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1941 Super 8 oil filter bypass
Home away from home
Home away from home

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I finally got to work on the car I cleaned the filter housing and lines. Also removed pan cleaned that and the oil sump thoughly. Also took a 3/16 rod and stuck it in the oil passage from the left side of block to the lifter area. It appears that my engine never had the oil filter bypass line. I was wondering now that everthing is clean has anyone ever run the engine without the filter in the canster instead of using the oil filter bypass line. The origin problem I had was some of the lifter were noisy.

Posted on: 1/13 15:09
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Re: 1941 Super 8 oil filter bypass
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

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I suppose you could run without the filter but if you have the original prewar filter and canister, it is plumbed so oil enters from the bottom and exits out the top port. You could probably revise the tubing to reverse the connections but if you keep it stock you would need to prefill the can so the lifters get oil fairly quickly and then continually make sure that assembly is kept full of oil. If stock, I suspect even with the bottom port being the supply side a small portion of the oil could drain back. It probably would be no big deal but if I am wrong then the question would be how long it would take after starting the engine to refill whatever was lost so the lifter gallery was being supplied again.

I think it would be much easier and more to Packard standards to get another tee and fittings then follow the instructions in the service article on noisy tappets in SC Vol 15 #12 https://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/downloads/SC/SL-VOL15NO12.pdf. You could use copper tubing or Napa has premade 1/4 steel tubing with the correct ends and nuts in 8 inch lengths to make the pigtail. The Napa item is a couple of inches longer than needed but with a slightly larger loop is fairly easy to make work. If you need a fitting with an orifice to keep the bypass amount low as Packard did, you could fill a fitting port with solder and drill the hole size needed as mentioned in the article in SC Vol 17 #16. https://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/downloads/SC/SL-VOL17NO16.pdf

Posted on: 1/13 16:00
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Re: 1941 Super 8 oil filter bypass
Home away from home
Home away from home

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ok I guess i will hook it up like the packard service letter says. As I took everythig apart to clean it I noticed there was very little slug. The oil must have been changed alot on the door frame of the car there are enough lube stickers to wall paper my bathroom. Thanks for the reply

Posted on: 1/14 4:27
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