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1929-1956 Packard National Automotive Service Data Image

Here is the National Automotive Service Data covering Packards from 1929-1956. This contains quick reference on engine mechanicals by model, engine wire diagrams, firing order, etc. This has been broke in sections by series, and by specific models.

Published: 2006-05-27 Views: 8215 times

1935-1951  Packard Trico Parts Catalog Image

This is the 1935-1951 Packard Trico Parts Catalog (1951 Dealer Edition). This show extended exploded part views and original Trico part numbers. The exploded part views show more detail that the factory drawings and may be helpful in showing how things go back together.

Published: 2020-01-09 Views: 1235 times

1941 - 1953 Flat Rate Manual Image

The Flat Rate Manual provides labor times for specific repair operations. Such schedules are usually based on time studies performed under the most optimal of conditions and were used primarily to reimburse dealers for warranty claims.

Published: 2010-03-06 Views: 1703 times

1946-1950 Packard Service Manual Image

This is the 1946-1950 Packard Service manual. It contains 7 Sections which covers all the general mechanical systems on the various 46-50 models. This is an essential companion to the Parts List (aka Parts Manual).

Published: 2009-02-02 Views: 8937 times

1948-1954 Packard Parts List Image

Here is the 1948-1954 Packard Part List (also called the Parts Manual). This piece is an essential companion to the Service Manual. Not only does it provide information on what part number is what, more importantly it provides the exploded part views that are needed when rebuilding components.

Published: 2007-04-28 Views: 10175 times

1949 - 1950 Tune Up Specification And Adjustment Chart Image

Covers 22nd and 23rd Series Models

Published: 2017-02-08 Views: 634 times

1949 - 1950 Ultramatic Drive Brochure Image

Here is a very nice brochure on the Ultramatic Drive transmission. They has some great illustrations of the inside of the unit.

Published: 2006-06-15 Views: 1094 times

1949 Golden Anniversary Brochure Image

The is the 1949 Golden Anniversary Brochure. This covers the Packard Super and Packard Super Deluxe models. A very nice piece.

Published: 2006-06-14 Views: 1841 times

1949-1951 Ditzler Paint Chips Image

Here is the 1949-1951 Ditzler Paint Chips. This is a single card that has all the paints for multiple years.

Published: 2006-06-15 Views: 2862 times

1949-50 23rd Series Wire Diagrams Image

This is the 1949-50 23rd Series Wire Diagram set.

Published: 2008-11-19 Views: 2168 times

1950 -1956 Complete Utltramatic Service Information Image

This is a complete set (3 Parts) of everything Ultramatic. It has all the STB's, Service Counselors, and tons of other stuff in a 3 volume set.

Published: 2006-09-19 Views: 3447 times

1950 Acme Proxlin Paint Chips Image

Here is the 1950 Acme Proxlin Packard Paint Chips.

Published: 2006-06-15 Views: 791 times

1950 Custom Radio Owners Manual and Diagram Image

This provides is the Owners Manual for the 1950 Custom Radio and provide the operation of the unit, tuning information, and schematics.

Published: 2012-04-20 Views: 1642 times

1950 Dupont Paint Chips Image

Here are the 1950 Dupont Packard Paint Chips

Published: 2006-06-15 Views: 986 times

1950 Golden Anniversary Eight Sales Brochure Image

This is the 1950 "Golden Anniversary Eight" Sales Brochure. This is a large piece that opens up to poster size (scanned in sections), and shows illustrations of many of the 1950 models.

Published: 2010-08-25 Views: 1892 times

1950 Henney Packard Sales Brochure Image

This is the 1950 Henney Packard Brochure. This brochure was produced by Henney and describes all the features that were available in the Henney Ambulance and Funeral Car.

Published: 2008-05-29 Views: 668 times

1950 Henney-Packard Ambulance Brochure Image

This is the Sales brochure for the 1950 Henney-Packard Ambulance

Published: 2009-11-13 Views: 536 times

1950 Henney-Packard Flower Car Image

This is the Sales brochure for the 1950 Henney-Packard Flower Car

Published: 2009-11-13 Views: 855 times

1950 Henney-Packard Multipurpose Brochure Image

This is the Sales brochure for the 1950 Henney-Packard Multipurpose Vehicle

Published: 2009-11-13 Views: 501 times

1950 Magazine Ad Image

Here is a Magazine Ad for Packard automobiles from 1950.

Published: 2006-06-15 Views: 667 times

1950 Packard Kent-Moore Service Tool Guide Image

This is the 1950 Packard Edition of the Kent-Moore Service Tool Guide. This is a illustrated 68 page catalog of all the available Packard (and other) service tools that Kent-Moore made. This also includes a cross-reference to tools that are used for other makes also. There is also a Packard Service Tools order sheet included with this.

Published: 2007-06-08 Views: 906 times

1950 Service Counselors Image

These are the 1950 Service Counselors. These were sent out during the year by Packard to provide updated service information to the Dealers.

Published: 2006-07-09 Views: 633 times

1950 Service Technical Bulletins (STBs) Image

Here are some of the 1950 Service Techincal Bulletins (STB's). Hopefully the missing ones will fill in over time. I created the index below to make it easy to find the correct one.

