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The Packard Service Information Index

An Introduction to Packard Service Information
by Brian Harpst

In the beginning, the Packard Motor Car Company addressed its servicing dealer body on emerging issues with single-topic Technical Letters. Eventually, a multi-page service newsletter, the Packard Service Letter, was added with a variety of articles on service, parts, and administrative matters in each edition. In time, the content proved so useful that it was reprinted as a reference book, with articles sorted into service categories - updated annually.

Following World War II, the newsletter continued, rechristened as the Packard Service Counselor, and an assortment of new bulletins and letters was announced - each with its own specific mission, including the Service Technical Bulletin. In addition to those sent to Dealers, there was a sub-series of bulletins that went no further than Zone Offices for confidential handling by company personnel.

It was business as usual, at least in this regard, following the formation of the Studebaker-Packard Corporation. Packard publications even continued for several months after the end of production in Detroit, but the story didn't end there. The South Bend offices and remaining dealer network assumed service responsibilities for Packard vehicles, and articles on Packard equipment would continue to appear in the Studebaker Service Bulletin through 1961.

Whether you're repairing, restoring, or improving your Packard, these documents contain a wealth of information, supplementing shop manuals and parts books. However, sorting through all this material to find an answer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Although annual indices were issued for many, though not all, years, their styles weren't always consistent over the years and between the different titles. Also, some of the vehicle applications are about as clear as mud.

Consequently, this feature was conceived as a directory to better reference that information - including material that was relevant to a Series, but published before and after the calendar year range. Thanks to, index entries are hot-linked to scans of actual documents, which have been graciously donated by several contributors. Though a work in progress, our ultimate goal is to build a full set of indices, grouped by related models.

Topics have been edited to improve clarity, sorting, and grouping, yet permit recognition of the title in the original document. Model applications were drawn from the original text, where provided, but supplemented by information form available shop manuals and parts books.


Available Service Indexes

1933-36 (10th->14th Series)
1935-37 Junior (120->115C)
1937-42 (15th->20th Series)
1941-47 Clipper (19th->21st Series)
1948-50 (22nd->23rd Series)
1951-54 (24th->54th Series)
1955-56 (55th->56th Series)
1957-58 (57th->58th Series)
other years/series in process.....

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