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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Here is something rare: Two 1958 Packard Hawk project cars for sale in Knoxville, TN:


Seller also has a very nice original Packard Hawk for $35K. Not sure why the hood, rear deck and nose are a different color from the rest of the car, but it looks like a good one:


And he also has two 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawks, making this a real hawks nest:


Solid 1927 Single Six Sedan, but way over priced at $45K


Nicely restored 1949 (23rd Series) Super Deluxe Convertible Victoria. Rare 23rd series convertible:


Just posted on Craigslist (Western Mass.) 1930 740 Phaeton project. Rough and incomplete:


Seller also has a 1930 745 project for sale, again, very rough and incomplete:


Unrestored 1954 Convertible. Solid body but needs everything. Alabama:


Very nice 1930 740 Coupe in TX:


Posted on: 2023/11/23 20:32
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information

Posted on: 2023/11/26 15:29
'55 400. Needs aesthetic parts put back on, and electrical system sorted.
'55 Clipper Deluxe. Engine is stuck-ish.
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Yes. I saw this one myself and was going to post a link. Looks like that '35 I posted a link for earlier. Cars are probably too incomplete to be worth restoring.

Posted on: 2023/11/27 20:03
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information

Posted on: 2023/11/27 23:46
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Ooh, a nice Clipper Super. Should I do some tire kicking next weekend?

Posted on: 2023/11/28 5:08
'55 400. Needs aesthetic parts put back on, and electrical system sorted.
'55 Clipper Deluxe. Engine is stuck-ish.
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
You can't drag it home if you don't go to kick its tires first.

Posted on: 2023/11/28 5:23
If you're not having fun, maybe it's your own damned fault.
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
On FB Marketplace today and found some really cheap Packards. Some are probably just parts cars. But they are cheap:

1941 Clipper for $1,200. Ohio:


1948 or '49 22nd series sedan. Think it is a Standard Eight. Only $123. West VA:


1951 200 Deluxe Sedan. Asking $3K, but probably worth more like $1K. Maryland:


1952 200 Sedan. Asking $3,500, but probably not worth quite that much. Note custom tail lights. West VA:


1956 400 Hardtop. Needs everything, but definitely restorable and I have seen much worse for more than the $3K asking price. Virginia:


1955 Clipper Custom Sedan. Rough and rusty, but it is all there. South Hadley, Massachusetts. Only $1,650. Just listed this week:


1955 Clipper Super Panama HT. Needs resto and is pretty nasty looking, but ad states car runs and drives. Looks like someone started on it and gave up. Have seen worse for $3,500. West VA:


1952 250 Convertible. Rough car, but could be restored, though with considerable effort. Asking price of $5K is probably a bit too much given the extensive rust in the rear quarters. But it does look complete. Partially apart. Ohio


1953 Clipper Sedan with standard shift. Needs restoration but looks doable and is complete. Car last ran in 2022. Owner wants gone asap as he cannot complete the project. $2,850 negotiable. Norwalk, CT:


1938 junior series sedan, appears to be a Six. Very rough, rusty and incomplete, but may be some salvageable parts. Only $400. North Carolina


1939 Six Sedan. Ad states it is a 1940 120, but I'm pretty sure it is a '39 Six. Really rough. Ad has $1 for an asking price, but I think the seller is actually looking for more. Not sure what this is even worth, but I do see at least some good parts like the banjo wheel. Winston-Salem, NC:


1955 Clipper Super Sedan. Needs total restoration, but body looks surprising solid for an unrestored car. Don't see the usual rust in the rear quarters and the fender skirts are on the car. Asking $2K. Indiana:


1951 200 Deluxe Sedan. Looks like a nice original car. Engine is rebuilt, but out of the car. Includes a complete 1952 200 Sedan parts car. Only $5,900 for both cars. Seller cannot finish project due to age and health issues. Missouri:


1958 Model 58L Sedan. Needs restoration, but engine runs, and car is complete. Unfortunately, the windshield is busted. Asking $2,400. Iowa


1955 Clipper Custom Sedan. Very rough from apparently many years of outdoor storage, rear of the car is on the ground. Floors look bad. Probably just for parts, but there is a lot there that is useable. Asking $1,200 Chattanooga, TN:


1953 Clipper Sedan. Very rough parts car for just $700. Tennessee:


1954 Clipper Super Sedan. Runs and drives. Body not too bad, but interior is pretty ragged. Only $2K for a running Packard:


1958 Model J8 Hardtop. Very rusty and may not be restorable but appears complete. Rare car as total production of this model was only 588. Asking $5K. Iowa:


1948 Sedan. Not sure of model, but it has to be either a Standard or a Deluxe Eight. Rough project car or parts. Asking $1,200. Iowa.


