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Some Great Pictures
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information

Attach file:

jpg  (65.34 KB)
1584_4f1c5d8a26a28.jpg 682X533 px

jpg  (55.81 KB)
1584_4f1c5d9132aa1.jpg 656X512 px

jpg  (51.32 KB)
1584_4f1c5d9733355.jpg 682X533 px

jpg  (60.43 KB)
1584_4f1c5d9d278cb.jpg 648X536 px

jpg  (39.48 KB)
1584_4f1c5da4a653e.jpg 684X560 px

jpg  (66.34 KB)
1584_4f1c5dabe757b.jpg 688X509 px

jpg  (62.38 KB)
1584_4f1c5db3c4c07.jpg 687X538 px

jpg  (33.00 KB)
1584_4f1c5dba1d92e.jpg 681X540 px

jpg  (66.63 KB)
1584_4f1c5dc174502.jpg 688X543 px

jpg  (57.49 KB)
1584_4f1c5dc871f16.jpg 685X528 px

jpg  (70.50 KB)
1584_4f1c5dd0d468a.jpg 693X539 px

jpg  (52.23 KB)
1584_4f1c5dd83ed3e.jpg 687X529 px

jpg  (48.14 KB)
1584_4f1c5de2152c0.jpg 715X485 px

jpg  (62.45 KB)
1584_4f1c5de86ddb2.jpg 687X510 px

jpg  (70.64 KB)
1584_4f1c5df06cb6b.jpg 688X538 px

jpg  (61.68 KB)
1584_4f1c5dfa7c326.jpg 688X530 px

jpg  (43.25 KB)
1584_4f1c5e02e57f6.jpg 682X554 px

jpg  (49.56 KB)
1584_4f1c5e0bc7100.jpg 696X538 px

jpg  (59.82 KB)
1584_4f1c5e1476175.jpg 556X800 px

jpg  (41.12 KB)
1584_4f1c5e1ce021c.jpg 681X531 px

jpg  (44.94 KB)
1584_4f1c5e276b494.jpg 689X535 px

jpg  (70.08 KB)
1584_4f1c5e2fd786c.jpg 677X538 px

jpg  (67.02 KB)
1584_4f1c5e3762694.jpg 685X538 px

jpg  (73.54 KB)
1584_4f1c5e3f3c669.jpg 686X503 px

jpg  (39.91 KB)
1584_4f1c5e48035b7.jpg 720X387 px

jpg  (65.90 KB)
1584_4f1c5e512e2bc.jpg 681X539 px

jpg  (68.12 KB)
1584_4f1c5e5ebbe77.jpg 720X573 px

jpg  (54.97 KB)
1584_4f1c5e6647074.jpg 661X503 px

jpg  (25.77 KB)
1584_4f1c5e6f158e0.jpg 672X489 px

Posted on: 2012/1/22 14:07
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
A few more...

Attach file:

