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Lots of Fuel Filters on my car
Home away from home
2016/3/1 6:56
From Houston, TX
Posts: 156
Getting close to starting up my í55 rebuilt 352 and it seems like there are too many places to add fuel filters. I would think that any more than 1 would be too many, but wanted to run this by yíall. Note: I have the Carter WCFB on my engine (I know its not original but that is how I got it).

1. I added an Airtex electric fuel pump just below the driver door. This is in addition to the mechanical fuel pump attached to the engine. The Airtex comes with an inlet filter, ostensibly to protect the pump from crap in the fuel tank.
2. The Carter has the standard glass bowl filter housing (currently empty)
3. PO added an inline filter (paper element) just upstream of this bowl filter. I assume people do that because it is cheaper to replace these easy to get fuel filters than the ceramic or paper elements for the glass bowl??
4. Inside the carb, there is a spot for a small ceramic filter bronze stone, although there wasnít one in it when I got the car (I did just buy one). Could that be for cars that donít have the glass bowl filter?

Unless there is a good reason (not as effective, etc) not to buy a filter for the glass bowl, my current plan is:
-Buy a ceramic filter for glass bowl (#2 above)
-Remove the upstream inline filter (#3) as redundant. That leaves 3.
-To avoid a large pressure/suction loss, I was thinking of removing the prefilter for the electric pump. I just dropped the tank and used the Hirsch tank cleaner/etch/sealer so it should be fairly clean, for now. That would leave 2 filters. Still seems like 1 too many.
-Donít add the little ceramic filter (#4) inside the carb.

Any reason why the glass bowl filter with a ceramic element isnít sufficient as the only filter I would need?


Posted on: 2018/6/25 18:52
1955 Packard Patrician
Sapphire Blue
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Re: Lots of Fuel Filters on my car
2006/4/17 11:22
From North Aurora, IL
Posts: 9232
If you have an electric pump, the filter should be before the it.

Posted on: 2018/6/26 5:50

1954 Packard Clipper Deluxe Touring Sedan | Project Blog

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Re: Lots of Fuel Filters on my car
Forum Ambassador
2007/4/20 17:54
From Fresno CA
Posts: 15835
As long as you are sure the tank is clean and rust particles are not able to float free the small filter before the electric pump should be large enough and left in place. For the proper look and finer particles, the glass bowl ceramic could also be kept.

If there is a chance of rust particles floating free in the fuel tank I would remove the small filter off the electric pump and add a much larger easily replaceable one in its place and then carry a spare.

The other inline filter and the carb screen could be eliminated although the carb screen probably wouldn't hurt as it is fairly porous. It was useful on cars without any other filters. Those cars only had a fairly coarse screen in the fuel pump bowl so the carb screen did serve a purpose on them. On cars with the optional ceramic fuel filter installed before the carb screen then it doesn't do much. It is useful if some debris is loosened when changing the ceramic filter and manages to get into the carb.

Posted on: 2018/6/26 6:54
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Re: Lots of Fuel Filters on my car
Forum Ambassador
2007/3/14 16:01
From New Jersey
Posts: 16130
Assuming a clean tank and steel fuel lines, the fine brass screen and sediment bowl on the inlet side of the fuel pump (most models prior to the V8s) should be enough to protect the fuel pump. Adding a more efficient filter (Carter or AC ceramic element for example) between the pump and the carburetor should be enough to protect the carburetor. So really all you should have to worry about is getting a dirty load of gasoline, or rust formation starting in the tank. A throw-away type cartridge filter between the tank and whichever pump comes first (should you have an in-line electric) should be good protection against this and all you should need.

Posted on: 2018/6/26 8:14
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Re: Lots of Fuel Filters on my car
Home away from home
2006/5/29 17:21
From Pahrump, NV
Posts: 2053
Good advise by both BigKev and Howard (HH56). On my 55 Pat, I have an aux electric fuel pump under the D-side door on the frame with a small fuel filter before it (like you). Otherwise, everything is stock including NO filter between the mech pump and the carb except for the stock glass bowl ceramic one. I've driven it like this for at least 10 years, maybe more, with nary a problem sometimes in 115F Summer heat stop & go traffic which will show up a fuel delivery problem if anything will.


Posted on: 2018/6/26 8:16
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Re: Lots of Fuel Filters on my car
Not too shy to talk
2016/9/14 9:42
From Thunder Bay, Canada
Posts: 22
whats your primary reason for running the electric fuel pump? do you have to lower the output pressure? I just completed my 55 super clipper build, but never got a chance to really drive it before the snow came. But I would install an electric pump if its smart.

Posted on: 12/8 15:58:39
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