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Re: Parking
Home away from home
Home away from home

I am not sure what inspires people to grab a spot right next to your collector car when there is an empty lot. Makes less sense when they opt to park so close to your driver's door that you have to access the car from the passenger side.
Not all such people have benign intentions. A friend tells a story that back in the days when shopping centers were usually empty on .Sundays due to a blue Laws, he and a friend pulled into a head in slot in front of a package store to pick up a six pack.
The owner of the new Corvette was sitting in the car when his friend went into the store. While he was waiting, a guy pulled in close to the passenger door and swung the door open hard enough to jolt the owner awake. The guy closed the VW door and then slammed it harder into the side of the .Vette .
The owner exited the car and went around the back of the car and could see two gouges in the paint and fiberglass. There was not another car on that side of the vehicle for at least 100 yards.
The owner was angry but just asked why the guy had to park there ..land why he needed to do the door slam twice.
The VW driver responded by snorting " Why don't you take your plastic car and go home?"
Neither the VW driver nor the owner noticed that the Vette owner's friend had exited the package store just when the VW driver made his comment.
The passenger was a huge guy...and a car lover.
The next few seconds were a blur. The passenger grabbed the .VW owner by the head and lifted him through the partially opened window. The driver's door glass broke but that was followed with a series of punches that left the VW driver unconscious or at least not talking....and dripping blood down the door from his nose and mouth.
The passenger picked up the beer and got into the car. His only comment was that he better not open any of the beer that he had dropped since it might get on the interior.
The owner was not sure whether they should call the police or an ambulance but opted to just leave....quicckly.
He always laughed that he probably would not have hit the guy despite the damage done to his car....but he never lost any sleep over it.

Car lovers do not like people messing with nice cars. You can never predict the reaction.

Posted on: 1/6 1:26

Re: Under hood prop rod
Home away from home
Home away from home

To add to Ross' comment, the hood Rod was added to the 55 Caribbean because the added weight of the lead used to add the hood scoops was too much for the springs and the hood became a guillotine.
The earliest cars...including mine ...did not have the rod. I am pretty sure that the Howard Hughes- Jean Peters car lacked the rod. Leeedy can confirm, I'm sure.
I added one on mine for safety and bought one for a friend who was doing a 400 from Merritt.
Originality is nice but safety takes priority

Posted on: 2020/10/21 7:12

Re: Simple solution for tunes in the Packard
Home away from home
Home away from home

I tried the Bose unit with Bluetooth from my IPhone and I Pad....the IPod did not have Bluetooth. I did not like having to stash the IPad and Bose unit in the trunk when I left the car and did not like draining my phone battery with no way to chafe with positive ground.
The Bose unit stopped working and I was unwilling to spring for that much money again for a unit that did not survive much longer than the warranty.
The converter is cheap and small and makes sense regardless of whether you want to connect a radio or even a cigarette lighter to connect a GPS or charge your phone.
Much easier than converting to negative ground or running a seperstr battery. The unit works for 6 or 12 volt and there is a unit that will convert to negative ground and boost from 6 to 12 volt...not sure of the method.

I am not sure if the amp unit will work with another phone...assume it would work with older iPhone which had headphone jack.

I did not inquire about a unit that would work with Bluetooth but the owner was helpful and should be able to answer that question.
I opted for the amp not only because of the price but because I do not listen to the radio on my new car...I have several thousand songs I like on the iPod. My AM radio works but we have one decent AM station and the reception is not good....and the sound quality sucks.

I opted for the glove box location and mini speakers for convenience but see no reason that the converter and amp could not be mounted in a trunk or under the seat if you have a hot wire and good ground...the units are tiny..
I will consider better speakers in the 39 since there is lots of open room above the kick panels. I still have to retire the car and there are lots of other things to do before considering music.
I was unaware of some of the suggested options but will look the up when I get to the 39.
This was just cheap and easy.
Stay safe and enjoy the social distancing afforded by cruising while the weather holds.

