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31 Standard 8 - Startup - Ignition
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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I'm soldiering on towards the starting the 826. Some more quandaries:

After getting the distributor situated, I went to look at the coil/ignition system. Oops, the key didn't work. Won't turn a bit. So, I pulled the coil assembly out to get an education in early 30's theft deterrent devices. I pulled the coil out, took the key mechanism off, and noted the brass cams that rotate on the base of the coil that apparently activate the coil. I decided to soak the key mechanism in PB Blaster in the hopes that the tumblers in the lock cylinders need to be loosened after not being touched for 34 years. Maybe there is corrosion between the lock cylinder and pot metal housing. A guy can hope after all....

Shockingly, ignition parts for a 90 year old car aren't readily available at Pep Boys. I'm thinking of one of three solutions: 1. fashion a copper disk to fit at the base of the coil, sandwiched between the contacts on the coil and the brass cams to essentially override the key, but use the existing Northeast coil 2. Independently mount another 6v coil, effectively rendering the entire NE part ineffective 3. buying a Atwater Kent replacement. Any suggestions, or anyone with a part you'd be will to sell?

Posted on: 2020/4/4 7:14
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Re: 31 Standard 8 - Startup - Ignition
Home away from home
Home away from home

Tim Cole
See User information
Maybe you should take the switch to a lock smith to find out if that is actually the ignition key.

Posted on: 2020/4/4 7:50
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Re: 31 Standard 8 - Startup - Ignition
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Yes, that is a possibility. I was thinking that perhaps a key can be reversed engineered to work. I was thinking of getting a blank, using the existing key to cut spare and seeing if a key with sharper edges cures the problem. The key I have is a Briggs and Stratton key and looks correct when compared to the few images available online.

I suppose another solution could be buying a two pole ignition switch -- something that looks decent and fits -- and wiring it to a new coil to function.

Posted on: 2020/4/4 8:23
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Re: 31 Standard 8 - Startup - Ignition
Home away from home
Home away from home

Ernie Vitucci
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Good Morning...A good traditional locksmith should not have any trouble repairing the ignition switch. Most of those things were designed so that a locksmith could take them apart and repair them when the little springs gave out or the palls became warn short or they were just too dirty to allow the pieces to slide back and forth! Miss Prudence's ignition key says ACE Hardware on it, but in works just fine. The keyway for our 1949 deluxe is still used today. How about that? Ernie in Arizona

Posted on: 2020/4/4 10:46
Caretaker of the 1949-288 Deluxe Touring Sedan
'Miss Prudence' and the 1931 Model A Ford Tudor 'Miss Princess'
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