1949 (23rd Series) Club Sedan. No motor or transmission, but body looks very solid. Asking $2,500. Indiana:


1952 200 Sedan. Has standard shift. Runs and drives. Body does not look too bad. Asking $4,200. Iowa:


1947 Clipper Six Sedan. Runs and drives, looks complete. Needs cosmetics, but don't see much rust. Interior redone in incorrect fabric. Asking $6,500:


1953 Henney Junior. Stripped, no engine or transmission, but car was originally from AZ, so it is rust free and straight. Abandoned street rod project, has a Camaro front subframe. Nashville, TN. Only $2,200.


1949 (22nd Series) Super Eight LWB Sedan. Ad says it is a Limousine and it has the division window, so it is either a 2276 or a 2270. Needs everything and interior is very rough, though body does look solid. Asking $5K. Illinois:


1948 Super Eight LWB Sedan. No division window, so this must be Model 2277 or 2271. Original interior looks pretty decent, but paint is really shot. For $5K, it is much better than the one posted above. Missouri:


1956 Clipper Executive Sedan. Rough parts car, but has factory AC. Asking $1,500. Seller also has 1951 Nash Ambassador and 1950 Olds 88 parts cars for sale.

1950 Packard Sedan. Not sure of model, but it is either a Standard or a Deluxe. In storage for over 30 years. Looks very solid. Salt Lake City, UT. Asking $6,500.


1949 (23rd Series) Sedan, either a Standard or a Deluxe. Solid body but paint is totally shot. Runs, but smokes. Needs general restoration. Asking $3,500. Amarillo, TX:


Four 1951-1954 Packards for restoration or parts. One 1951 two door sedan and three four doors (two '51's and a '54). All three '51's are 200's and the '54 appears to be a Clipper Deluxe. Rough from years of outdoor storage, but bodies appear relatively solid as they are in central Wyoming. Long time owner selling due to age. $500 each:


1955 400. Partially restored, in primer. Interior redone, but not correct. Runs, but has some mechanical issues. $11K firm according to seller. New Mexico:


1956 Clipper Sedan. Not running, glass all busted out, but body looks very solid, and all of the trim is there. Asking $2,250. Nebraska:


1954 Clipper Special Club sedan. Restorable, body does not look too bad, but driver's side rear quarter panel took a wicked hit at some point in the car's past and was repaired with what appears to be about 6 inches of Bondo which is now flaking off. Rare car as only 912 of this model were produced in 1954 and the only other one I have ever seen was a stripped-out hulk in a junkyard. For an asking price of $1,999, someone should save this car. Colorado:


1951 200 Sedan. Runs and drives. Body looks straight, but the aftermarket wheel covers have to go. Asking $1,800. Kansas:


1951 Patrician. Ad states it is a 1955, but I am pretty sure it is a 1951 or 1952 Patrician. Abandoned stripped and rusted hulk that seller wants $1,500 for but is probably just scrap metal at this point. New Mexico:


1953 Clipper Deluxe Sportster. The Sportster was a special production model two door club sedan with extra trim added to make it sort of look like a convertible. It was only available in 1953 and 1954. The Sportster was identified by the two thin stainless mouldings on the center pillar and the chrome roof bows on the headliner that were borrowed from the hardtops. A very attractive Packard. I once owned a 1954 Sportster. Production of this model was very low, with only 3,671 built in 1953 and an additional 1,336 in 1954. This one looks pretty solid and is well worth saving. Asking price is only $1,950. Oklahoma:


Two 1953 Clipper Deluxe Sedans. Both look restorable but will need a lot of work. Seller is asking $2k for both cars. Sioux City, Iowa. As an aside, my late Dad once had a girlfriend who was from Sioux City. This was during WWII when he was stationed in Hawaii. She was a WAC (Women's Army Corps). These were civilian women who served overseas during the war, mainly in clerical positions on Army bases. My dad was in the Army Air Corps. Growing up, I heard stories about her from some of my aunts. Dad almost married her. Story was he finally broke the engagement because he did not want to move to Sioux City after the war and she apparently did not want to come to Connecticut.


1956 Executive Hardtop. Attractive Dover White over Scottish Heather, but this one is a real mess. Might be restorable, but it will be a challenge, even though there does not appear to be that much rust, except for the roof, of all places. Seller is asking $1,500. Albuquerque, NM:


1955 Clipper Sedan. Abandoned restoration project. Seller is so desperate to unload that he is willing to give it away for free. That's right, a free Packard. Kansas:


1951 and 1953 Packards. The 1951 is a Senior car, can't tell if it is a Patrician or a 300. The '53 is definitely a Patrician. Rough parts cars, both for $1,500. The '51 has a nice sunvisor. New Mexico:


1939 120 Coupe with dual sidemounts. Abandoned street rod project, top has been chopped. Rest of sheet metal looks very good. $3,500. California:


1940 110 Sedan. Solid body, will be a good restoration project. $6,500. Stockton, CA:


1951 200 Deluxe Sedan. Looks decent for only $3,950. Not running. CA:


1951 200 Club Sedan and 1951 300. Rough, rusty parts cars, both for $3k. Oregon:


1951 Patrician. Interior trashed, but sheet metal looks solid. Has 1952 cormorant. $2,500. California:


1942 Clipper Sedan. Abandoned restoration project, needs pretty much everything. Has postwar grille. Good sheet metal. In primer. Asking $1,200.
Bakersfield CA:


Posted on: 2023/11/29 14:01
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
Jeez man

Posted on: 2023/11/29 16:38
'55 400. Needs aesthetic parts put back on, and electrical system sorted.
'55 Clipper Deluxe. Engine is stuck-ish.
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
had too much free time today!