Posted on: 2020/8/28 21:16

Simple solution for tunes in the Packard
Home away from home
Home away from home

One of the downsides of owning a pre- 1956 Packard is that the electrical system is positive ground. On my other old cars, I have installed a newer radio in the glove compartment with MP3: and have enjoyed cruising to tunes from my iPod.
This option was not available on the Caribbean due to the positive ground.
I have employee a variety of Bluetooth speaker units that were not connected to the car's electrical system to fill the void.

I stumbled upon a cheap and simple solution through Woody's Custom Shop in Costa Mesa California ( 949) 722-1084.- Charles Rollins owner.

Woody's offers a tiny ( 1 3/4" square) converter that allows installation of a negative ground radio but also offers a cigarette pack sized amplifier which allows you to play the IPod without the expense of a new radio.

The " Mini Pod Hidden Audio system" attaches to the hot lead from the converter and a ground. Crank the amp to maximum and attach the iPod with a 3.5 cable and control the sound and selections from the IPod.

.The converter was around $39 but the amp unit and cable were only $59.95. I also picked up a set of compact bullet speakers for $15.95 which sound fine to my ears

The installation in the glove box was simple..attach the wires per the instructions, attach the speakers and play the tunes.
Assume that the install,would work as well anywhere with a hot wire and a good ground.

Looking forward to a long cruise with the IPod blasting.
Hope this helps someone else looking for a way to have music on the road.

Posted on: 2020/8/27 18:58

Re: generator
Home away from home
Home away from home

Not sure if this will be useful, but perhaps someone else has tried this on an older Packard with the 6 volt positive ground system.
I recently secured an alternator housed in an original looking case from Summit Racing and installed it on my 1955 Cadillac.
My generator needed replaced and the cost of a rebuilt generator was about the same as the unit from Summit.
The unit looks essentially identical to the generator it replaced and uses the same belt size. The only required modification was installing a heavier gauge wire from the unit to the starter and a heavier gauge ground wire.
The unit puts out around twice the amps of the original generator and does not require a voltage regulator.

There were units offered for 6 volt but I did not determine whether there were specific units offered for the older Packards....but the case on the unit I purchased looks quite similar to the generator on the Packard.

My engine is at the rebuild shop and I have been considering upgrading to halogen headlights and electronic ignition when/ if the car gets put back together . I have given some thought to doing the alternator replacement if it is as simple as the install on the Cadillac and I can avoid cost of replacing the voltage regulator.
I did notice in the instructions that the higher amps from an alternator may not be comparable with older analog voltage gauges. My friends expressed concerns for whether the older wiring might be inadequate but so far things seem to be working out.
If anyone has gone this route with an older Packard and has run into any problems, I would appreciate the imput.

Posted on: 2020/7/14 20:58

Re: Harbor Freight jack stands recall
Home away from home
Home away from home

It is not particularly funny but USA Today reported yesterday that the replacement jack stands offered by Harbor Freight for the 3 ton units found to be defective due to bad welds.....are also defective.
The press release suggests not using either the old or new and returning them for refund or credit.
I have some old American made Jack stands that I purchased at auctions at old car dealerships or repair shops that I use but if I plan on raising the car enough to sit under it( do not have a lift) I always use wood cribbing.

When companies like Wagner and GE move manufacturing to China It is hard to get angry with Harbor Freight for offering junk. Trying to find a car part produced in this country is getting more difficult. At least Harbor Freight merchandise is offered without the illusion that you are getting a quality product and it is reflected in the price. I now check every bulb installed in the dash before installation because I learned that while the brand name looks familiar , the quality is not. Easier to check the bulb than to learn that it is not a fuse or bad wire or ground that is keeping the light from working....just another Mexican or Chinese product carrying a familiar American brand name.
No sense to rant about it....just hope that the wheel cylinder or other item that you depend on for your safety was not produced or inspected by the same outfit that produced the Harbor Freight jack stands.

