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Move a packard from Phoenix AZ to Sal Lake City UT
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
I am seeking someone who would move my 1954 Packard Cavalier from Phoenix to Salt Lake city UT.

For Hire

Restored car good running condition.


Posted on: 2020/8/29 12:54

upholstery question
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
I have a 1954 Packard Cavalier and the front seat upholstery is in need of replacement.

I know there is ready made for some cars.

Maybe a local shop wont kill me. I live in the Phoenix AZ area.

Suggestions ?


Posted on: 2020/6/13 14:00

Re: Head Studs
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
Short story of a head stud.

Back in the 1970's I had a Model A Ford Coupe. Upon removing the head to replace the gasket the stud in front broke off flush with the top of the block.

Good friend say drill it out and use an Easy-Out (easy-peasy).

So applying some torque I succeeded in snapping the easy-out off. in the stud.

Easy-out's are hardened and don't drill out.

We ended up towing the now powerless coupe down to a guy who used a torch to burn the easy-out out of the stud and succeeded in removing the stud and saved the threads in the block.

It was discovered that the hole in the block was drilled at a slight angle and the original stud had been tipped vertical causing a slight crack.

I assume Ford made the block.


Posted on: 2020/4/4 11:32

Re: Creepy wheel covers
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
The worst offender was the left front.

I had cleaned the wheel very thoroughly and first tried duct tap, then masking tape, and then that metalized duct tape.

These all failed after a few trips. The paint is gone where the hubcap grips.

I gave up and put the hubcap in the trunk.

I put the metal valve stems in the front two and the hubcaps have turned so the hole is in contact with the stem but otherwise seems stable. The metal valve stem doesn't stick through the hole more than a 1/4 inch which worries me a little. I didn't find longer steel valve stems at the time.

When I got the car a few years ago it had very wide big looking wide white wall tiers, bias ply. These wore badly and the inner and outer tread wore first. The new tires which are Coker wide white wall have a narrower tread and they seem to be not showing wear so far.

I don't have the facility to dismount tubeless tires so I am at the mercy of a local tire shop.


Posted on: 2020/4/4 11:19

Creepy wheel covers
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
So I started posting about this problem two years ago.

The original wheel covers on my Packard slowly rotate in the same direction as the wheel only slightly faster until the hole for the valve-stem grabs the stem and rips it out.

1954 Cavalier.


It was suggested I put in metal stems which I did yesterday.

I run Coker Classic Whitewall tires which are Radial. I believe the radial tires flex's the steel wheel which walks the hub cap.

As I am not in the car repair biz I took it to the local car-care center and did the fronts only so far. The rear don't seem to creep as I expect there is more weight in the front.

Now that I am on Corina Stay Home and gas is cheap we are crusing town in the old buggy.

I actually got my old 22 Model T out for a run and had no Beamer Assault issues. Nary a Diesel Dodge.

So Fqr hubcaps are on and not moving much further.


Posted on: 2020/3/31 18:31

packard for sale
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
where do I post that?


Posted on: 2019/7/20 17:58

1954 Packard Cavalier for sale
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
Restored in the 1990's by a SoCal restoration shop for more than 50K.

I drive it every weekend. runs great!

Paint is very good and is exact original color.

Original motor (restored), and Ultramatic Trans, 327 CU St 8. All numbers match.

All documentation from original owner through now with receipts for everything from gas to repairs. The file is three inches thick and includes original sales receipt and delivery papers including the manual for the dash clock.

Has all the options which all work including wonder-bar AM radio, power antenna, working Windshield washer, and working wipers and power brakes.

Two heaters, and add on AC winch works fine and I includes a 30 lb can of R-12.

Original 6 volt system with new Delco generator and regulator with add on 12 volt system (new alternator) for the AC. (Note: the Packard 6 volt system works perfectly.)

Recent Coker WW radial tires.

This car is near Phoenix AZ.

Jim, downsizing PM me and we can talk further.

Attach file:

jpg  (336.75 KB)
4095_5d101a1a9336d.jpg 1920X1080 px

Posted on: 2019/6/23 19:39

Re: Packard for sale
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid

Small screen computer, I now see the listings.


Posted on: 2019/6/23 19:09

Packard for sale
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
Is there a place to post this?


Posted on: 2019/6/23 16:46

Re: Ultramatic
Home away from home
Home away from home

Jim McDermaid
I drive my 54 Cavalier all the time and I have the non-gearstart Ultramatic.

I put the selector in "H" which is high gear and leave it there.The car has decent acceleration and at about 20 to 30 MPH (depending on how hard you push the accelerator) I feel the clutch lock up the torque converter. Feels almost like a gear shift but we know there is no shift.

I believe if you stomp the accelerator it will unlock and it feels like a passing gear.

I am told not to shift to low to race the Beemer next to you and then go back to High although we did that all the time in high school.

I am led to believe the torque converter did a little better ratio than modern converters so as not to require a low gear start.

So in high gear the car is always in direct drive.


Posted on: 2019/6/23 16:44

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