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Car Titles, engine numbers and vin #'s
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Just wanted to share a little information to all of you who are doing an engine swap or restoring your cars and do not realize that Packard's are titled to the engine number. If the engine has been changed and the title not updated you could have a problem if it ever get stolen or you go to sell it.
I bring this up as a reminder because I didn't realize this and almost sold the engine that was in the car. I know have to take the chassis that is stripped with the engine in it to the State Patrol to get a new vin number assigned to the title. They said they will probably use the anti theft number as the vin number. This isn't correct per their books but they said they would do that until I bring it back restored with the new engine in it. At that time they will reinspect it and assign the new engine number as the vin number for the title.
It makes me wonder how many titles actually match the correct engine number

Posted on: 2021/5/26 10:49

Painting your cars hidden areas
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

When painting your cars, what was the original color for the under body area, the back side of fenders, the back side of the hood side panels and the inside floor and cowl?
I have seem them painted black and I have seen them painted the main body color.
On my 42 it looks like the cowl was originally a reddish primer under the cowl pad and bare steel up under and behind the dash

Any thoughts

Posted on: 2021/5/26 10:33

Hinge pins - loose hinges
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

As I take apart my 42 I noticed the lower hinges are a bit loose at the pin.
The only part that is worn is the center section that pivots

I have two options as I see it

#1 - I can buy new pins that are .275 in diameter that match the old pins, I can braze up and re-drill the center section one end at a time to the proper size and this will take up any wobble

#2- I can buy over sized .340 pins and re-drill the both pieces of the hinge to the correct size

Thoughts on either method or a better method would be appreciated

Thanks, Jerry

Posted on: 2021/5/25 13:35

Re: 1942 Trunk paint, tar or?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Great information, I really appreciate it

Posted on: 2021/5/15 11:50

1942 Trunk paint, tar or?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

As I strip out all the tar, undercoating off the surfaces of my trunk area on my 42 convertible, I was wondering what was actually on the trunk floor and walls when they let the factory.

Curious what all of you use when you restore your cars inside the trunk area.

Attach file:

jpeg  IMG_6737.JPEG (483.38 KB)
1088_609fd2090cab7.jpeg 1536X2048 px

jpeg  IMG_7415.JPEG (501.59 KB)
1088_609fd224d6298.jpeg 1536X2048 px

jpeg  IMG_7395.JPEG (663.79 KB)
1088_609fd23564565.jpeg 1536X2048 px

Posted on: 2021/5/15 8:53

1942 turn signal lever needed
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Looking for a turn signal lever from a 1942 110, 120, 160 or commercial chassis.

This is the non clipper type

Please check and see if you have one stashed away

Thanks, Jerry

Attach file:

jpeg  D0DC7FC6-7CCD-4D34-A9EF-24F1D1C1D23D.jpeg (1,463.99 KB)
1088_6068df449e32f.jpeg 4032X3024 px

Posted on: 2021/4/3 16:34

Re: Running 288 and transmission - 1948
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I already have the overdrive in the restored chassis and I have the correct cable and relay!

Posted on: 2021/3/23 20:16

Running 288 and transmission - 1948
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Complete running 288 engine and transmission. Block is a 1948.
Transmission is set up for am electromatic clutch with the governor and sensors.
I drove the car into the garage and just pulled it out. I have no need for a 288 as I am going back to a 282.
I can sell just the engine or transmission or as a package deal.
Package deal is $850 OBO
Only know issue is the water pump needs rebuilt but I think I have an extra I can throw in
Located west of Seattle WA.

Attach file:

jpeg  IMG_6454.JPEG (503.61 KB)
1088_605a07ccc50b1.jpeg 2048X1536 px

jpeg  IMG_6458.JPEG (492.65 KB)
1088_605a07dd73b52.jpeg 2048X1536 px

jpeg  IMG_6470.jpeg (294.98 KB)
1088_605a07eb54d89.jpeg 1536X2048 px

jpeg  IMG_6461.JPEG (475.86 KB)
1088_605a07f7cec45.jpeg 1536X2048 px

Posted on: 2021/3/23 10:23

Spark plug wires, Packard 440 or Packard 330 or?
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

Just curious as to what was period correct. I searched past post and the internet and really couldn’t find anything.
I’m going to put a new set of plug wires on my 42’
I see a lot of you have used the Packard 440 7mm copper core wire and it seems to be readily available on eBay. I have an old roll of Packard 330 lacquered cloth covered 7mm copper core wire I could use also, but it is pretty stiff.
I will probably just use the 440, but before I buy it I would just like to hear your opinions.
You input would be appreciated

Posted on: 2021/3/2 17:22

Re: Heater hose steel line
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

I appreciate the pictures and everyone's input, it all helps

Posted on: 2021/2/23 9:28

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