpeg (26.17 KB)
3810_60906f076224a.jpeg 320X240 px

jpeg  ACFDE906-BBD5-4D01-91C0-C2DEA758DD31.jpeg (27.61 KB)
3810_60906f22c1913.jpeg 320X240 px

Posted on: 5/3 15:46

Re: 1941-1942 Radio and Deluxe Heater for sale
Home away from home
Home away from home

Let me check the size and attachments.
I’m pretty sure that the oultets through the firewall are straight....and pretty sure there were three attachment bolts.
Not quite sure why I want a heater in a car that will never be driven in cold weather ..or have the top raised but still installing a too and paid for new wiper arms amd blades too. LOL
Hopefully get all dimensions and pictures tomorrow.

Posted on: 5/2 22:11

Re: 1941-1942 Radio and Deluxe Heater for sale
Home away from home
Home away from home

Will take the heater if it will fit a 39 six. Let me know...if you know.lLooks like the one I pulled out but...
RJ Russell

Posted on: 5/2 18:01

My 39 money pit’s engine
Home away from home
Home away from home

I am going on record as saying that If I ever buy another project where someone has already started dismantling the car...have me committed.

The engine on my car was partially dismantled by the prior owner/ owners and I opted to pull the engine and trans and have the engine rebuilt, replace the clutch, pressure plate , water pump , fuel pump and other misc parts.

The builder is a friend and has done engines for several of my other cars but he does not rush and the engine has been with him for over two years and got picked up today.

Several issues came up that should have been discovered and dealt with a year or more ago...and will now delay installation.
(1j Does anyone have a good picture of the clutch bell crank attachment showing the spring locations and how the unit attaches to the frsame. There is a bolt and large nut like unit with lubricated washers.
( 2) .there is a worn leather boot over the fork. .does anyone sell a replacement?
(3) There is a large hole on the passenger side rear of the block near the bell housing that was open when the engine was pulled. Nothing in the parts supplied to fill or explain it( picture attached)
(4j the fuel pump that came with the car was single diaphram with glass fuel bowl. Not attached to engine and according to Kanter not right for 39 six engine. Replacement pump from Kanter ( dual diaphram...no glass bowl ) will not mount to engine . It is possible that engine was replaced at some point. Photos of castings snow numbers that hopefully can be identified by Owens system to clarify( photos attached)
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Attach file:

jpeg  C706AED9-9AAE-4EC4-9B75-ADF3BEBEADF1.jpeg (22.44 KB)
3810_608a1f757f57d.jpeg 320X240 px

jpeg  636F3A73-39FB-4D03-A417-73477064D1AB.jpeg (2,214.39 KB)
3810_608a2099c7dc5.jpeg 4032X3024 px

Posted on: 4/28 20:56

Re: 1939 Packard six convertible coupe—Dovetail for driver door
Home away from home
Home away from home

Thanks for the detail. I sent a pm to David Flack but have not received a response.
Neither Kanter nor Max Merritt have one although Merritt says they can rebuild mine. I doubt that this is possible since the drainer side unit on my car looks like a DIY ....rather poorly done at that.
Ulrich says that most are damaged and suggested getting parts from a Ford and modifying.
I would prefer a usable original. I have not dealt with David Moe but hope he sees this post and responds.

Posted on: 4/19 18:48

1939 Packard six convertible coupe—Dovetail for driver door
Home away from home
Home away from home

I am looking for the “dovetail” that mounts in the driver side door jamb.
It holds the wedge on the drivers door.

Posted on: 4/18 9:47

Re: Cigarette lighter not working
Home away from home
Home away from home

The positive ground is an issue that eliminates a lot of modern electronics. I found a place in California...Woody’s Sound Shop— that I detailed in a posting last September that offers a simple amplifier unit with mini speakers that allows you to play music from your phone or MP3 player.
Very reasonable price and easy installation too.
With my impaired hearing I can not vouch for tonal quality but I installed the unit in my 55 Caribbean and it affords cruising music that I can hear.
If you check out the site, I believe he also offers a converter to flip the positive to negative ground without going through the other changes needed to do an overall system conversion. There were some comments posted about safety of converters which may be valid .
Hope this helps

Posted on: 4/15 5:51

Re: What's the best reproduction chrome wire wheel to buy for a 50's Packard?
Home away from home
Home away from home

Do not know if they are the best, but Roadster Wire Wheel makes one with stainless spikes that seems okay.
I had a set on a Street Rod 26 Chrysler that were on the car when I bought it. They held up well for the 10-12:years that I owned the car.
I ended up buying a set for the 55 Caribbean based on that experience and have been happy with the looks and road feel over the 6 years and under 1000 miles I have driven the car since. The chrome seems to be okay but hard to judge how long they will hold up on a car more regularly driven.
I think they are the wheels offered by Coker and Summit racing for the Caribbean.
I had looked at .Vintage Wire wheels....painted ... for the 39 six and had even had Summit send one for fit. The wheel would not clear the center hub and the lug holes were too small diameter to use the lug bolts ( Summit thought they would fit and promptly sent return shippping label and promised refund to my card.
I am still looking for a painted wire wheel that will fit. ( the bolt pattern for the 39 and the Caribbean are both 5x5. The hub hole is 3.3” and back space for the 39 is around 3.5 “)
I am sorry to hear the chrome on the Vintage wheel is not more rust resistant than Ross’s bike.
Their cost was significantly less than the price listed for same sized wheel from Coker for Roadster wheel by almost $200/ wheel.
If anyone has a source for a safe painted wire wheel for the 39.....let me know. There are no bargains but there are also few / any offerings for a wheel that will fit the newer Packards.
Why should it be easy?

Posted on: 4/12 23:16

Re: 1940 Packard door window glass, What does glass and the top frame seal into?
Home away from home
Home away from home

Joe Santana’s response is correct. Period glass was generally set in a cloth or cork like material with some type of sealant.
Trying to replace glass in this fashion is difficult and unless authenticity is essential I have often opted to clean the channel and apply black silicone caulking and slide the glass in place.
Once the excess caulk is wiped away the appearance is pretty much indistinguishable.
The glass is cushioned and a good caulk should stay flexible for years.

Posted on: 4/9 21:08

Re: Bolt spacing , width and back space - 39 Paxkard six
Home away from home
Home away from home

Bringing up an old topic and hope to get an answer.
Summit offers a painted wire wheel that they believed would fit the 39 six. I had them send one and discovered they were wrong.
The wheel would not fit over the center hub and the holes for the lug bolts was too small diameter.
I am getting mixed numbers for the required diameter of the hole for the hub but lug spacing has been quotes as 5x5 or 5x 4.5”
Still no answer on required back space.
I would like to put painted wire wheels or artillery wheels on the car but original artillery prices are too high for a six...and still have issue of cost of center cap or possible beauty rings.
Can anyone confirm the lug spacing and hub diameter ?
Has anyone found a reproduction artillery or wire wheel for this type of car?
Any info appreciated.

Posted on: 4/2 23:35

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