Posted on: 2020/7/8 20:55

Re: 1939 Packard Six convertible coupe interior
Home away from home
Home away from home

This is the 39 packard sedan door panel with carpet at bottom.
Not sure of model.....or accuracy....but upholsterer said he did the interior some years ago and this was the original panel removed

Attach file:

jpeg  (710.43 KB)
3810_5f050d9c4a39a.jpeg 2048X1536 px

Posted on: 2020/7/7 18:04

Re: 1939 Packard Six convertible coupe interior
Home away from home
Home away from home

Dave- Thanks for the info on the sills.
One tidbit of info that may be of some interest...... my friend and body man is insistent that Packard did not install carpet on the bottom of the door panels in 1939. The ones being replaced on my car had carpet added at the time the interior was redone in the 1950-60 era.
I found pictures of a 39:coupe roadster at Daniel Schmidt that had a spectacular interior with the carpet added to the bottom of the door panels.
As of last evening I was willing to accept my friends assertion....backed by several pictures .
Today I visited an old upholsterer who took me to his back shed and pulled out original door paneLS from a 1939 Packard sedan he had worked on a few years ago...
The bottom of the panel was carpeted.
He was unable to confirm whether Packard had ever utilized vinyl on the seats of any of their cars but did confirm what my research had disclosed.
DuPont had developed a vinyl material in the 1920's that was utilized in certain auto interiors as early as the 1920's. The Naugahyde brand was developed by UniRoyal and became a popular interior material but it didn't come to market until the 195o's.
I took a picture of the 39 door panel and if I can figure out how to upload, I will add it to the post.
I am still curious as to whether Packard relied on leather for the interiors of open cars.
I also uncovered an older post from the forum regarding replacement rubber mats. Apparently Kanter's supply of NOS mats had deteriorated with time and they determined that new molds would be $150,000 which killed any plans for reproductions. The site listed a supplier but when I checked they only offered carpet.
Maybe someone knows another source.
Thanks again for the info.

Posted on: 2020/7/6 15:55

1939 Packard Six convertible coupe interior
Home away from home
Home away from home

I am gathering parts and spending money on another Packard. The current 39 six convertible coupe was sold about a half mile from my home in December 1938 and had been sitting in a local garage as an abandoned project for over 25 years.
The car appears to have been painted originally in a dark gray metallic( Blackhawk Gray metallic) by the looks of the paint under the door rubber.
The car was painted yellow at some time in the distant past and the interior upholstered in a tan Naugahyde vinyl. The car retained rubber floor mats and the door panels incorporated carpeting at the bottom edge.
I plan to install carpeting both for appearance sake and because I imagine the rubber floor mats are either no longer available or...like covers for the running boards...outlandishly expensive.
The conversation today was whether an open car like the Six would have come from the factory with leather seats and door panels to be more weather resistant in an open car?
I do not think that leather was the expensive addition it has become in recent years and doubt that vinyls were readily available 80+ years ago.
I will be doing the interior in modern vinyl since it will not be.a show car and the newer materials are pretty much bullet proof...and look more like leather than leather.
Was also wondering whether anyone is aware of a supplier for replacement thresholds.....I have the originals but they are pretty well shot.

Thanks for any insights.

Posted on: 2020/7/5 22:51

Re: 1955 Temperature sensor
Home away from home
Home away from home

I think the answer is lazy clerk. I had seen the same internet listing and it listed the option of buying online or picking up at the store. I called the store since I hoped to avoid the shipping charge.
After getting pricing from Kanter ($41+8 shipping) and actually ordering one, I posted my question.
My spelling error was mentioned by Owen but I had no luck finding a backup on the internet under various search headings and ultimately returned to the basic search " 1955 Packard temp sensor" that had taken me to the NAPA listing....and .ordered two on line last night at the price listed. The shipping cost seems excessive but I will now have three or four in the larder.
Good to know the part is still available.
Thanks again to all for the assist .

Posted on: 2020/6/22 19:23

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