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Re: T-L repair
Home away from home
Home away from home

Marty or Marston
See User information
I converted my '55 Caribbean to a neg. ground. No issues everything worked fine including the TL system. All you need to do beside the battery cables is to switch the wires on the Charging gauge(not really necessary but when it shows discharge it is actually charging and vice-versa). You could also change the polarity on the coil/points, but not absolutely necessary as the spark on the plug jumps the opposite direction.

I did the switch so I could convert the radio the a modern system.

Posted on: 12/29 19:26
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Re: T-L repair
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

See User information

Thanks for the pointers - I thought maybe the solenoids would have to be different or insulated? But good to know, thank you.

Posted on: 1/3 18:08
- Anthony

1955 Packard Clipper Custom
1951 Kaiser Deluxe
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Re: T-L repair
Home away from home
Home away from home

Marty or Marston
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I should have mentioned that you should re-polarize the generator.

Posted on: 1/19 14:05
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Re: T-L repair
Home away from home
Home away from home

Bob E.
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I wanted to jump in and give an emphatic +1 regarding Ross's comments on manual T/L. The PO installed a momentary manual control switch in my '55 Patrician, plus there were 2 sets of T/L solenoids: 1 set mounted on the firewall as well as 1 in the original location attached to bracket to compensator gear box. Wiring was everywhere and it took me too long to realize the limit switch was bypassed. The Driver side transverse bar now has a bend in it, and you can see the large deformation of the limit switch/solenoid & gear box brackets. I just disassembled the gearbox today and taking stock of what I need to get it back together. Even though the worm gear shaft turned easily, Ross's pic of removing the soft plug made me curious so I did the same: very crusty in there so I ordered a new 629-J bearing.

Are the compensator lever seals and the worm shaft seal something common? I see that Max has them but hard to tell if they are something that can be easily sourced locally. I think I need to get a new transverse bar and a new lever assembly?

To give proper credit: Howard warned me about this in 2016 when I first got this car and posted to this site. I took his comments seriously, but didn't give them proper priority:
From Howard on 5/1/2016:

"I know I keep mentioning the TL limit switches but can't stress enough how important they are. If the suspension is functional, make verifying they are in the circuit one of your priorities. When you say PO installed a manual switch that makes me shudder. Hopefully it was done in the factory sanctioned way. Too many have just added a switch to make the system move and bypassed the limit switches when connecting it. Next thing you know the compensator has serious damage because it didn't stop before trying to wrap a transverse bar around the housing."

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jpg  20210123_103255.jpg (692.73 KB)
120663_600c6499083ab.jpg 4032X3024 px

jpg  Torsion Level gear box disassembled.jpg (929.88 KB)
120663_600c678e0a019.jpg 4032X3024 px

Posted on: 1/23 12:13
1955 Packard Patrician
Sapphire Blue
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