jpg  (39.88 KB)
1584_4f1c5e933fa75.jpg 646X528 px

jpg  (33.33 KB)
1584_4f1c5e9acf095.jpg 679X532 px

jpg  (44.04 KB)
1584_4f1c5ea2c2a91.jpg 685X535 px

jpg  (79.58 KB)
1584_4f1c5eaa53a66.jpg 689X543 px

jpg  (30.30 KB)
1584_4f1c5eb1ca212.jpg 531X453 px

jpg  (56.53 KB)
1584_4f1c5ebb70de8.jpg 662X526 px

jpg  (72.91 KB)
1584_4f1c5ec53b02d.jpg 687X499 px

jpg  (52.19 KB)
1584_4f1c5ece1e86a.jpg 671X489 px

jpg  (74.71 KB)
1584_4f1c5ed88ac81.jpg 669X514 px

jpg  (39.51 KB)
1584_4f1c5ee149aeb.jpg 680X475 px

jpg  (54.25 KB)
1584_4f1c5ee932cfe.jpg 689X542 px

jpg  (103.30 KB)
1584_4f1c5ef34dc2e.jpg 976X1280 px

jpg  (30.24 KB)
1584_4f1c5efbe14e9.jpg 530X459 px

jpg  (33.64 KB)
1584_4f1c5f0533d01.jpg 530X459 px

jpg  (36.81 KB)
1584_4f1c5f1013b1f.jpg 711X324 px

jpg  (32.37 KB)
1584_4f1c5f186e97a.jpg 713X298 px

jpg  (47.01 KB)
1584_4f1c5f22170a2.jpg 703X431 px

jpg  (52.29 KB)
1584_4f1c5f2a44877.jpg 714X513 px

jpg  (59.93 KB)
1584_4f1c5f32bc009.jpg 657X527 px

jpg  (55.75 KB)
1584_4f1c5f3c0d9fc.jpg 681X540 px

jpg  (37.85 KB)
1584_4f1c5f4769ae6.jpg 682X539 px

jpg  (60.15 KB)
1584_4f1c5f50a1ab9.jpg 686X528 px

jpg  (54.16 KB)
1584_4f1c5f58f1969.jpg 684X525 px

jpg  (72.85 KB)
1584_4f1c5f6266c25.jpg 710X561 px

jpg  (46.60 KB)
1584_4f1c5f6a246d4.jpg 682X502 px

Posted on: 2012/1/22 14:12
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

Randy Berger
See User information
A really great post! Almost overwhelming. I always appreciate those who take the time to post pictures here.
Whether 1912 or 1952, '28 or '48, I enjoy them all.
And a big thank you to all the others who take the time to post pictures on this site.

Posted on: 2012/1/22 14:21
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Thanks for posting!

Always great to see our cars 'in context'.

Posted on: 2012/1/22 15:16
Pat Feeney,
Rep. of Ireland.
1923 Model T Tourer
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Thanks for the positive feedback!

Attach file:

jpg  (63.98 KB)
1584_4f1c6f4542a4a.jpg 695X545 px

jpg  (53.35 KB)
1584_4f1c6f4e07e31.jpg 684X527 px

jpg  (40.36 KB)
1584_4f1c6f55b31b9.jpg 684X487 px

jpg  (42.47 KB)
1584_4f1c6f5e435fc.jpg 689X542 px

jpg  (41.29 KB)
1584_4f1c6f65c68c7.jpg 684X531 px

jpg  (55.37 KB)
1584_4f1c6f6f73656.jpg 692X542 px

jpg  (58.23 KB)
1584_4f1c6f7734b8e.jpg 659X522 px

jpg  (59.81 KB)
1584_4f1c6f7edd02d.jpg 715X556 px

jpg  (61.93 KB)
1584_4f1c6f8866737.jpg 691X540 px

jpg  (70.26 KB)
1584_4f1c6f923a5ae.jpg 681X525 px

jpg  (54.26 KB)
1584_4f1c6f9a358be.jpg 689X539 px

jpg  (61.76 KB)
1584_4f1c6fa29ab3d.jpg 686X531 px

jpg  (50.95 KB)
1584_4f1c6fabcf477.jpg 672X532 px

jpg  (50.29 KB)
1584_4f1c6fb4dc4f5.jpg 683X543 px

jpg  (53.98 KB)
1584_4f1c6fbdbab47.jpg 649X516 px

jpg  (45.98 KB)
1584_4f1c6fc898e07.jpg 554X714 px

jpg  (44.51 KB)
1584_4f1c6fd1bfc6f.jpg 569X724 px

jpg  (50.83 KB)
1584_4f1c6fdbda3ed.jpg 691X549 px

jpg  (60.13 KB)
1584_4f1c6fe504778.jpg 652X515 px

jpg  (44.41 KB)
1584_4f1c6fec04c6d.jpg 688X541 px

jpg  (43.47 KB)
1584_4f1c6ff312086.jpg 676X528 px

jpg  (67.60 KB)
1584_4f1c6ffc7ec32.jpg 680X418 px

jpg  (63.06 KB)
1584_4f1c70053bb4b.jpg 685X510 px

jpg  (66.05 KB)
1584_4f1c700f416aa.jpg 687X533 px

jpg  (44.45 KB)
1584_4f1c701871d95.jpg 678X503 px

Posted on: 2012/1/22 15:22
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information

Attach file:

jpg  (52.32 KB)
1584_4f1c703c51ada.jpg 685X515 px

jpg  (44.57 KB)
1584_4f1c70456da52.jpg 564X715 px

jpg  (43.91 KB)
1584_4f1c704dde46b.jpg 680X527 px

jpg  (63.51 KB)
1584_4f1c705654e98.jpg 682X537 px

jpg  (64.32 KB)
1584_4f1c705e697e1.jpg 635X494 px

jpg  (65.26 KB)
1584_4f1c7066623eb.jpg 679X540 px

jpg  (39.17 KB)
1584_4f1c706f4fc6d.jpg 704X429 px

jpg  (41.51 KB)
1584_4f1c70773d0f3.jpg 687X490 px

jpg  (79.83 KB)
1584_4f1c70800d4a1.jpg 684X535 px

jpg  (54.98 KB)
1584_4f1c708847789.jpg 688X514 px

jpg  (64.94 KB)
1584_4f1c7090090b2.jpg 672X526 px

jpg  (39.36 KB)
1584_4f1c70998ac6d.jpg 559X690 px

jpg  (61.50 KB)
1584_4f1c70a4068d4.jpg 516X710 px

jpg  (64.89 KB)
1584_4f1c70ae465f9.jpg 670X526 px

jpg  (33.79 KB)
1584_4f1c70b6ba2d3.jpg 679X403 px

jpg  (57.16 KB)
1584_4f1c70c0c5bef.jpg 687X527 px

jpg  (74.97 KB)
1584_4f1c70ca61029.jpg 678X497 px

jpg  (47.44 KB)
1584_4f1c70d2d6089.jpg 676X494 px

jpg  (36.38 KB)
1584_4f1c70db6f281.jpg 682X321 px

jpg  (28.44 KB)
1584_4f1c70e445ac1.jpg 642X341 px

jpg  (54.96 KB)
1584_4f1c70ed3fe68.jpg 687X471 px

jpg  (70.25 KB)
1584_4f1c70fd25ee8.jpg 685X508 px

jpg  (41.42 KB)
1584_4f1c71093b882.jpg 658X497 px

jpg  (53.67 KB)
1584_4f1c71135293e.jpg 648X483 px

Posted on: 2012/1/22 15:27
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information

Attach file:

jpg  (33.72 KB)
1584_4f1c71442f679.jpg 667X531 px

jpg  (59.86 KB)
1584_4f1c714c3beff.jpg 650X508 px

jpg  (29.49 KB)
1584_4f1c7154e43b6.jpg 673X418 px

jpg  (18.90 KB)
1584_4f1c715c9d432.jpg 655X441 px

jpg  (57.06 KB)
1584_4f1c7166931ae.jpg 517X684 px

jpg  (58.84 KB)
1584_4f1c71718d1b8.jpg 679X523 px

jpg  (53.92 KB)
1584_4f1c71788944a.jpg 687X454 px

jpg  (49.23 KB)
1584_4f1c71819f94b.jpg 679X519 px

jpg  (39.83 KB)
1584_4f1c718ac541f.jpg 678X461 px

jpg  (50.11 KB)
1584_4f1c719233552.jpg 665X392 px

jpg  (52.98 KB)
1584_4f1c719a574b3.jpg 662X487 px

jpg  (49.33 KB)
1584_4f1c71a23ef79.jpg 678X529 px

jpg  (78.67 KB)
1584_4f1c71ab7407d.jpg 656X505 px

jpg  (41.20 KB)
1584_4f1c71b5588a1.jpg 677X470 px

jpg  (51.14 KB)
1584_4f1c71bd877e5.jpg 681X537 px

jpg  (29.75 KB)
1584_4f1c71c4eb2b3.jpg 638X372 px

jpg  (29.78 KB)
1584_4f1c71cc44025.jpg 672X346 px

jpg  (51.28 KB)
1584_4f1c71d43a51a.jpg 687X475 px

jpg  (32.15 KB)
1584_4f1c71daddf58.jpg 695X412 px

jpg  (40.00 KB)
1584_4f1c71e3b48aa.jpg 683X469 px

jpg  (28.00 KB)
1584_4f1c71eb4641d.jpg 674X329 px

Posted on: 2012/1/22 15:30
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Forum Ambassador
Forum Ambassador

See User information
Do you have high res versions of these. These would make a great windows 7 background theme.

Posted on: 2012/1/22 20:05
1937 Packard 138-CD Deluxe Touring Limousine
Maroon/Black 1090-1021
[url=http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/registry/View.php?ID=232]1955 Packard
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Anyone know if the painted shell & shutter & HL bar on the 32 vic is orig. Guessing the photo was taken in the 60s so it could have had a repaint.

Posted on: 2012/1/23 8:37
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Re: Some Great Pictures
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Hello 32Model:

You do realize that Big Kev has already scanned all of these photos and has them filed under the Packard Photo Archive on this website. Resolution is very good too.

Besides doing all of that work, he has listed all of the cars by year and with a description of each one. Additionally, he has given proper attribution of the source of the photo, which in many cases is the Detroit Public Library - National Automotive History Collection and used with permission.


Posted on: 2012/1/23 9:16
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