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1956 Air Conditioning
Home away from home
Home away from home

Mike Grimes
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I plan to remove a complete air conditioning system from a 1956 Patrician. Any photos, drawings or service manual references to help in this process are appreciated, In particular the removal of the compressor from the engine block is needed. Thanks

Posted on: 6/16 21:54
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Re: 1956 Air Conditioning
Home away from home
Home away from home

Let the ride decide
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Posted on: 6/16 22:29
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Re: 1956 Air Conditioning
Home away from home
Home away from home

Mike Grimes
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Outstanding. Thanks !!!

Posted on: 6/17 5:36
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Re: 1956 Air Conditioning
Home away from home
Home away from home

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The important things you need to know and remember are not in a guide that was written when the cars were new.

Having removed and installed several Packard factory air systems, I'll pass along a few things to keep in mind with removing and/or transferring Packard V8 factory air systems.

• By all means, be absolutely certain there is no freon in the lines. I know of someone years ago who was nearly blinded after pressurized freon shot out of the lines. He had presumed since the car was sitting for many years that the system had leaked empty. Bad assumption.

• Very first parts to remove–AND with great care– are the Bakelite A/C vents atop the instrument panel. Save the screws. Back off of the screws carefully. Extract the vents carefully as they may be stuck in their rubber connections. Too much pressure or yanking may result in broken housings. Remember, this old Bakelite may be extremely brittle and delicate.

• NEVER twist on the fittings at the base of the firewall without using fitting wrenches on BOTH the 2 fittings–nut and threaded fitting. Hold the pipe steady while twisting the nut. IF you don't do this, you will either crack or snap off the base line at the evaporator core and thus will ruin it. If you break the evaporator core you'll end up remaking or repairing the whole assembly.

• It is far better to remove the entire instrument panel and SAVE it intact. Most people overlook the fact that the fresh air controls are different. The cables are different.

• Remove the ENTIRE wire harness from the ignition switch to the dash control. The electric harness–including the fuse box–is different.

• Look for and remove ALL of the lines going to and from the condenser core (in front of the radiator) and the dryer (below the headlight, behind the grille in the left front fender). BE sure to remove and save all parts, nuts, bolts, screws and be sure to include the in-line sight glass WITH cap. Many of these parts are missing from these Packards.

• Be sure to remove and save the radiator FAN, the extra front pulley WITH the bolt that holds it into the vibration dampener.

There are other things one needs to do and know in removing, changing or installing one of these systems.

If you are a member of The Packard Club, watch for an upcoming issue containing a story about the Packard V-8 factory air conditioning system in The Packard Cormorant.

Attach file:

jpg  DuctsFusebox copy.jpg (308.27 KB)
1249_60cb7e0a60698.jpg 1920X1089 px

jpg  ElectricalA:C copy.jpg (222.03 KB)
1249_60cb7e77b074a.jpg 1920X1202 px

jpg  VentsDET.JPG (175.64 KB)
1249_60cb7f6308392.jpg 1920X1440 px

Posted on: 6/17 11:43
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