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High speed rear end setup
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Bill Heptig
See User information
I bought a high speed gears set for my '35 and am looking to have the rear axle pulled apart and have it installed. I have had a local shop that specializes in this sort of work for trucks and 4x4s etc recommended. My question is this something most mechanics would be able to do or is there specialist knowledge neede to do it right, appreciate perspective from anyone that has done this..

Posted on: 2021/6/22 14:53
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Re: High speed rear end setup
Home away from home
Home away from home

Tim Cole
See User information
If you want it done right your best choice is to have a driveline specialist do the set up.

I've done them myself but I don't work on that stuff anymore. I'm in engineering.

Anyway, the key is to set pinion depth and preload, ring gear backlash and total turning torque. Followed by a contact pattern test.

Packard didn't publish the data that I know of so the place will need to use specs for, say, a Ford F59 stripped chassis. Generally, 15-25 lbin turning torque for pinion and 35-45 lbin total using a beam torque wrench calibrated as such, but don't hold me to those numbers as I don't have my pages in front of me.

Modern cars are more complicated given they require specialized tools for spreading the housings, shim packs, and special tools to set the pinion depth. It's my kind of work, but I always got bitched at for being particular about results. In engineering there is real money at stake so they want good numbers. Rich people only want to degrade mechanics and make them feel dehumanized. I guess that makes them feel superior, but like one notable they aren't any smarter than a lot of crackheads.

Posted on: 2021/6/22 15:47
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Re: High speed rear end setup
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
An expert had to learn how to do it. Find instruction and some tools and go after it. Thats what i did with a set of DEVERCO gears back in 1980. First set i ever did and the 34 is still rolling down the road to fast.

Posted on: 2021/6/22 18:24
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