Posted on: 2023/11/29 16:43
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Re: Various CL Pickings
Home away from home
Home away from home

See User information
OK I took this as a challenge...

41 looks decent for 1200, for parts.

22nd series looks nice except sunk into the darn ground! Probably a good project.

Wouldn't touch that rusty 51 that the seller is too lazy to reassemble lol. Maybe for 1k...

52 looks like a nice goin to town rig as long as u not goin far. Good chrome.

Too bad the interior is shot also on that 400. Could be a decent project otherwise.

This 55 I'm certain I saw for sale 2 years ago too. $800 car tops, to me.

55 super missing a front seat and and rear bumper and the paint is all over the place. $1500?

The 52 convertible looks good tho, good interior and worth some when nice.

"Need gone asap" but on the market for 6 months... honestly doesn't look bad for under 3 grand tho. Runs...

Stripped 38 I think is fair for $400, not even that rusty.

Doubt that 1940 is worth much more than yard art now. $500?

Honestly looks decent for 2 grand, but that carpet choice, eww...Click to see original Image in a new window

51 looks like a nice buy, maybe not for 6 grand, but not far off.

The 58 looks pretty good for the price, but there are a lot of small issues...

No thanks on that 55, doubt it's even worth $1200, probably rusted solid with a trashed interior

Your usual $700 53 parts car.

54 looks like a decent cruiser for only 2 grand.

58 "car is complete", yes, completely shot...

No title, no turn 48 for $1200? Maybe half that if the parts dealers aren't already full...

Good body 49 with random engine to go with it lol. Maybe a $1500 buy, not 2500

Is it just me or does that 52 not sound quite right? Doubt he'll get 42 with that body rot unless it's in nice shape mechanically.

47 showing its age but not necessarily a bad buy at 6500 if it comes with receipts. If it's a recent barn find then no.

53 delivery car, just the body, for 2200. No idea the value on these tbh

49 limo, needs a full restoration but could also be a goin to town car with some TLC and blankets on the seats.

"maybe half a mile" on the new tires for another 22nd series limo. I'm sure it works GREAT. "Only needs a fuel tank and carb", why sell for 5 grand if you could get it going for under a grand?

"Ran when parked" (30 years ago) 1950 for 6500. No interior shots. No thanks...

49 with more rust than paint, runs but smokes, for 3500. No interior shots but clearly rough. Maybe worth half that?

4 nearly complete 51-54 era cars for $500 apiece. Don't tempt me... oh, they're in Wyoming.

"Rust free" 55 400 with minor issues. Probably worth the 11000 if true; if exaggerated, a few grand less. Interior looks nice, all leather, but I don't think it's an original style.

"good solid restoration car" 56 Clipper with a broken windshield AND driver's window (surprised no bullet holes) and visible rot. Suuuuuure... Asking 2250 but worth half that tops I'm sure. Front bumper looks nice, little else.

53 with fender rot, whole interior is rotted/water damaged, but dash and chrome are nice. Parts?

51 for 1800 that runs and drives. Not too rusty or anything, nice gettin around car.

Early 50's rustbucket with target practice windows. Apparently too scary lookin to photograph from closer than 100ft away. Scrap value.

"easy to restore" 53 Sportster. Whatever you say, buddy... and 2 grand is "2" much to ask with a stuck engine.

A pair of 52's for 2 grand, one for parts, the other looks solid. Decent project waiting for some enthusiasm.

56 exec, too rusty to restore, but worth a grand for parts.

55 custom where the "engine turned over before the car sat". How long was it sitting?? Not bad to pick up if you already have a parts car for it, I guess.

I'd do maybe a grand for the pair of these "55 and 56" but surely 51-54 era cars.

Visible welds on parts of the 39 but the rest looks solid. Would need everything to restore.

Nice body on the 1940 but needs mechanicals and the interior is a bit rough with more UGLY 70's era carpet. I'd bargain down from 6500 a bit...Click to see original Image in a new window

Pretty clean 51 project for 4 grand, includes new wiring harness and other parts. Not bad...

Rotted and rusty field cars, 52 and 53. 3 grand for the pair? How about 1500? At least both appear complete.

Body is pretty solid on the 51 but the entire car is in mediocre condition with a rotted interior, over 100k miles. Price at 2500 is half decent.

42 Deluxe. Decent at 1200 but missing a lot of glass and trim.

Posted on: 2023/11/29 17:40
'55 400. Needs aesthetic parts put back on, and electrical system sorted.
'55 Clipper Deluxe. Engine is stuck-ish.
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