Published: 2006-06-04 Views: 1245 times

1950 Show Stopper Sales Folder Image

Here is the 1950 Packard Sales Folder. This shows you all the different models that were available in 1950. It also highlights the Ultramatic.

Published: 2006-06-13 Views: 1465 times

These are Shell Service Charts covering Packards from 1957-1941. Contains lube information, tune up replacement part lists, and model identification.

Published: 2009-06-20 Views: 1233 times

288, 327, 356 & 359 Head Compression Ratios Image

Have you ever wondered about the compression ratios you would get from mixing & matching heads from 288, 327, 356 & 359?

Attached is table with the info first in order by Compression Ratios then by Years/Types.

Published: 2011-08-12 Views: 1582 times

Borg Warner Overdrive Manual Image

This is The OVERDRIVE by Borg-Warner. It covers the R10 and R11 overdrive units used in Packard and other vehicles. It has 21 diagrams.

Topics covered include: Troubleshooting and Servicing the unit, Common Causes of Trouble, Performance, Mechanical, Electrical, Service Operations, Mechanical Faults, Operating Principles.

Published: 2006-11-20 Views: 4049 times

General Service Bulletins Image

These are the General Service Bulletins that were sent to Zones and Dealer. They contain additional information that is useful in regards to parts and special service information

Published: 2018-02-20 Views: 703 times

How To: Packard Delco Shock Rebuild Image

This is a "How To" written by Mark Hill on how to rebuild the Delco "Lever Action" Shocks used by Packard.

Published: 2013-05-07 Views: 2047 times

HOW TO: Ranco Heater Valve Seal Replacement Image

This is a "How-To" on how to replace the valve seal on the Ranco heater valves that were used on most of the Post-War Packards. The seal replacement is typically all that is done in most valve rebuilds. I took all the pictures and while rebuilding my valve and hope you find it usefull.

Published: 2008-11-06 Views: 4844 times

Packard Monoblock Inline 8-Cyl Engine Specifications 1935-54 Image

Compiled table of Packard Monoblock Inline 8-Cyl Engine Specifications for 1935-1954.

Published: 2009-09-30 Views: 4698 times

Packard Parts and Accessories Merchandising Memos Image

The are the Packard Parts and Accessories Merchandising Memos that were send out to Zone and Dealers to let them know about new Parts and Accessories to mechandise to customers.

Published: 2018-04-26 Views: 768 times

Packard Partsman's Training Book Image

The manual was part of Packard Dealer training and covered Parts Management and Merchandising. Thigs such as setting up part displays, inventory and other operations related to the a Dealer's Parts Department are covered. Printed March, 1950.

Published: 2007-05-02 Views: 471 times

Packard Radio PA-393607 Radio Facts Image

This is the radio fact sheet and wire diagram for Packard Radio PA-393607

Published: 2010-12-02 Views: 1206 times

Packard Section from period Motors Manual Image

This I belive is a Packard Section from a Motors Parts and Labor reference manual. It contains basic information about all the models from 1940-54. It has a lot of tune up information, engine and body serial numbers. If has several exploded parts breakdown sheets that include the Transmission, Overdrive, Ultramatics, Trendle Bendix unit, Powersterring, Front Suspension, and steering. As well as a pretty comprehensive mechanical parts list.

Published: 2006-04-22 Views: 2688 times

Packards Marine Engine ads from Yachting Magazine Image

The is a series of ads for Packard Marine engines that were found in Yachting magazine between 1947 and 1950. Nice reading for those interesting in Packards Marine Staight Eight engines.

Published: 2008-09-04 Views: 535 times

Parts and Accessories Bulletins Image

These are the Parts and Accessories Bulletins that were sent from Factory to the Zone and Dealer about changes in Parts and Accessories.

Published: 2018-02-21 Views: 1195 times

Philadelphia Zone Office Letters Image

These are letter issued by the Philadelphia Zone Office, to dealers located in their zone, on various Service related subjects.

Published: 2018-03-12 Views: 843 times

Service Development Bulletins Image

These are the Sevice Development Bulletins that were sent to the Zones and Dealers to cover a number changes in regards to service.

Published: 2018-02-21 Views: 498 times

Serviceman's Training Book: Engine Diagnosis and Tune-Up Image

This manual was part of Packard's Service Training Program and covered engine diagnosis and tune-up for 19th, 20th, 21st series cars. But general procedures apply to any Packard with a Straight 8 or 6 motor. Printed July 1947

Published: 2007-05-02 Views: 1782 times

Serviceman's Training Book: Service Management and Selling Image

This manual from January of 1950 was the training manual given to new Packard Mechanics in Training. It contains information about Service Management, and Customer Service.

Published: 2006-04-22 Views: 508 times

Serviceman's Training Book: Ultramatic Image

This is the Ultramatic Service Training Manual. These were given to new mechanics in training.

Published: 2006-05-23 Views: 1747 times

Servicing Auto-Lite Generator Regulators Image

"This booklet is designed for use by Auto-Lite servicemen. It is a refresher on how the Auto-Lite Generator Regulator works and on service procedures."

Published: 2009-09-24 Views: 2222 times

Ultramatic Info from Studebaker STBs Image

This represents the Ultramatic Service information and updates from that were contained in Studebaker service bulletings from 1957 thru 1961, but apply to 1956 Ultramatics and earlier.

Published: 2006-07-09 Views: 877 times

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